Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 59 - part 1)

Hi Mum, it's Sammy. I've just arrived at the small island community of Barnacle Bay.

Bought a small place at the edge of town. The real estate guy called it a fixer-upper and you know what that means. Cheap and breakable fixtures with no nice features anywhere. At least the price was right.

I was thinking about what kind of job to get. A job is an obvious first priority, even a cheap house uses all of your savings.

I wanted something exciting for my job. Something where you can make a difference.

So I joined the local fire department. They signed me up immediately and gave me a uniform to wear.

The pay sucks. Be here 9 to 5 for 5 days a week and only get 200?

Must have been recruitment week at the station. This gal is Sophie Pesce, she's also just joined.

Why the hell do I have to wear a uniform and she doesn't? Is this discrimination or what?

It wasn't long before I had to rush out on my first emergency.

Ironically, the first fire was in a house next to the fire station. In fact, I believe that it is Sophie's house.

There's something familiar about standing in a wall of flame, but I can't quite place what.

It wasn't too big a fire. It didn't take long to put out.

Funny thing, Mum. Neither Sophie nor another dude who came in later actually helped. I can see one person staying behind to man the station but surely you send at two to an emergency?

Nice, I got a small bonus for saving the house. A bit of extra money is very welcome.

After the emergency, it was back to the station.

After spending hours here, I'm getting the idea about why the pay is so low. It seems that we mostly just chill out around the station and maybe at some point we have to rush to an emergency.

Lucky for me there is stuff to do around the station. Exercise equipment, tv, foosball, and books to read. My first choice is always exercise. Hauling the fire equipment around is hard work. And being able to run from one place to another might turn out important in the long run.

There is a real kitchen at the station. For some reason, I couldn't cook a proper meal. All I could do was grab a snack from the fridge. A quick sandwich for energy then, I guess.

"Sophie, why didn't you come along to the fire today? I could have used some help."

"Someone has to man the station."

"Ok, then why didn't that other dude come?"

"He was trying to prove he could outlast me at aerobics."


"Damn it, he did. Next time, I'll show him."

Sigh, which means I get to solo the next fire too.

I've been meeting tons of people around town. This one is Amelia.

I quite like her. She's very pretty.

I decided to see how much she'd like a small present from me.

"Hey, Beautiful. I have a little something for you."

"What? I love surprises! What is it?" She is very bouncy when she's excited.

"The most beautiful bouquet of roses, for the most beautiful girl in town."

She was very impressed. We went on a date.

I brought her home to my place. For a first date, things went very well. We didn't get too involved, being the first date and I had to get some sleep before work tomorrow.

Would you believe that the bills are piling up already? Fortunately the property tax of my home is quite low.  It's lucky since I'm not exactly swimming in dough just now.

I invited Amelia over to the station.

She was really excited by my uniform and the fact that I'm a fireman.

She's so cute when she's excited, bouncing around like a 4 year old.

When she stopped bouncing, I moved in for a kiss. I think she liked it. I know I did.

None of the other crew goes out on calls with me. I've been to a couple more fires now - alone.

In one way, that's a bonus. I get to drive the nice big fire truck.

So this is what the other fireman do while I'm out actually putting out fires. They are up here exercising again.

Eventually I went home and prepared a meal. I went for a nice salad because it's hard to overcook a salad.

And here I am, sitting on the tub to eat.

What, no furniture? I hear you exclaim.

Well, that's not the reason.

I was being a gentleman. I had a house guest and let her have the only chair in the house. It's the least I could do for MJ. MJ was the reason I wanted to be sure the food was ok. It's not good to invite someone to a meal and have the food inedible.

She's another pretty lady. This town has a lot of them.


  1. Yay! More Sammy. I was working on my own update for him just the other night. =)

    He looks good with that new hairstyle! And this Sammy is a lot different than the others to me...he seems much more suave. ;)

  2. Oh man, waking up to a new Sammy = amazing.

    Love his haircut! And Firefighter!Sammy is veryyyy nice to look at. I do believe that this is the first Sammy we've seen with body hair...

    Firefighter Sophie, eh? Oh man... Hope she doesn't set anything on fire!

    Aw, Amelia and Sammy. Cute. But... MJ and Sammy! It's raining hotties, Sam.

  3. Hey J - glad you still track the blog.

    Yes, Sammy personalities are a bit different every time now. Probably because I started a lot of them the same and it was time for a change. :)

  4. Hey Amelia,

    Glad waking up to Sammy makes for a good start to the day.

    Well, it's the first Sammy here we've seen with body hair. MJ had one with body hair a couple of episodes ago in her blog and I've another as well. New clothes, new haircut, new job for the newest Sam. :)

    Firefighter Sophie - I left the evil trait but swapped out mean-spirited. Cause she doesn't need to fight everyone in town this time.

    Sam always finds cuties in town. And he is on a mission cause I need babies to explore Generations and he is the Sim. So baby making there will be. :)

  5. Bwahahah! Well hellooooo Firefighter Sammy! *browwaggle*

    lol--That's quite the outfit Sophie's wearing to work... And kinda ironic, that she joins the fire department only to set her own house on fire. XDD Niice.

    *snicker* Doesn't take long to woo Amelia! But then... She's kind of easy. >.> <.< Very cute little first kiss of theirs. ^^

    And I love how Sam goes out to pay his bills in his underwear. XD lol... Always the voyeur, Sammy!

    Hopefully he's able to make enough for some furniture, though--sitting on the bathtub? For shame. But at least there was a pretty good reason for lending his chair away. ;)

    Always happy to see the beginning of a new Sammy story! :D Woo!

  6. Sam looks great with chest hair. Which he's kindly showing off to his neighbors when he gets the mail. I bet every female on the block just happens to be outside or at their windows during that time.

    He and Amelia look so sweet when he gives her a kiss.

    Such a great start!

  7. Kaleeko!!!

    Oh yeah, firefighting Sammy is hot stuff, isn't he?

    Poor Sophie stuck in that black dress - note to self, you really have to give them new outfits in new stories. LOL I don't think Soph had time to set fire to her own place but she might have annoyed someone already. :)

    Sammy was told Amelia was his girl this time. What chance did your poor baby have when Sammy romanced her? First kiss, not as cool as Sims 2 but still sweet.

    Sammy and his underwear - the only thing that keeps this blog rated G. Sammy is a major exhibitionist - his devoted followers are the voyeurs. :)

    Poor Sam, he also has this major problem with furniture when a new clone starts. Usually lack thereof.

    Thanks so much Kaleeko - mega squishy hugs.

  8. Wow, lookie here! It's a new Sammy with new hair and new body hairs. So handsome as always ;)

    And he's a firefighter now! Good work! Too bad that he still has to eat on the bath tub (much better than eating on toilet, though)

    Oh, hi there MJ! It's nice to see her still around in your Sammy blog.

    Great start, PiB!

  9. Chrysame, Sam is an equal opportunity kind of guy. If one of the neighbors who wants an eyeful happens to be male, well that would be ok. Body hair without CC skins, it is kind of nice to do. A bit of chest and arm hair but the leg hair looked too odd to put on Sammy.

    You gave Sammy a challenge. He accepted and is romancing Amelia. She's pretty accepting of his advances too. :)

    Thanks so much Chrysame.

  10. Hey, MJ

    I just realised you had a new post and was in the middle of reading it.

    I'm glad you like the new Sammy. New job, new clothes, new hair.

    Doesn't he look splendid in his uniform? And he did buy a table and chair his first day, it's just that he was letting his guest use them.

    One of these days, Sammy will be choosing MJ. Just a matter of time. :)

  11. I haven't finished on commenting yet :) My internet is kicking me off.

    XD lol @ Sophie! She's a firefighter but she put a fire to her own house!
    I'm curious if they are going to make a great pair though. Still, Amelia and Sam are cute couple. Love that giving Flower interaction. So romantic!

    I believe that Sam will be able to put out those fires alone :)

  12. Well, I don't know that Sophie set fire to her house,but it is an interesting theory.

    I hope that Sam can put out fires alone because his coworkers have yet to put the smallest effort into helping.

  13. Sam looked mighty fine in his first fireman duds shot :P

    And here dirty minded me thought that the aerobics was the vertical kind.. LOL


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