The Clone Challenge

The rules

  1. You will start with one Sim who will be cloned many times. So make sure it's a Sim that you like to look at. Also ensure they have a personality that won't drive you mad by the third clone.
  2. A clone will face difficult times and death, so they also have to be fairly tough.
  3. You may select any traits you think will be useful across a wide range of situations. Once set, all clones must have the same traits but you are allowed to change their lifetime want.
  4. You should be willing to kill some of the clones.
  5. No two clones are allowed to travel the same path. They must all have different jobs and find different mates.
  6. Clones must start with the normal Sim starter funds and no money cheats are allowed. They can start on any sort of lot or small house that can be purchased by a starting Sim. This means that they will need to start earning money in some fashion fairly quickly because purchasing any lot or house is going to eat up that cash.
  7. Clones start off alone in the world. Unless doing a challenge for rule 8 that requires your Sim have company from the start.
  8. Clones may participate in any single generation challenge that strikes your fancy including bachelor challenge, asylum challenge, toddler mania, etc. If that challenge has rules - your clone should follow those rules in preference to these
  9. Aim for a total of 6 clones. Feel free to do more if they still entertain you.
    Suggestions for some clone lives
    1. Reach the top of any base game career
    2. Reach the top of an Ambitions career
    3. Reach the top of one self employed career (writer, painter, etc)
    4. Raise one set of triplets (give yourself a pat on the back if there are more siblings.)
    5. At least one clone must die - preferable at the hand of someone they love/trust
  10. Failure is an option. Some clones may not reach their goals. To succeed in their goal, they must reach  your chosen goal for that Sim before they turn elder. The goal can be related to their lifetime want but doesn't have to be.
The real heart of this is to follow new and different paths. Never had a gay or lesbian couple? Never adopted? Never tried for a Sim to live strictly off painting or playing music for tips? Never killed your main Sim? This is the time to try all of it. Because you know that clones are part of a throw away game, you aren't ruining a legacy or anything like it. So this is the perfect time to play a different game. Didn't work? Not all clones do. :)

If you don't wish to create a Sim for the clone challenge, feel free to use Sam Grant. He is rather used to being abused this way.  You can change his appearance in any way you wish but his personality should be untouched for the challenge.
    If you run a clone challenge, please let me know and I'll make a special page for anyone who does.

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    Sammy stories do not really hit their stride until about clone 8. The first few clones (2 and 4 in particular) are not well written and the screenshots are also poor quality. If you are going to look at some sample clones - clone 8 or more recent are much better to read.


    1. This challenge sounds great! But there's one thing I don't understand: how do I switch clones? Should I just move out the household or kill Sam or... what? And thanks for the awesome challenge!

      1. Generally, I start a new game for a new clone. If you wanted, I guess you could delete the clone household and put a fresh one in town. But the memories and friendships may be odd if you do that.

      2. Or u could just add them to the household, and this way u have to start a new game, just live with more sims! or have to kill ur sims!!

    2. Thank you :) I've already started my clone challenge, and I've got a ton of ideas to try.

      1. Have fun. Sam and I do - well, I always do but Sam sometimes doesn't.

    3. Hey I feel really dumb for asking but how do you create a clone?

      1. Greetings Anon,

        Cloning a Sim is simply using the same Sim from your family bin area. So first you create the Sim you want to use for the challenge. Save that one Sim as a household. Then each time you put that Sim into a neighbourhood - you've created a clone.

      2. what I do is when I`m in Create A Sim mode, I just click on there icon and hit save this way if I want to change an outfit or their wish, u can also do that!

    4. Thanks for the Idea!! I have never done a legacy before and I think this is a great one to start with!!

    5. Sounds cool but do we have to use Sam? or can we make up our own. Just a bit unsure.

      1. You always use the same Sim for the clone challenge but you don't have to use Sam. He's been abused plenty of times by now.

    6. I now have a use for my Orphan Black sims! xD


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