Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goodbye Mum, from Sammy clone 17 (part 14)

Well, Mum, I think this is the final update from me.  Life is going very well for the Grants now.  Little Johnny has his own room.

Two of my favourite people.  Perhaps it's just as well that Ripley didn't ask about more children because I'd never resist her for more than a few seconds.  Probably not that long.

Brooke's first work of art.  She's artistic so she's already learning a lot about technique.  And we could afford to send her to art class when she asked to go.

Our decorating elves have finished the house.  Our bedroom was redone next to last.

And now we have a hallway upstairs with the three bedrooms and bath all closed off from each other.  We all feel much better about our living space.

Brooke has been meeting a few teens around town.  No steady boyfriends but I expect that to change.

I had to get out of the house so I took Johnny to the park for his first lesson in talking.  I let myself stay at home a bit too much.

I finished my tenth novel.  It was another best selling fantasy, worth 1630 per week.  On Sunday my next royalty check should be very nearly 7,000 Simoleons.  But this novel was so hot, it broke the computer.

I tried to fix the computer with less than stellar results.  Ripley called for a repair man rather than risk me doing it again.

I wish they would stay this age forever.  He's so cute right now.

But it was Johnny's birthday and we had to celebrate.  Our son is now a child.  He looks a lot like me, barring the hair colour.  That is definitely his mum.

So I think it's safe to say that you've seen us through the bad times and good.  The children came out well.  I have proven that you can survive as a writer but be prepared for some lean days in the first few weeks.  I've had two wonderful wives and we've taken Mosquito Cove from a hovel to a nice little home.


Note that you can follow Brooke and Johnny in Art Flows Through

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 13)

Another update, Mum, this one is a bit longer.  A couple of birthdays have gone by.

Brooke decided to ask Ripley for help with her homework. She doesn't know her step-mom too well yet, a bit of socialising should help.

In case you were wondering, yes, I did get to cuddle John after we got home. His mom has to sleep sometimes. My wonderful son Johnny.

What a handsome baby he is too.

Ripley does claim her fair share of time with the baby. Not long before she'll be back at work.

Brooke convinced me to play tag. I think I need more cardio training at the gym, this is exhausting!

Our decorator elves were back. They replaced the wallpaper, did the floors and replaced the bookcase. Our funds were getting a bit low or the desk, radio and sofa would have changed as well.

Then it was time to throw Johnny's first birthday party. Susie was one of our guests, but she was very depressed because her husband had recently died. She brought along their second child, who is a cute little thing.

Ripley wasn't impressed when one of the guests tried to flirt with her.

I haven't liked this part since the one cake killed River. But the guests expect it and at least outside means it won't burn down the house.

John Edward Grant is now a toddler. What a handsome boy Johnny is, he has his mom's hair colour.

Oops, didn't mean to send you this pic.  We do still have a good time in bed.

And I just finished my 9th book.  It's bringing in 1,500 in royalties for the next 6 weeks.  My weekly earnings from books has jumped to 5500 Simoleons per week.  I'm now established as a fantasy writer, this was my second best-selling fantasy book.

Ripley insisted that she potty train Johnny.  I don't know why, I can cope with potties a bit more easily then she can.

She's also teaching him to walk. I'll teach him to talk while she's at work.

Oh dear god. Already? It's already Brooke's birthday?

A teenager. I have a teenage daughter. And a stunning one at that. Let the boys of Sunset Valley be warned. Break her heart and I'll break some of your bones in return.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 12)

I'm afraid that this one is just a really quick update. I know you are anxious about Ripley and the baby-to-be.
Have you ever heard the fantasy stories where elves come in the middle of the night and do things while people are asleep?  They may not be fantasy stories. When we went to bed, the kitchen was looking like it has since I moved here.  During the night, it got bigger, new wall coverings, new floor, the door moved, the counters, sink, refrigerator and stove are all new.

Unlike the elf stories, we did pay for this.  We had 6000 in the bank when we went to bed and only 750 when we woke up.  Still, it is an improvement.

The exterior of the house also changed.  Now it's sturdy block instead of ancient wood that looks like it will blow away in the first breeze.

Ripley is enjoying her pregnancy and time off.  She's finally getting some time to paint.  She loves it.

She was craving ice cream and spaghetti.  I supplied the spaghetti.  My cooking skills are improving quickly with the new stove.
You can see that we have yet to do the main downstairs room and also our sleeping area.

No, it's time.  I hope Ripley will be ok.

We made it to the hospital with time to spare.  Ripley had an excellent pregnancy.  He's artistic and neurotic. 

Mum, meet John Edward Grant.  Our baby boy.  I wonder when I can get him away from Ripley for a cuddle?

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 11)

I was a little worried about how Ripley might react to me after my birthday.  She seems just as in love with an old man and his gray hair as she was with a young stud.

I had almost forgotten how much fun making out was.
So I decided to pop the question.  Would Ripley accept my proposal now that she knows everything important about the family, the house and our lives?

The answer was very emphatic.  Yes!  I'm engaged to Ripley.  I've asked her if a quiet wedding at home would do.  I've had the big pretty wedding and our budget is very tight.  I'll explain why in a minute.

I've just finally finished my fourth fantasy novel.  My income from writing is now a respectable 4,000 a week.  Our bookshelf has all my novels, it's good to see how many writing is coming along.  A fan specially wanted fantasy, he gave me a bit of extra cash to spend.

I think Ripley and I might have gotten just a little carried away with celebrating our engagement.  I know it's not juice or bad food making Ripley ill.  I think we need to start preparing for a new baby.

Poor Ripley had a bad case of sickness.  I had to work at getting to her long enough to exchange rings.  Maybe not the most romantic wedding ever but who cares?  She's mine, I'm hers and we are so happy.

Let's seal that with a kiss baby!

Sometimes I think this is my favorite part of sharing my life with someone.  Cuddling in bed makes sleep so much better.

This is what we spent a fair amount of money on.  We can't afford a nice house yet, but we did manage to extend this place for a proper bedroom.  Brooke is nearly a child and she'll definitely need some space she can call her own.

Can you believe it Mum?  Little Brooke's birthday is already here.  One day a baby and next thing you know, there is a princess in the house.

We did have a few people over for the party. You might even recognise a few of them.  Angelo, Christi, Susie and Hugo.

Now that I've proven I can earn enough by art, it's time to start some gathering valuable minerals to sell.  I want to upgrade some more of the house and do it soon.

Brooke Grant. She has River's eyes and hair.  My little princess.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 10)

Hi Mum.  In my last letter, I was in very bad shape.  River was gone and her passing left a hole in my life.  If I were alone, I might have given up.

But I couldn't give up.  I had Brooke to take care of.  Here we are in the library.  Those children's books are expensive to buy but free in the library.  We read two.

This was the painting that River was working on just before she died.  I'm keeping it as a memorial to my lovely wife.  I wonder what it would have been worth if she had completed it?

I finally started to recover and decided it was time to fix the computer.  I'll never write regularly without it.

I was looking through my address book and ran across Ripley.  Ripley has a boyfriend but unlike so many of the women around, she doesn't have a family or a serious relationship.  So I thought I'd ask her over and see if things developed.

You know that I'm nearly an elder and I'd like someone else to be here for Brooke.  You never know when the Reaper is ready to stalk you.

I did tell Ripley everything.  Small house, small income, small child.

It seems that she's still interested.

Oh Mum, I didn't think my heart would ever heal.  I still long for River but Ripley is very special.

I've asked Ripley to be my girlfriend.  She agree to that and to moving in with us. 

I'm finally writing again.  It shouldn't be long before I finish my new book.

Ripley decided to play with Brooke.  Aren't they so cute together?

I gave Ripley a reward for being cute.

Teaching Brooke to talk was my last big want for her as a toddler.  I taught her about some of the fun things in life.

And about some of the unpleasant things as well.  She's read a couple of toddler books, maxed the logic toy and the music toy and mastered the toddler skills.  She's ready to be a child.

My birthday.  There was no way I was having a party or cake this time.  I wonder if Ripley likes older men?