Monday, September 16, 2013

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (The Return of Clone 63 - Part 4)

Since Jericho had gone off with Monica and the toddlers were having a nap, it was a good time for me to spend time with Goby. I sat down next to him, already working away at his homework.

"Thanks for helping, Pop."

"Not a problem, Goby. What sort of assignment is it tonight?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "Just a bit of maths, Pop. I could just grab a calculator."

"No, Goby, don't." I told him. "Sure, when you are older, you'll use a calculator or computer for all of it. But you should know how to do basic maths without help."

He gave me a look of disgust. "But Pop! Why should I bother now?"

"Let's say you are in a shop. You can pick the bag with 100 mints for 1.50. Or a bag of 300 mints for $5.00. Now which do you buy?"

Goby didn't stop to think. "The bigger bag?"