Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (part 1)

Hello Mum

I've just arrived in Twinbrook. They've been having a bit of a housing shortage, so the best arrangement I could find in town was a share house. I'm happy that I only have one person to share with.

Her name is Tatianna. She had an ad in the local paper about needing to share the costs.

After I met her, I knew why her ad was unanswered by the locals. She is unpleasant; a nitpicky perfectionist snob with a mean streak a kilometer wide.  I asked her who was nice to know in town, she only had a couple of people she could name as friends. But her enemy list took her five deadly dull minutes to recite.

She said she had a housemate before, a guy called Antonio. He went to work one day and never came back. I'll have to look him up later and see if he has space, where ever he landed. He'll definitely be better company than Miss I-Know-It-All perfectionist.

I went down to the local police station and registered as a Private Investigator. It sounded like interesting work, no desk job or set hours. Of course, I have no idea how the hours are going to work out, it could be that this is worse then a normal job.

So that takes care of priority one; sort out how the bills will be paid in future.

My second priority is simply to get a feel for the town.

I went to the park and introduced myself to everyone I saw.  It was a bright beautiful Sunday afternoon, the park was crowded with people.

Everyone I chatted to has very nice, it's a friendly little community here.

They gave me a brief course on surveillance in the police station, but I think they were having a joke. Holding two bushes is going to stop anyone from noticing I'm there?

Well, it did work this time, I caught a few interesting remarks from a couple chatting nearby.

So I typed up a report for the police. It wasn't anything earth shattering but it could lead to more trouble if it's not stopped quickly.

I also took a tiny case, someone wanted someone else to stop being so mean in their chat rooms. I spent longer running around town trying to catch the guy to report the results then I did solving his case. I've only started, I hope more interesting stuff comes along.

That's pretty much the summary. I stopped by the science centre for a quick education in logic. They said I had a long way to go in that skill. I also stopped at city hall for some training in charisma. I've heard it said that a bit of charm and old fashioned manners can open doors that otherwise stay firmly shut.


  1. Hi Sammy!!!
    LMAO at five minutes to recite her enemy list.
    I don't know about you but I loved the PI profession. I loved reading the story line that, whoever, at EA came up with.
    Awww, Sammy, you still got the bod. ;)

  2. I forget exactly how long this hood has been going but a couple of weeks since I dumped them in.

    Tat has about 3 friends. She has about 20 sims that she only somewhat dislikes and 5 or so are enemies. It's kind of stunning.

    Dee is waiting for Sammy ++ sliders

  3. You can say that again. There are a lot of things I am looking forward to in that new EP but I was sold as soon as I heard sliders. :D

    I think the guy she ended up with in my game has some similar traits. I should check that.

  4. Sammy lives with Tat? Whoa, boy.

    Sammy hiding behind the bushes is pretty funny. Sammy sitting at the computer in his undies is pretty awesome.

  5. Aaahh ahahahahahaa!!!

    Poor Sammy. That is all I have to say. ;D

    Doesn't surprise me that Tat has so many enemies, every time she appears on my SP popups it's because she made a new one. I find it quite entertaining. :)

    Mmm, I can't wait to see how this one plays out. Sammy as a PI! This could be very interesting. It's not as exciting as some of the other professions, but I found it laid back and entertaining nonetheless.

  6. Sammy is glad that he only shares with Tat but he isn't expected to like it.

    I love Sammy hanging around in undies, best reason to buy him a computer. :)

  7. Hope everyone is excited to see a new Sammy clone in action once again. I hope you find this an interesting tale

  8. I'm sure we will PiB. I also meant to tell you how snazzy he looks in the pin stripe suit. He always knows how to dress.

  9. Who is the little redhead Sammy met in the park. Is she a Macy offspring?

  10. I was wondering about her too. I almost asked earlier if she was Macy but she looks like a teen.

  11. Yes, that is a Macy/Ben offspring - one of three girls. Well spotted!

    Sammy may or may not have money but he always has nice clothes. :)

  12. Sorry to ask this here but I have a question. Is investigating paranormal activity the same as zapping the ghost? If not, how to you investigate?

  13. It's a type of job that you get from time to time. It's got the same sort of icon from map view - they disappear in the building and reappear a few hours later. Take any regular ghost hunting jobs first, they can time out while you do the investigation.

  14. Thank you. I'm still learning on this one. I just had to try it. I like it.

  15. Man, it's been so quiet. Everyone busy with new posts?

    Dee, I was entertained by the ghost hunter career. Especially when Sammy started finding ghosts with all those outfits.

  16. I'm playing Dalton right now and he has now sucked up poltergeist once. Right after I asked you about the investigation he got one. It was at the school. I noticed a lot of clouds above the school. I also discovered there is fog when he's ghost hunting. And that's in Riverview.

  17. I'm glad you get the fog, and I'm sure the special ghost hunting music too. :)

  18. That music is so cool. I also get to see some of our other sims since he is having to go to their houses. Gives me a chance to get some closeups of the kiddies.

  19. I'm glad you're enjoying ghost hunting, Dee. I really am enjoying it with Georgia. It's a great way to check out the houses in Twinbrook. Tonight, we found one that appeals to her little snob heart. She's going to need a lot more money to afford it.

  20. I am liking it. I just never did get attached to Twinbrook. Hope to see an update on Georgia some day soon. I'm finally playing the one that I had intended to play before this EP was ever released.

  21. I liked ghost busting. And I don't mind Twinbrook, it's got atmosphere. :)

    I didn't want to have Sam start as a PI (you and Kaleeko were exploring that) nor as a fireman which you and Chrysame both tried. Sam was great at it.

    I hope that we hear from Georgia soon.

  22. The only thing I don't like right now is the logic skilling. I have always found that part pretty boring. Read logic books and play chess. He hasn't worked on his logic much at all. He does have a chess set now though. He "borrowed" it while at one of the houses. :)

  23. You wanted to hear from Georgia? Your wish is my command.

  24. Warning, author currently suffering from extreme ego implosion - may be very very unstable.

  25. Ego implosion? :( :( :( Wai?

    Bad PiB! You know you're awesome. I know you're awesome. And Sammy thinks you're awesome.

    Kaleeko needs her Sammy quota filled, stat! ;D


  26. Meeting at work that I damn well should have been at and no one thought to ask me. :( very depressing - puts my head in bad space.

    So at the moment, no, I don't know I'm awesome. But I'm glad to hear you think so. Sammy will help sooth the bruised soul...

  27. Aaagh, that's dumb. :( Try not to think too much on it. Still really stupid of them.

    And yes, I very much do think so! I mean, here I am, still waiting for you to get off work so I can get my Sammy fix... ^^ I have to say, there's nothing that helps damaged emotions like writing up a blog and gettin' some comments. I shall make sure I am about to do so!

  28. *hugs, much love and voodoo barbie dolls for the bastards who left you out of the meeting*

    Sammy will help. He's good at easing folks out of a funk. He'll take your grump on, happily.

    Now, Voodoo Barbie...where were we? That's right...a lighter, an upholstery needle and an old 45 of If by Bread.

  29. lol @ Chrysame!! (Oy, you're up late!)

    Voodoo barbie, man. I'm getting some strange visuals of those creepy toys from Toy Story 1...

    Anyways, yes. I vote, burn the hair first. ^^ Bwahaha.

  30. I'm headed to bed. Falling over here.

    As I go to bed, I leave the Voodoo Barbie to Kaleeko. Remember to use a lot of really bad 1970's am radio songs and you're gold. Debbie Boone is very scary. That'll teach those bad meeting people a lesson!

  31. *salute* Aye aye, Cap'n! Sleep well, Chrysame. :) We'll try not to do too much partying without you.

    Nor too much torturing. I'll make sure to save some for ya. (Though I'm not sure PiB'll be able to.)

  32. Sammy and tortured Barbie's == good times. Feeling better now.

  33. *snorts* He'll definitely be better company than Miss I-Know-It-All perfectionist.

    I love me some Sammy.

  34. I see you've decided to visit one of the older Sammy stories. Have fun Rae.

  35. Like Dee I had a hysterical snort at .....

    But her enemy list took her five deadly dull minutes to recite.

    LOL oi vei


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