Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (The Return of Clone 63 - Part 1)


"Yes, love?"

"Thank you for arranging this holiday. It's been the best."

"Blue and beautiful, I thought you'd enjoy this." I had arranged a one week holiday at a small, very cheap and run down little resort on an island for my family. From the moment we stepped off the plane, I knew that this was the right place for Jericho and for our Strider children. For the first time since I've known him, Jer was completely relaxed, happy and content.

Not that Jer ever complained about our life in the plains. But he told me on our first date that he was a creature of the sea. And Appaloosa Plains didn't have salt water in any quantity, just one small salt water pond. The islands here were surrounded by salt water. More than enough to sooth the soul of my Seastrider husband.

I looked over the water and spotted our twins Goby and Monica out sail boarding. "The kids are still at it," I told Jer.

"I wish that Goby would spend a little more time in the water," replied Jericho.

"After Monica started making great progress on that sail board? I doubt our son could stand to let his sister be more proficient at a water sport," I told him. Mind you, we all know that Goby can literally swim circles around his sister. I hadn't really appreciated how quick he was in the water until watching him race Jericho. The two of them disappeared from view in moments. The only way Monica and I could have kept pace was in a fast boat.

"Yes, but he should enjoy the ocean more, while we are still here. Who knows when we'll be able to do this again," Jericho said. I could feel his mood change, the idea of returning to the plains made him gloomy. It was time to show him my surprise.

I stood up. "Goby! Monica! Time to stop!" The kids turned their boards to shore.

"What's up, Sam?" He looked at me, "Are you finally going to admit to whatever it is that's been making you really pleased with yourself?"

"Could be, blue and beautiful. Let's go collect the toddlers." The resort had a day care service for toddlers, which meant we didn't have to worry what our young children were up to. It was definitely nice not to watch out for the toddlers and just relax.

It was a short drive across the island to my surprise. Jericho's eyes grew very big as we walked toward it. "Sammy, what is this?"

"It's my surprise, Jericho. This houseboat can be our new home, if you want. I've brought the papers that you'll need to sign. A contract for this boat and another one to sell our home in the plains." I motioned toward the houseboat. "It's about a third the size of our house so I've arranged to put the furniture into storage if we do move. We won't have room for most of it."

"Oh Sammy, are you sure? We'll leave everything behind."

"This holiday convinced me, this is the right thing for you. You've never been quite so relaxed and happy as you have been on this week. And Goby, Seahorse and Anemone will all be better off having an ocean to play in." I smiled at him. "Plus any other Strider children we might have over time. Last time I heard, 4 children wasn't nearly enough for you."

Jericho pulled me into a tight hug. "Love, it's perfect. It might be a bit smaller than we are used to, but it's perfect. No wonder you've been a bit pleased with yourself lately."

"Just think, any time you like, you can just dive into the water from the boat. We get tired of being here, we leave this dock and find a new one."

He said quietly, "When it comes time to introduce our Striders to the Depths, to the Deepstrike clan, we can anchor nearby. It won't take days to do the journey." He gently squeezed my hand. "I wasn't looking forward to taking Goby to the Depths if it meant being away from you for a few days. Now it won't."

I had to repress a shudder at the thought of Jericho being gone for more than a day. He is my soul mate, being away from him even for a few hours is always painful. "So, do you want to sign the papers?"

"Definitely, I want to sign those papers, Sammy. I don't want to leave here. When can we move in?"

"We can move in today, love. We don't have to go back to the plains, unless we want to visit." I handed Jericho the papers. He signed them and then we went off to officially submit the documents. Once the documents were in, I picked up the keys to our new home.

It was no time at all before the boat felt as much like home as our house in the plains had. Monica and Goby had to share one bedroom now but they didn't seem to mind.

The toddlers took as much time and attention as they did before. Though there were times when the motion of the boat didn't suit them much.

"Jericho, are you sure about having the cribs out on deck?"

He laughed, "What? Are you afraid that one of the babies could fall overboard and drown?"

Damn, busted. Maybe someday I'll remember that Strider babies swim from birth. "When you put it that way, no. Still if they did fall in, could they could swim away and get lost?"

Jericho smiled as he shook his head. "Very young Striders don't swim far unless they are following someone. But if they do get out of sight..." he paused and set Anemone down on the deck. He walked away a few paces then stopped and made this really odd sound. The closest I can describe it would be a cross between a gurgle and a cluck. Anemone immediately headed for Jer and Seahorse tried but the bars on the crib got in his way.

"That sound travels a long way under water. And as you can see, they will respond to it immediately. It's an instinctive reaction while they are still very young. Goby is old enough that he wouldn't respond."

I wonder if I'll ever stop finding out new things about Striders? If Jer is right and we live to 500, at some point I should know everything a land dweller can know about them.

Goby and Monica had to start at a new school. The curriculum was similar to their old school but they had to start over with making friends. They both joined after school clubs so they could spend time socialising.

And Goby started taking advantage of our new home, swimming every day after school around the boat. Jericho would usually join him at some point and teach him about life in the sea.

As for me, I got a job in the local police department with no dramas. I had a new partner to get to know and I had a lot to learn about town as well. Still, they hired me for the same salary I'd had so it was all good.

I should have known I wasn't the only one willing to shake things up a bit. Jericho was unusually tense when I got home.

"What's up, love?"

"You remember what a good time we had at the resort?" he replied.

I had to laugh. I'd have to have a pretty horrible memory to have forgotten that already. "Yes, Jer. So?"

"So, we own the place now," he said.

I blinked a few times as the questions tumbled through my head. "Why?" was the first one that came out.

"It seemed like a nice challenge, something to keep me occupied. I can do a lot of the management over the phone. And well, we noticed a few things that could be improved while we were there."

I hadn't really thought about how Jericho would spend his time while the toddlers were asleep or playing. The houseboat didn't really take the care and effort the house had.

"So, how much did this cost us?" was my next question.

"Not much, love. It barely made a dent in our account. We still have plenty of cash if we need it at some point." He handed me a statement and we still had over 100,000 in the bank.

"Do you know why so cheap?"

"I think that the last owner was just sick of it. I checked the finances, it does clear a profit. Not much of a profit, mind you. Still, it's not losing money."

I couldn't grumble too loudly. I just sprang a big surprise on Jericho, although I didn't do the final paperwork without his approval. "I guess we own a resort then."

"I've arranged for the first few improvements. I reviewed the comments people had been leaving and would you believe the primary complaint was that there was no pool?"

"Not everyone likes salt water, Jer."

"Well, it now has a small pool and I've been upgrading the food options as well."

I pulled Jericho to me. "If it will help make you happy, then I'm glad." I lightly kissed his cheek. "Tell me, can I have a room cheap for a night?"

One eyebrow went up. "Now why do you need a room, Mister?"

"I want to take a special someone there and get up to some noisy fun." It was true that we had to be more circumspect on the boat. Goby and Monica could hear almost everything. "I hear the new manager of the place is really hot." I winked at Jer. "I've never had sex with a manager before."

Jericho's eyes lit up. "I hear you have to work for his favours."

"Work? Now what kind of work would he demand?"

"Oh, an afternoon of tending the new bar should get you all the fun that you could want."

"That room had better be really cheap if I have to tend bar for it."

"The room is free and the manager will personally attend to your every whim."

The boat gently rocked me to sleep. I think that this was the best possible move we could have made.

Author's note - departing from a tradition of Hi Mum, I'm returning to a previous Sam and family. Mostly because I've just installed Island Paradise and there is no Sam family better suited to exploring islands and water than Sam and his Seastrider mate Jericho. Jericho is a water dweller (not really a merman though to get him swimming in deep water properly he'll have to be one for Sims) whose native habitat is the sea.

Bonus Pics

Jericho and Sam each have taken Forever Young potion because Striders and their bond mates live to be 500 to 600 years old. Without this, they will be reaching adult far too soon.

Their new home from above.
Needs a bit of work to get them more living space. The main rooms have big angles that means usable space is tiny.

The controls to use their home as an actual boat.

Striders should not need snorkels - must fix

This statue sits toward the edge of the world - it's way too high for your Sims to visit. Some decorations that EA do are very interesting.

I love the water taxis. Though any place I've ever visited with water taxis - they are slow and not fast boats.


  1. Shiny! Good to see Sammy and Jericho back in action. :D

    1. They are a cute couple, Sam and Jericho. It's nice to bring them back.

  2. What better family to test the world out with? <3

    1. What better family indeed? Life on a houseboat restricts family space but Jer loves living on the boat.

  3. Ugh you already know my general reaction to the Striders being back--DYING OF CUTE.

    I really do love that they're making a return, and I think they're perfect for exploring IP. Especially now that they have all the time in the world to explore it!

    Lmao, Sam, I'd be worried about the cribs on the deck too, but that's a good point--Strider babies are different in that regard. It's good that their babies come lojacked though! XDDD

    Ooo they're going to run a resort! There's plenty of stuff here that will make for a great story, I think. IP added so much that there's a ton to explore and I'm glad Sam and Jericho will get to be the ones to do it! Their new life sounds great, tbh! After everything that happened with their last story, they deserve a nice, relaxing time.

    1. Sammy and Jericho certainly have all the time they need to explore their new home.

      I do want to move the cribs after I redesign the boat but at least strider babies would never come to harm if they did fall in the ocean. So until they have another non-strider baby, it's all right.

      I'm not sure that running a resort will be exactly relaxing but we'll see. At any rate, they should be happy to be back and ready to go.

  4. YAY, i was waiting for them to come back in the order i missed, i have sitting here all day between mom stuff reading this and completely forgetting besides for chores, the fact that i am supposed to be updating a blog tonight. Late night for me, then.

    Taxi boats FTW!! Watchdogs (ubisoft), best way to hack unsuspecting players.. mwuhahahahaha


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