Monday, December 12, 2011

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (Clone 63 - Part 1)

Hi Mum,

I'm just getting settled in to town and a new home. I found a roommate wanted ad, it's a share house toward the edge of town. The ad promised a separate bedroom and a very reasonable rent.

When I arrived, I was both impressed and surprised by the house. It's a really nice place and quite big. I thought it would be another run down bachelor pad.  I was introduced to the three guys already living here.

First I met Eddie Starr, musician. He's very intense when he's working on keyboard or guitar. His hands are just magic dancing across the keys. He's a big bloke, though I'm not sure if it's height or personality that give that impression.

The second guy is Howie Kernan. He's an inventor, and much too brainy if you ask me. I tried to chat to him for a few minutes but his explanations were making my head spin.

The other guys tell me that Howie spends hours trying out new inventions. They exiled his workshop bench outside in case things got a little out of hand.

The third guy is Jericho Seastrider. He's quite different, apparently his people can live on land but they prefer living in the sea. Jericho says he's on land for awhile, he has some things he'd like to do for his people. He's also the owner of the house, he just felt it was a bit too big and lonely for him.

Having met my new roomies, I went off to get a job. I'd heard there were some vacancies in the police department so I went over to city hall. They accepted my application very quickly, so I'll have money for Jericho for my share of the bills.

Coming out of city hall, I paused to watch a deer jumping along just outside the main building. I can't believe that there's wildlife in the city like this.

I discovered that deer aren't the only wild creatures running around here. There's a small herd of wild horses. There are at least three adults and a fairly young foal in the herd.

I really like the look of this one, big and proud. It's a beautiful animal.

 It took some time and coaxing but it did eventually sniff my hand. A few carrots in my pocket went a long way toward making a new friend.

While I was trying to pet the horse, I noticed that there was something hiding in a hollow log. The eyes suggest it was a cat but frankly, I am not getting any closer to find out if that's right.

I wandered off to grab a bite and look at town.

A while later, I found my horse again, near the grocery store.

This time, he let me get even closer to him.

Well, he did for a few minutes. It wasn't long until he let me know that it was time for one of us to move on.

I decided that it was time for me to head on home anyway. It had been quite a long day exploring and I needed to wash horse off me before I touched anything else.

I was almost ready to stumble off to bed when Jericho called me over.

"Hey Sam, friendly game of foosball before bed?"

"Wait, I better put on some clothes. I was headed for bed."

Jericho shook his head. "Don't worry about it. We usually do this around now."

When I got to the foosball table, I realised Jericho had a point.

It wasn't long before trying to win the game was taking all my concentration and I rather forgot that I was standing with only underwear around a bunch of guys I'd only met that day.

My side even did pretty well. It wasn't long before the game was declared over and we all went to bed.

It was an interesting first day in a new place. I wonder what tomorrow holds in store.


Bonus pics

Sammy in Kaleeko's favourite shirt in pink. Poor Sammy, what he does for me.

The Drive-Me Ride-You, newest mode of Sims Transportation.

Hawk on the ground - too bad the sounds they used aren't even vaguely hawk ones.

Jericho was supposed to be fishing but decided to do some close up birding instead.


In case you haven't met them, Sammy's roommates:
Howie Kernan is from angiebeno's legacy - Benno's World
Jericho Seastrider is from Avanis - he appears in - From Sea to Shore - a Seastrider 100 baby challenge
Eddie Starr is from mikezumi and occasionally appears in - this forum thread


  1. Four shirtless men eh? I think I could live with this :P

  2. I don't know, maybe you should check again and see if 4 shirtless men are worth watching. :)

  3. Having fun in Appaloosa Plains, eh Sammy? :P

    Nice, I recognize all of Sam's roommates from their original stories! :D

  4. Sammy is having fun but this save is trying to drive me insane. I spent a couple of days trying to find a way to keep it from freezing.

    Glad you know all of Sammy's roomies. They are a nice bunch.

  5. I'm reading this one from the beginning! :D Love it so far!

  6. :) Zbornie! Glad you found your way here. I know you've seen at least one of Sammy's housemates before.

  7. Awesome! I love the roommates, I know two of them. AP is great fun, love the pictures.

  8. Thanks Bordelinski! AP is fun but I hope Sammy's save stops freezing or I may have to abandon them before I go insane.

  9. All those shirtless male sims - I know exactly what direction this story would take if I were playing it ;-)

  10. :) Mikezumi, that is the direction this story is going. He's way overdue a boyfriend/husband.

  11. Love to see the new EP hit Sammy's game. Cool pictures. I love the one with the hawk. Lol, I love them all. Sammy is looking good with the pink shirt, though. That shirt + the black horse would make him look so neat ;)

    I guess Jericho is an alien?!!

  12. Yeah, Sammy is showing off the new EP - horses, dogs, birds...whatever he happens across.

    Sammy + black horse + pink fluffy shirt == interesting idea. Mind you, he has to make friends with the horse first, which may not be easy.

    Jericho is officially a Seastrider = water dweller. Not a Berry Sim and not an alien. You'll learn more in Part 2.

  13. Strip fozeball I am so watching this game.

  14. The boys know no shame so they don't mind if you watch Rae.

    But they won't be very interested in playing with you in this particular game. Too hung on each other.

  15. THE SHIRT. OH EM GEE THE SHIRT. Lol, was not expecting that... Totally broke out laughing. Still laughing. XD Haha I needed that.. anyways. Had to say that first. Priceless. XD (Which reminds me, did I ever show you this? Sooo ooold, but. XD )

    Aaaanyways! I have to say, I like this start--he's already thrown in with a bunch of people to get to know! Jericho is quite the strange one, but they all have some interesting quirks that make them interesting. ^^ I can see Sam fitting in with them nicely.

    ... I mean, they sure are comfortable with each other. Shirtless foosball. Wowie! x_x <3

    Oooh, and Sam's getting friendly with some horses, too... I wonder if he'll manage to wrangle one of the wild ones? I'm interested to see! Horse cops are pretty hot, yo'.

    You'll be getting inundated with comments for the next little bit, so.. hang onto your bonnet, lol. XD

  16. Kaleeko! Smooshy hugs to you!

    Love your version of the pink puffy shirt. I haven't decided if Sammy is going to be wearing it in this story yet or not.

    Yes, he has some very interesting roommates. And shirtless foozball can be mega entertaining as a spectator sport.

    Sam is only getting acquainted with a horse. Jericho did much better in a couple of episodes.

    Love seeing Kaleeko comments, it's been too long! :) (Did I mention smooshy hugs yet?)


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