Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (finale)

After the way Georgia has been feeling, it wasn't a real surprise that we are expecting another little one. She was a little reluctant to tell me, we hadn't really talked about having another baby.

I love the idea of another child, she didn't have a thing to worry about. I'm hoping for a boy this time. A son would be great.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 16)

I haven't shown you what the decorator did with our living space. There's plenty left to redesign but this room is looking much more elegant.

My award still has its own spot in the corner.

Replacing the floor, the wall coverings and the furniture wasn't cheap. Not at all. But this feels a lot more like a proper home to me, so it's worth it.

Dancing with the Sam

Oh yes, still trying to kill Sammy fans everywhere.

The music was chosen from youtube defaults - the rhythm matched Sam's moves fairly well.
Twallan's mod reports that Sam can learn to dance a bit better than this. I'm not sure my heart could take it.

This is three quick videos combined to one longer one

Sam dancing 1

Sam dancing 2

Sam dancing 3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 15)

My little SweetPea. Savannah is such a joy.

I only work 4 days a week so I had plenty of time to spend with Savannah. That's good since the early years are both critical for them and when they are so adorable to be with.

Georgia decided to get to know Benny the butler.

She told me that Benny seems a bit on the quiet side, but very willing to work for his pay. The combination makes him a winner. We  have had so many maids that barely enter the house,  it's a relief to find someone who accomplishes the tasks he gets paid for.

Not only has he actually cleaned the place properly, he repaired the broken sink. So for the first time in ages, there are no dirty dishes. The beds are made. The bathrooms and the kitchen are all properly clean.

The maids never actually cleaned the house to Georgia's satisfaction. Benny has worked a miracle getting the house to this stage.

Check out Super Villain Sam. Now I just need to get that evil laugh down.



Bugger. I'll get it right soon. It's my most important role to date, so I have to really make the most of the part. I have moved from being a television Feature Actor to a movie Supporting Actor. And finally earned a ride to work in the limo, not a clunker.

Once upon a time, it was a long way to the top. There's only the shortest of climbs left.

Georgia went out for a bit, and we found that Benny will also happily babysit for us.

He cooks, cleans, repairs and babysits? Why on earth did we wait so long before hiring a butler?

Oh right, he's not cheap and you have to have a bed for him. There never would have been space in the apartment.

Ha, ha. I have captured the beautiful maiden and I will force my affections on her.

Where is your hero now, my lady? I have you in my power.

hmm. I hope this movie gets a better script writer before the final take. I think this is probably a bit on the lame side.

Evil super villains should not have to queue behind the butler when it comes to the baby.

Few things make Georgia more relaxed and calm as painting.

I didn't know she was still going through this period. I thought she had moved to new styles of paintings by now.

We are taking advantage of the new butler to get out more. It's good to have a jam session with Georgia. There weren't many people in the club but we wowed the couple that were there.

We finally replaced the old table and chairs with something a bit more fitting. We haven't paid off the loan yet but we do still have some extra cash. People are willing to pay celebrities for all sorts of things.

No, I'm not doing the Nearly Naked Chef now. Benny provided breakfast.

Had a party and all the unmarried girls were a bit clucky over little Savannah. Never saw one baby with such a crowd.

See, Georgia gets all the attention. Travis never asked for my autograph when we first met. But Georgia? He was all over her.

I think our baby is the most spoiled in town. She has to pick between the new book, the toy and the teddy bear. She loves that bear so much.

I love watching her snuggle her bear.

Hugo and Kacyn are still such a loving couple. I've heard they had a baby recently.

I was on my way to an event when the paparazzi asked for just a few pictures. Had to let him get a few good shots.

I was invited to a party by Amelia Kane-Harkness. Yes, she married Jack, which came as a surprise to everyone. The baby was another surprise, even for the couple.

Georgia and I jammed for the guests. They all seemed to have a good time.

Amelia introduced me to Bradley, her other brother. Her favorite brother is what she actually said.

He seemed a nice enough guy, but Travis is a bit more of a natural pal to me.

First she delivers bills, then she kicks our trash can? What kind of a postman is this?

Poor Georgia had one of her moments when she found the trashcan kicked over.

Another day, another party. This one is special, our little girl is growing up.

This time our Savannah gets a proper party and cake for growing up.

Look at our girl. Isn't she growing up well?

Bonus pics

The second wife of Ben Lee (now Lee-Slayer) - the vampire Elvira Lee-Slayer. They got married and decided on having the baby on their own.

AJ Anderson with her daughter by her boyfriend Big Hartley. Big and AJ actually hate each other.

Cassidy and Travis decided that one child wasn't enough for them. So there will be another baby in the lobby soon I fear.

Guy Kane - who doesn't seem to resemble either parent at this stage in his life.

Jack and Amelia were a surprise marriage indeed. When I last checked, she had 3 romantic interests, he had 4 or 5. Then I did the patch plus update my mods. When I came back to this save, Jack and Amelia almost immediately got married and they had no romantic interests beyond each other. I did force the baby on them since they did the marriage thing on their own.

It took 2 cakes to grow Savannah up. Don't know how the first glitched, I tried 3 times to get her to the cake. We finally made it before the last party guest left so the party was a success.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 14)

Oh my little Sweetpea. I see your Mum did some shopping for you too. Do you like the new blankie?

Such a hungry little mite. You have your daddy's appetite. For your sake, I hope your table manners will be a bit better than mine. I better make sure you learn that from your Mum.

Georgia with one of her new outfits and the new hair style. She thinks it might be time to be a bit more adult in style and outlook. Not quite as drop dead sexy as the other dress but she still looks mighty fine.

Bills, bills, there always seem to be bills to be paid.

Georgia did get a special delivery though. Someone sent her a fancy bed, hoping for an endorsement. Since they weren't offering cash for the endorsement, Georgia didn't do that. We did sell the extra bed, we don't need two double beds in the house.

I seem to be turning into a bit of a home body with the baby. So I have to invite old friends around so we can reconnect. Neither Georgia nor I have seen Alexy since he's aged up.

I always forget that Stella is a cop, not in music or film. Until I see the cop car in the drive that is. Her husband is one of my coworkers.

My friends let me know that there is a new rumor circulating around town. I've been accused of dumpster diving. While that sounds like it could be fun, I've never done it.  So I went back over to city hall to sue for slander. Unfortunately, I lost the case and don't have the cash on hand to try again.

So now half my friends are pretending they don't know me and no one likes seeing me. Fame is so very fickle.

Ok, nothing important here. Just a shot of my two favorite girls being together. Our Blossom isn't camera shy, but with the paparazzi everywhere, that's just as well.

Georgia's other new dress. Hmm. I think this one is held up by magic, I like it a lot. Definitely a very sexy dress.

If only Georgia could see herself through my eyes. She'd know exactly how gorgeous she really is. Especially in this new dress. I promise, she is wearing a dress. It's just not obvious from this angle. It's another one that really highlights her assets. Good for groping, when we are alone that is.

Now that her maternity leave is over, Georgia quit her job. She can work on painting and on her guitar skills. 

The paintings are coming along well. I'm not sure I approve of a glass pouring perfectly good drink everywhere but there must be some symbolism that I've missed.

Our little Sweetpea had her birthday. We ended up not having a party, it was a bad time for trying to get people over. Half my friends were still avoiding me, but they are starting to come around again.

Savannah is looking so solemn. I think she was disappointed by the lack of cake.

Until she found her new toys. You never heard such a racket as one small child can make on one little tiny xylophone.

Georgia had been to the bookstore to pick up music books. She bought a few for Savannah as well.

That looks so sweet, Mum and daughter reading the counting book together. 

I do still cook breakfast some days. Not quite as often as in the apartment, life has gotten very busy for us.

Why should I get dressed just for that?

My wife being asked for autographs again. I swear she gets more attention than I do. She was there to do some busking but some other dude beat her to the location.

When she finally does busk, she gets a fair amount of money for her effects. She's damn fine on that guitar these days.

I might have been misinformed about the babysitters in town. I'd heard they were pretty much useless, we had one that never made it in the front door one day. They aren't all like that though.  This girl did well by our Savannah.

I asked my boss over again and tried to sweet talk her into another promotion. But she just refused to discuss work.

Right, so we've dismissed a couple of maids now. It was time to try a butler instead. So Benny came into our lives.

It wasn't until I was arranging for a butler that I discovered he'll be live in help. He warned us he needed a bed of his own.

So we bought a new bed, but at the moment he has to share the room with Savannah. Less than ideal for him though he didn't complain. If it works out, we'll have to build him his own room. I decided we might as well get to know him first. No point getting the designers around to rebuild if he doesn't last.

I've finally outlived that last scandal. Let's see the idiot paparazzi make anything of this. I can kiss my wife, on our front porch, in undies if I want. And I want very very much.

Bonus Pic

Macy has started seeing Theodore Ryan. An interesting choice after giving Ben the boot. Too bad the game never mixes and matches hair color from parents - Macy's hair with Theo's tips would be a startling thing to behold. Not that they have decided on a baby yet.

Ben has actually been settling down. He gave up his wild life once Jack hit town - I don't think he could compete against Jack very well.


Sometime during this extended session, Sammy and work went very wrong. He spent 2 days not going to work. The first I thought it was because he'd been to an opportunity for work and it was nearly quitting time. The second day, I realised that he wouldn't get in the car to go to work. I sent him to the lot and he wouldn't go in the building.

I tried resetting the studio. No luck. Made Sammy quit and get rehired (and used MasterController to put him back to level 7) No luck.  After Savannah aged from baby to toddler, I saved the game and quit. When I went back, Sammy could finally go back to work. But he's two days behind where he should be which means about one promotion behind.