Monday, October 7, 2013

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (The Return of Clone 63 - Part 5)

It was the nightmare. I'd had the damned thing multiple times, a couple of times a year since the original event happened.

In the nightmare, I was going to be too late.

In the nightmare, I wasn't going to save Jer.

It was based on the worst moment of my life - when Jericho was being attacked. That scene, with Jer flat and motionless on the floor, still haunts me.

Usually, if Jer is in bed, some part of me realises that it's a nightmare. Or Jer, sensing my distress, holds me tightly which helps. The scene plays out as it really happened. Jericho is seriously hurt but alive.

Real Jericho wasn't in bed so in the dream I dive past Chuck and wrap my arms around Jericho.

I do know it's a nightmare. In the nightmare, I also know that he's dying, I hadn't been fast enough to save him.

"No!" I howl to the world as I hold Jericho close. He's about to breathe his last. He's going to die.