Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 5 - 1

Sept 3
Hi Mum,
I've arrived in town and found this interesting sounding job.  This family was looking for a butler.  It's just cook one meal a day, keep things clean, do the occasional bit of gardening and help with the baby.

It's a lovely huge house, and they are giving me a room to myself to sleep in.  They sent me to gardening and cooking classes today then I came back to help with a party.

OMG!  I agreed to take the position and now I've found that they don't have a baby.  They have THREE!  How am I going to cope if they have me taking care of three babies?


  1. Like I said before. Gullible. Poor Sammy is having it rough, but at the same time it's just
    so funny.

  2. Well, at least this family doesn't have it in for Sammy. He's just going to find it a lot of hard work.

    On the other hand, if you need a Sim who works hard without complaints, Sammy may be your Sim. He was up every couple of hours his first night baby tending. He never once complained about doing it. He did get a bit of sleep finally once Darlene was up.

  3. I am having a lot of fun following the Sammy stories.
    To me all of these blogs that I follow have been a learning experience along with, shall we say,"having my day brightened", as they say in sims land.
    I read about a sim or something that I didn't know could be done and it gives me ideas on what I can and can't do.
    I also love reading all the stories and laughing about what goes on in them.

  4. I've heard about creating a domestic servant Sim to replace the nanny/maid/repairman/butler/babysitter since Sims 2. But Sammy couldn't be a servant to a nice normal Sim family. Then I remembered the triplets and knew it was the perfect family for him.

    The babies weren't really that bad. When the first needed a cuddle/bottle/change, then you'd just make the rounds doing all three because they were all in sync for the needs. I don't know how well it's all going to go for 3 toddlers though.

  5. Training those toddlers is always the roughest part for me. Other than that, I just put books and learning toys all over the floor and let them be. I think the smart milk is one of the things I miss from sims 2.

  6. Sammy is such a loveable, gullible dork :)


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