Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sammy 5's family album

Mum, Mum, I give in.  Here are the family pics you've been writing about so much.

Our boy Cedric as a toddler

The babies Sandy and Sally coming home from the hospital

Cedric grown to child

Sally as a toddler

Sandy as a toddler

Sally as a child

Sandy as a child

Our completely gorgeous Sally as a teen

Our wonderfully lovely Sandy as a teen

I saved my favourite picture for last, Cedric as a teen

Do you think he takes after his dad?

Note, the poor kids just got zapped multiple times with age transition.  Once Cedric turned teen, he and Sammy were doing some serious bonding as father and son between the birthdays.  It was good to watch the two of them together.  I think my game was last saved just after the twins came home so I could go back and play them properly.  That would put a bit of a stop to the Sammy blog though.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 5 - part 7

Sept 18

I bet you had a good laugh when you saw Celia's picture and I said she had gained a little weight.  The next day, she let me know that we were expecting a baby.  A baby of my own, that's so exciting.

Late Sunday night, the triplets grew to children.  First Mark

Then Nathaniel

Finally Gordon

I had a chat to Malcolm and we decided that now the boys were children, the Landgraab's didn't need a permanent live in servant

So I moved to a new place, and asked Celia over.

We got engaged then had a private wedding so she is now Celia Grant

A few hours later, Cedric Grant was born

Well, Mum, I think this is my last update.  I'm happy, have a family of my own and things are looking quite bright for me.  Wish my other clones luck when they write.

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 5 - part 6

Sept 17

Hi Mum finally another weekend. I don't mind caring for the toddlers but it's good to get out for a change.

First up, one of my favorite girls had her birthday.  Deidre is now a toddler.

I met with Celia in the park.  There are Landgraabs everywhere, Malcolm's dad and little brother were both there.

I tried to make friends with Nick Alto but once he found out I worked for the Landgraab family, it went downhill quickly.  Then I noticed that Celia has started to put on just a smidgeon of weight.

Malcolm II and Zayne are still hanging out together sometimes

PS - I think the entire family is living on left over birthday cake.  The fridge is still packed with the stuff with three cakes for the triplets.  I am so tired of cake.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 5 - part 5

Sept 13

It's been a big day here.  Malcolm II had his birthday and he's now a teenager.

And the family learned that sometime earlier in the day, Malcolm's mom Nancy passed away.  No one here seemed to notice but Malcolm's dad Geoffrey is broken hearted over her death.

Here's Malcolm II with his baby brother Mark.

I invited Celia over to chat

And one thing led to another

Now she's agreed to be my girlfriend

Zayne popped by for the birthday party, she seems to like Malcolm II

I didn't take a picture of it but Celia and I did the woohoo tour of City Hall.  That was fun!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 5 - part 4

Hi Mum,

Sunday went a lot like Saturday.  After a good sleep in, I went to the park to meet with Zayne.

We went over to check out the neighborhood grill-a-thon and we were both soon distracted by chatting to some new Sims

I made friends with Celia

And the most beautiful girl in the world?  Has to be Deidre

Not sure when I'll have a chance to write next.  The triplets and the baby take a lot of time and Darlene is supposed to go back to work soon.  I think all three boys will be done with potty training so it will mostly be giving them hugs and bottles and put to bed as needed.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 5 - part 3

Sept 10
Saturday has arrived and I went into town for most of the day.  Actually, I thought I'd sleep until afternoon since we been up nearly all night with birthdays and a new baby, but I suddenly felt 100%.  The whole house was like that, Malcolm and Darlene were up, the toddlers were up, it was amazing.

First I went to Central Park and got to meet some of the other Sims around town.  Emma is quite the cook apparently and Cycl0ne is a local journalist

But I heard a rumor that a couple of hot chicks had just moved in so I thought I'd stop by their place.  One is Zayne and the other is Celia.  Wow, they are gorgeous girls.

I hung out with them for a bit.  I wanted to help them when their sink broke but Celia told me that was an inappropriate thing for a guest to do.  I didn't want them to get angry or throw me out so I had to leave the sink pouring water everywhere.  I'm hoping to get much better acquainted with them, maybe we can hook up tomorrow.

I went over to City Hall to study charisma but joined in a protest there first.  By the time I finished my class, the protest was over.

I was going to go home but this strange compulsion made me go to the graveyard.  It was very spooky at night then I explored the catacombs.  It was going really well until I met up with a zombie bear.  Ouch.

Malcolm asked me to pick up some toddler training books.  It turned out that he and Darlene had all three boys walking.  When I got home, two of the boys had been tucked into their cribs but one still needed to be put in his crib.

PS Forgot to take a picture of the other really cute girl I met today.  I got to finally hold baby Deidre, she is just the sweetest.