Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 1)

Hi Mum,

I've just completed a move into the city. City life promises to be exciting; there are tons of clubs in town, a local movie set and celebrities, and more. I'm not so sure I like the rumour that the town has vampires too but we'll see if that one is true.

No, I am not kissing the ground like the pope. The stupid elevator nearly didn't let me out. I hope the apartment makes up for the bad building maintenance.

Alas no. You'll see pics of the apartment later but it's certainly nothing flash. It has what I need at the moment but not a lot extra. I hope the convenience of living in the city makes up for the apartment.

The first thing to do was apply for a job. I headed straight for the movie studio. This should be a great career for meeting the celebs and getting to be one myself. Someday, I'll get to the top.

Unfortunately, I got to start at the bottom and I can tell it's going to be a long long climb up.

One advantage to the city is the subway system. It's cheap and runs pretty often. But I still need to use taxis or run the rest of the way to the place I want to go.

After I got a job, I wandered over to the Sports Club, see who was there. Got to meet a few people, which was nice. They seemed to have all recently moved into town too. Macy, Ben, Kacyn and Hugo are their names.

Hung around the club for a little but it was pretty dead that night. Kacyn was the only one who stuck around for drinks.

I've since found that only a few clubs have a good crowd in any one day. The rest are nearly empty. Finding the hotspot is pretty crucial if you want to see and be seen.

My first celeb meeting. She's only a one star celeb, but that's still far better than me. I can't impress celebs with my money - I have none. I can't impress them with my job - the bottom just isn't impressive. But I did impress her with my Charisma. She didn't find me completely boring.

First day at work. This stuff is a breeze. I'll be promoted in no time if my job stays like this - Best Boy status, here I come.

Checking the paper to find the hotspot for tonight. Hmm, that club is no good, I don't have the status. That club I want to avoid, vampire city there...

Was interrupted by Hugo Hawke wanting to come up for a chat. Since I hadn't settled on a club for the night, I let him in. We had a nice chat about the city and our new jobs. He's in politics and I think it won't be long before he makes a real name for himself.

Speaking of name for himself - gossip says that Ben is the town Casanova. Hasn't stopped Macy from falling head over heels for him.

Stupid fricking elevator. When will maintenance fix this sucker? I do not want to spend my life stuck in it!


  1. Yaaaaaaaaay! Sammy story!!

    Awesome start. :D I love how you tied the beginning and the end of the post together with the elevator. Kinda seems like it's almost out to get him, hahaha.

    Looks like he's settling into Bridgeport nicely. Meeting lots of folks, working hard at his job...

    That one-star celebrity is pretty cute, I have to say. ;) At least, from that distance.

    I'm excited! Celebrity Sam! Ee! He's gonna be awesome. :D Well, he already is.. But you know what I mean.

  2. Yep, Sammy is back.

    I'm glad you liked the elevator tie in, I have more pics but stopped there because it felt right. There will be another Sammy post within the week though.

    Yes, the one star cele is cute but he is still meeting people. And he'll be finding some he thinks are very cute. :)

    LOL Celebrity Sam should be a specially awesome Sam clone. But Sam usually is pretty special, whenever he appears and whatever he does.

    BTW My Flickr account now has the first few pics from Rome.

  3. LMAO. I was almost afraid to look. I didn't want to be talking about Sammy's awesome bod in my sleep tonight. I love the elevator shots. It's so funny when they do that. The carpet must have smelled like fish. :D

    Great start with this PiB.
    Even though I'm a country girl, I really want to play Bridgeport at least for a while just to see what the city life is like.
    I'll live it through your Sammy for now.

    Is that Ben all dressed up there behind Macy?

  4. Dee, don't open the next post when I get around to it. Sammy never does dress to cook his breakfast. :)

    Yes, that was Ben - Ben, Macy, Kacyn and Hugo got put into a single house which is why they appeared together like that.

  5. Now PiB. You know good and well, I won't be able to *not* look. :)

  6. Hehehe! You and your naked Sims! Gotta wonder how Sammy feels being put on display all the time... ;)

    I'm sure there's a zillion cute women running around Bridgeport for him to choose from. The boy's going to have to probably fend them off, later on!

    Speaking of his fan club, I should have a version of Amelia uploaded for you later tonight (in a few hours at least). I'm finally almost to Bridgeport myself!

  7. He isn't the Naked Chef - just the nearly Naked Chef with only those brief undies on. :)

    Sammy has some adoring fans - he just wishes they were in game instead of life.

  8. It's good to see Sam, again. Those pesky elevators. Do you like Bridgeport?

    I think Sam will enjoy the perks of being a celebrity. Although, he should watch out for people spreading rumors about him. It can be a problem! At least with this career path he should earn a lot of money (and save a lot as he gets to be more of a celebrity!).

  9. I'll like bridgeport better if we get a proper patch. Overwatch does remove excess vehicles but I still get so many that Sam freezes a couple of times a day. Not unplayable but very annoying.

    Sam has yet to worry about people spreading good or bad gossip. But someday he'll have to.

  10. The first and last pics are very funny. Do sims always find themselves stuck or fell like that?

    Oh, subway!! I've just known that there's subway there. I can't wait to play the city. I am not surprise that Ben is a town cassanova. He's such a looker.

    Once Sam reached the top, and earned lots of money, those celebrities sims will fall under his knees ;)

  11. Hey MJ

    They don't always get stuck like that. But it's pretty common so easy to get a pic.

    The subway idea is pretty cool. Like real cities.

    We know that Sammy will shine. BTW - any particular of your Sims you want dumped into town?


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