Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 13)

The two prettiest girls in town. My wife and my daughter. I'm so pleased to have both of them.

The city clubs and lounges have a small problem. There's too much competition and they have a hard time attracting customers. So my agent got a phone call for me to visit one of the lounges for a drink. They were offering a nice bit of cash for my time.

If that's the official uniform for the bar staff, I guess they are aiming for male clientele.

She's torching the drink? Seriously hot stuff.

I can see why they are willing to pay 1000 simoleons for me to drink here. While I was in the joint, there wasn't a single other customer. Plenty of staff but no customers.

We found that my friends Shannon and Antonio got married. They had a party so we went along to congratulate them. Shannon is looking lovely in her gown.

Ok, so it wasn't the best idea to bring along the baby. I haven't heard anything good about the sitters in town but wasn't thinking about what you do with a baby at a party. That Georgia might put her down to sign autographs wasn't something I expected.

Georgia attracts a lot of attention where ever we go. Shannon was thrilled to meet her.

I got a chance to really chat to Matthew. Superstar actor, top celeb in town, also has a side business as the town gigolo. Matthew is one of my best friends now. He has a lot of tips on how to make it big in film.

Must have been some paparazzi there, next thing I know, I'm a 5 star celeb too.  Yep, I am as famous as it's possible to be in this city.

Antonio was pleased with his party and his new wedding ring. I can't blame him, Shannon is a special lady. I'm sure they will be very happy with each other.

First thing in the morning. Time for a cuddle with my little Blossom.

Then it was Georgia's turn for a bit of a cuddle - after some diaper changing.

For such a little baby, our Blossom makes the biggest mess.

Travis, dude, why is your baby in the lobby on the floor?

Poor little Guy, at least your Da took you upstairs now. I know he owns a crib, so why does he leave you down here?

Georgia had enough of our maid. Most days, the maid claims her pay even though there are dirty dishes on the table, the beds aren't made and the toilet isn't clean.

So Georgia fired the maid and neither of them enjoyed the experience.

I went to the diner for a quick meal. While I was there Amelia decided to entertain everyone with her guitar. I came out later to find that she was flirting with Devin, the guy with the scarf.

I had a work request to view one of our competitors films. It was very educational, gave me some ideas to bring to our next production.

This is a great career. You get money from doing lots of fun and interesting stuff.

Macy's daughter Dianne was out too. I wonder if her mom is around or if she knows Dianne is out this late? She is a cute girl.

Another of the local vampires. Apparently vampires can get pregnant. Interesting to know.

I finally remembered I had a call to stop by City Hall. They had something they wanted to give me.

Georgia was out on the town when her birthday came around. She didn't want a party or anything fancy. While a party is always a good thing in my books, I'm never going to ask a woman to celebrate anything she doesn't want to celebrate.

She did take some time before coming home to buy new outfits and get a new hair style.

Nothing new here. Just Jack Harkness laying his charms on for yet another woman.  The man is incorrigible.

To be fair, I have never heard a single complaint from one of the ladies. Except for when he has attracted a positive crowd of them.

Here's what I picked up from City Hall. My award for Best Actor.

Bonus pics

Would one of you pick up the baby already? I didn't send you there to stare at screaming baby.

I think this is the first Sammy clone ever who didn't always automatically do baby first. He's still not bad, he does go if Savannah really needs attention. But not as good as some previous clones have been. Georgia needs more hints to tend baby.

Poor Georgia was stuck in a fake freak out loop when she was trying to fire the maid.  Stuck as in she did it more than 6 times. Fake because she didn't even get the buff from the action. I was beginning to think we'd never get rid of the maid.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 12)

Time certainly flies. Feels like just a couple of weeks ago I moved into town and it's my birthday already.

If the guests I invited do come, it will be an awesome party. Mostly our work mates, and in the film industry, that means the stars may be coming out. 

I don't think I've been to a party in this city that didn't have a fair share of crashers. I should know, I was doing some of the crashing. Makes it interesting to see who comes that wasn't invited.

I poured out a few easy peasy drinks for the guests. Then I started to try to mix some of the better drinks.

Now you toss the bottle like so.

Reach out to catch it and

[Smash] I missed it again. Geez, that makes the third one tonight. This is going to cost a pretty penny.

Not to mention the broken glass hazard just before the guests arrive.

I did stop in time to make the area around the bar safe before anyone could hurt themselves.

Make a wish? Hmm.

I have a lovely wife.
We have a nice house.
I have a great job.
I have lots of friends.

How much closer can one life get to perfect?

I think almost anyone who is someone in town came to the party. We had enough stars that I should have been able to turn out the lights and still see clearly.

Poor Georgia was finding it a strain to walk around everyone to get to the cake.

I know tonight wasn't the best night to have a party from her point of view. However it was the only chance I had to celebrate.

Georgia took the opportunity to photograph Lola, one of the cities brightest stars.

Everyone had a great time. Music, dancing, fancy cake. Another few parties like that and I may yet make 5 star celeb.

The party ended and I asked the baby if she had a good time too.

Georgia laughed, she doesn't think that the baby has much room to party. And we don't know if it will be a girl.

I asked about the baby's dancing skills. Georgia groaned, the baby had been kicking a lot during the evening. She tells me I can have the next one.

Me have a baby? I don't think that's possible, is it?

Four in the morning and Georgia kicks me out of bed. Well, not literally kicked, but it was a good hard shove to get me moving.

No ifs, ands, or buts, that baby is coming and coming right now.

Would you believe that we took the subway to the hospital? There is a station at the hospital and one really really close to the house.

Fortunately, everything was running well, we got to the hospital with time to spare.

We came out again a family of three, with our beautiful daughter Savannah.

I ran ahead to check on things before Georgia arrived with Savannah.

She was on the phone almost non-stop. Friends and coworkers wanting the news.

If they couldn't get through to Georgia, they rang me.

We spent most of the morning on phones.

It felt like it was taking forever to finish. During the brief sessions when the phone wasn't ringing, one of us would think of another friend that didn't know our wonderful news yet.

Welcome home Savannah Grant.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 11)

Georgia, looking adorable even if she claims she rivals an elephant in size.

I didn't reply. I can't imagine that there is a single thing I can say that would help.  That I think she looks beautiful pregnant is true but I'll never convince her of that.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 10)

Mrs Grant is enjoying her home cooked breakfast. Well, it was home cooked however it's some of our leftovers. Our fridge has a ton of leftover breakfast now.

A nice peaceful morning. She has a book to study for work.

Me? I just want to read somewhere near her.

Her book reading was interrupted by the new maid.

Now Georgia has had one of those "Gosh, I'm impressed by you. Maybe we should hang around together" moments. You are the maid. Clean the place, we aren't paying you to hang out.

My first acting job. Obviously we are not working on "Nearly Naked Chef" today.

Hmm SimIron Chef, I wish I knew what this program was about. Too late now though, plunge right in.

Poor Georgia felt a little bit queasy. I hope it's nothing too serious.

SimIron Chef is a bit scary. They hand you the oddest ingredients in the history of cooking and give you 1/2 hour to make a 5 course meal. Insane. Fortunately, it's not a real cooking show and all I had to do was go through the motions. The real work was done a day or two ago.

Whatever was wrong with Georgia can't have been serious. She perked right up and went off to gym.

Such a cute outfit. Hmm, can anything make her look less then adorable?

Oh. My.

Georgia was so briefly ill that we never thought this was the cause. But she woke me with the news that I'm going to be a daddy.

In a tiny one bedroom apartment with very little spare space.

This will not do. This is not at all acceptable.

I went over to the business center to get a loan. I want a house, space for the family and we still haven't the cash to get anything of a decent size. We aren't broke however a house costs more than we have available.

My loan was 20,000. With that and our savings, we moved.

Our first house. It could use some decorating and new furniture. Still we love that there's space for a growing family, the downstairs is a little bigger than our apartment was. Then there is upstairs as well.

Nothing but the best that I can manage for the little one. We are both hoping for a little girl.

And we are both very excited.

The director had me researching a new part today. I had to spent a good part of the day at the sports dome hanging out with the team.

First things first when I got home. Talk to Georgia and the baby, then change out of my work clothes.

Note: Usually I'm terrible about babies and cribs. I'll drop cribs almost anywhere in the house. But the apartment was so tiny, Sam and Georgia would have had to sell a piece of furniture to make room for a crib. So I set up a couple of new houses. And had a pair of Sims move into this one while waiting for Georgia to show so they had a proper reason to move. Amelia and Captain Jack were kindly moved to a house well above their means so this one was available again.