Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 27 (Part One)

Hi Mum,

Mum, I don't like the look of this setup. I seem to be surrounded by an infinite number of toddlers.

Ok, that was a small exaggeration. There are only 7 of them. I counted. I counted three times so I'm sure there is no mistake. There is only one adult, me. So I have 7 toddlers to care for by myself?

This is a scary sight. Look at all those cribs. Seven toddlers, how does one cope with seven toddlers Mum?

It wasn't a big lot so we had money to build a basic house.  Pottys, cribs and toys everywhere.  This cost me most of my start up money.  I have about 3000 to spare for expenses and maybe a babysitter.  It's not a fancy house but it should do.

I grabbed one little one and taught her to walk.  This is Cherry Grant.  The other babies are Abby, Byron, David, Eve, Feris and Glen.  Don't ask me which is which, it gives me a massive headache.

By the next day, I regretted teaching walk first.  I should be teaching potty first to every one of the little ones I can catch.  They spend a lot of time stinking because I just can't get to them quickly enough.

Happy toddlers playing quietly with toys.  Oh Mum, this just doesn't last at all.

Cherry can walk on her own now.

And here is a house of crying babies.  Most of them are hungry and stinky.  I don't mind the smell however they are really unhappy about being stinky.

So I broke down and hired a sitter for the evening.  Davy isn't coping well with the crowd but he does sometimes feed, sometimes change diapers and sometimes puts them in cribs.  Every little bit helps, believe me.

Aw, the poor babies need a lot of love.  And it's so hard to make the rounds, at least 3 need attention all of the time.

This is exhausting work.  They are all little darlings, don't get me wrong, but I have no time to myself except for a few hours after I crash in bed.

I bet you never thought you'd see me doing this.  Napping just to get enough energy to feed and put to bed at least some of the babies.

Davy has gone home twice.  I've called him back fairly soon after he leaves.  He has a bit of time to play with some of the children.  I have no time beyond feed, cuddle, change diapers and I hope to do serious potty training soon.

Poor Glen, I was in bed and Davy wasn't paying attention.  He passed out on the floor.  I have a feeling that this is going to happen a lot in the next few days.

Well, Mum, this is actually the start of the third day.  I've only taught one toddler one skill.  Almost all of them have maxed out their xylophone skills.  Abby and Byron have maxed logic.  

It's tough to raise 7 toddlers.  You can't concentrate on one baby for too long or the rest can get to a bad state.  That was the mistake I made on the first day.  I'm only eating quick meals, and barely sleeping.


  1. *still in shock* in the reactions section you need one for "in shock".
    This is THE challenge of all challenges. To me anyway.
    Give me a minute. I don't know what to say.

  2. Well, I'm not sure how many if any toddlers are going to grow up well. But I don't think we will be visited by the social worker and Sam has yet to faint or starve. :)

  3. Okay, I'm back, composed, chin is back where it should be, I think.
    Now I'm LMAO. Yes, I clicked shocked.
    It's a good thing there are quick meals and Sammy isn't a coward. He would have run for the hills by now.

    Love the comments about "to everyone of the little ones I can catch".

    I can't get this comment finished for looking back at the pictures. :D 0.0

    Poor Sammy, if you come out of this sane you will be doing much better than me.

    Now where's that bottle?

  4. I'm having fun reading your comments.

    Yes, poor Sam should have run after he counted 7 three times. But he's stuck now.

    I changed one to shocked just for you. :)

  5. Night night now. Past my bed time.

  6. Sleep well PiB. Maybe I'll be past the shocked stage by the time you wake up.
    I saw the shocked and have now clicked it a second time. Clicked funny too because I am beginning to see the humor. I doubt Sammy is though.
    Poor Sammy isn't going to get any sleep for awhile.

  7. I bookmarked the rules so I can read them again. I may have to try this one of these days, just to see if I can do it. I wouldn't be doing it for points. I would just be testing myself. I would probably have all of them in one big room and the babysitter would hate me. I don't know about the sim, but I would probably be even grayer by the time it was over.

  8. Keep those rules bookmarked. I think I might have to try this, too. Just to see if I can do it without having a coronary.

    Sam looks wiped. Poor stinky Sam surrounded by howling, stinky, hungry toddlers. If he gets through this, Sam deserves a huge reward.

  9. If he gets through this, he deserves free tumbles with every one he can get his hands as many bottles as he wants. And I don't mean bottles of milk.

  10. Tumbles, bottles, a big comfy bed and endless supply of his favorite meal. And quiet. Lots and lots of quiet.

  11. Sorry, running back and forth from house to here.
    Oh yeah, most definitely, big comfy bed and lots of quiet.
    The tumbles must come with no chance of sticky, stinky, screaming babies. They must be free of all responsibility. Oh, a big fine house to go along with all that. Possibly with a harem.

  12. Wait, Dee, he had a house with a harem. Ok, he had Rory to put up with too but definite harem. :)

    He would deserve something after surviving this.

    One of the three toughest challenges I've read. The toughest would be the apocalypse challenge, a legacy with way way more rules.

    On a tie with this is the Asylum challenge. 7 inmates and you can't ever control any of them.

    But Sam will have earned a nice quiet lifetime after a house of screaming babies.

    Dee, babies in one room wake each other up. The three rooms means that one awake baby doesn't make 7 awake babies.

  13. That's just it. He had Rory to put up with.
    I would still stick them all in one room.

    Yep, he gets a nice guiet life. he gets to make all the messes he wants to and no one to make him clean up. He gets all the "juice" he can drink and he only has to deal with others when HE wants to go out on the town and then gets to tumble. :)

  14. Poor poor Sammy clone. And you thought the one that had to live by art without any arty traits had it rough. :)

    It certainly switches your toddler priorities to have 7 of them. Two sleeping on the floor? Not a problem, need to feed 3 other ones. Dirty nappies? Not a problem, it won't actually harm them. Daddy needs a sleep before he faints.

  15. They can sleep through the dirty diapers. Take a real nap, Sammy before you fall over!

  16. Poor daddy. :D

    If he just had the steel bladder it would help.

    I can see his wish list now. Wants to snuggle Byron. Ok, snuggle Byron. Wait you're not Byron. Snuggles next one. Wait, you're not Byron.

    It's going to be hard as the devil to get those rewards.

  17. Some of the rewards would certainly help Sam but he isn't getting many wants filled just now.

    Next time I play, I'll try to get one or two of them potty trained. Sam has the advantage of not caring what state the house gets in, so used potties won't disturb him unduly.

    Oh, Dee, if the want is quick, I pick that toddler from the left so I can be certain that Sam is grabbing the correct one. Look for plumbbob then send Sam to that toddler for attention.

    Sam has to get used to 2 to 4 hours of sleep at a time. He can't afford to sleep until well rested.

    He could do with a few bottles of drink by now.

  18. A few bottles and some real sleep.

    LOL, I just keep imagining you finding the toddler, sending Sammy there and another toddler has taken the previous toddlers place.
    I know it's not working that way but it's my insane imagination.

  19. I'll be interested to see if either of you brave this challenge. It's certainly not for the faint-hearted, you have to keep an eye on things.

    I find my main priorities are feeding the toddlers before they get to the starving stage and cuddling to prevent them from getting too lonely. That keeps them happy enough to keep the social workers at bay. Since the rules say nothing about toddlers sleeping on the floor, I'll let them but cribs are better for sleep.

    As toddlers finish skill building on the two main toys, they can work on the play table which lets them socialize.

  20. I'm not sure I'm that stout-hearted, PiB!

    Can you at least put a toy in their inventory to give them the cuddly time moodlet? It's a bit a boost.

  21. I thought they only had to learn walk, talk, potty.

    Yeah, they need a teddy in their inventory.

  22. I may just try this one day. If you hear strange screams in Oz, you'll know who it is.

  23. I can give them all teddy bears so they have the cuddle time moodlet.

    Dee, remember that they can learn music on the xylophone and logic on the peg box. It won't help them grow up well, but does add a few points to the score. Walk, talk and potty help them grow up well.

    There is no way I'm scoring the optional "Dirty diaper -1"...I can't even count how many times I lost that point in two days.

  24. Can you imagine trying this challenge in sims2? Half the parents probably died. The nanny would have spent half her time peeing herself.

  25. It started as a Sims 2 challenge. I can imagine doing it. I don't know how many times it would have taken to get it right though. Even now I know that if I started again, I'd set some things up differently.

  26. Yes, I read it started as a sims2 challenge and I just can't imagine surviving it in sims2.

    One point off for every dirty diaper. ROFL. I already lost the game then with just twins.

  27. :) The dirty diaper points was extra credit. No way I'm working on that. It's hard going as it is, just trying to get a few of the babies trained in something. Other then toys, they are doing great with toys.

  28. Oh yeah, they always do great with the toys.

  29. BTW - Monday here but I'm taking the day off because I had a dentist appointment this morning and it was to get a temporary crown for a nearly gone tooth. Plus impressions made to get the permanent crown in couple of weeks.

    Now dare I brave poor Sammy?

  30. I hope you're feeling okay, PiB. And if you your tooth can take it then I say be brave for Sammy!

  31. Actually, the whole thing was pretty painless. Expensive as all hell but painless.

    My dentist told me at the end that for just this time, I'm not to floss the tooth with the temporary crown. It's not meant for that pressure. A dentist saying don't floss...weird. :)

  32. I was wondering why you were here on your Monday. I was about to ask if you have a national holiday too. I have to work on Memorial Day.

    Yes, brave Sammy. I won't be here much longer. It's almost bedtime. I of course will be back in the morning, if I can get up in time.

    Just don't be gritting your teeth with that temporary crown. If all those babies are screaming at once, plug your ears. Don't grit your teeth. :D

  33. I have two or three crowns. Heck maybe more. They are afraid you will loosen the temp.

  34. Dee has to work on Memorial Day? :(

    I'm spending part of it watching really, really bad monster movies with my daughter. One of the channels had a marathon today and we taped them. I believe one has to do with sharks in the canals of Venice. Truly bad movies. Should be fun.

  35. Yes, I work in retail, sort of. I actually work in the mail order section. Phone orders, shopping cart orders, charging the cards, etc....

    The store is in the middle of town and our town is a tourist town. Memorial day is a very busy day for the store and for mail order. Can't ship anything since UPS and USPS aren't working but we will have a load for them come Tuesday.

  36. At least there's a vacation in your near future.

  37. Bwahahaha.. LOL, I am amazed Sammy survived this one to clone again!

  38. Poor Sammy! D:


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