Monday, April 30, 2012

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (Clone 63 - part 15)

It was only a week between our wedding and the day of the policeman's ball. I found out the name was traditional, it wasn't really a ball but just a party. It was going to be held at a medium sized warehouse that had been converted to two floors with lots of entertainment activities. As promised, Eddie and Howie had tickets as well as Jericho and I. We were all looking forward to getting out and having some fun.

Jericho came out of our room holding a gift wrapped box in his hands. "Sammy, I bought you a new shirt for the party. I hope you like it."

"It's a present from you. How can I help but love it?" Well, that's what I said before I opened it. As I started to pull the shirt from the box, I knew that saying I love it was a definite exaggeration. But Jericho was looking so happy and pleased with himself that I went ahead and put it on to wear to the  policeman's ball.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (Clone 63 - part 14)

The pet show was a lovely affair. The main event had been held in the interior of the Equestrian Centre, and the prize giving ceremony was held at the little outside reception area. There wasn't really much in the way of drinks or food but Merlot did ensure that we had the table closest to the area were the prizes were being announced.

Jericho was trying out a new style. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off him so I expect he'll count it as a success.

"Can I have your attention please?" Merlot had been running this show all morning and everyone was getting a bit tired. The winners of the smaller prizes were all off somewhere congratulating each other so we were mostly down to a few spectators.