Sam's Spouses

Mostly a reference list for me, but if you care to know who Sam married in which story, here is the list. I skipped a couple, spoilers.

Clone 2 Stuck in bin
Clone 4 CAS spouse
Clone 5 Celia Pendragon - by Chrysame
Clone 8 Thomas Leman - mine
Indiana Sam Rachel Thorpe by Sue_d_nim
Clone 17 River McIrish (EA Games) then Ripley Warren - by Chrysame
Clone 22 Bachelor challenge
Clone 27 Toddler challenge - never married
Clone 31 Marta Tomasi - by Chrysame
Clone 36 Black widow story
Clone 42 Georgia Tomasi - by Chrysame
Clone 47 Never married
Climbing the Greasy Pole never married
Clone 59 Amelia Kane by Kaleeko
Clone 63 Jericho Seastrider by Avanis
Clone 69 Ashley by EA Games