Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 1)

Hi Mum,

Just unpacked my gear in a new place.  It's pretty bare inside.  I have a very basic kitchen, very basic bath, and just added a single bed plus an easel.

By the time I added the bed and the easel, I had a grand total of 27 Simoleons to my name. I wanted to head off and get a job but instead I felt compelled to start painting.

My first painting. I finished it and sold it for a few Simoleons.

After I sold the painting, I felt driven to go to the local library. There I used one of the computers to start writing a novel. I worked at it long enough to earn a few more Simoleons for submitting a few chapters.

After I finished writing for the day, I got to go to the gym and work out. Finally, an activity I can enjoy! My bank account had 43 Simoleons after my first day. Will I cover my bills at this rate? While I was at the gym, I had a quick meal and shower before heading home.

The next day started much like the first. I finished a new painting that looked much like my first. Then I went to the park and finally actually met someone from town.

But it was back to work far too soon. Novel writing takes a lot of time, I did submit another few chapters though.

I went back to the gym for more working out and went home with 55 Simoleons in my pocket.

Unfortunately, when I checked for bills, I discovered that I owed 59.
My living conditions could use improvements. I sit on the tub to eat and haven't had time for a bath or shower for 2 days.

Working on my newest creation.

Mum, you'll be pleased to know, I finished the painting and finished the book. I'll get 6 royalty payments of 34 Simoleons for the book. By the end of the day I had 106 Simoleons. So I paid my bills and still had 47 left. So I bought a chair. That cost me 40 so I have all of 7 Simoleons to my name at the end of the day.


  1. Sammy is back! This made me smile. Now, what's in store for this Sam?

    I hope he makes some more money so he can afford a night out. Yay!!

  2. Yep, classic Sammy is back. I have no idea how well he's going to do at this. He has no traits that help him artistically and he does need to earn enough money to keep the repo man from his few possessions.

    Still, he is learning to paint and to write quite quickly under pressure.

  3. Woah, this was a surprise. Hi Sammy. Well, you may live in a dump and you may stink, but you have very nice clothes. I'm proud of you. You know appearances are important.

    I have faith in you. I know you can make it.

    Honey, next time you make some money, please buy a tub or shower. That one looks like it's about to crumble.

  4. LOL at very nice clothes. It's the only nice thing he does have and he must have found them at good will, given his home.

    It's definitely tough for Sam right now. He's working quite hard to make enough to pay his bills.

    And there are a few things he needs more than a decent tub. :)

  5. I know he'll make it. Goodwill or not, he knows how to dress.

  6. A big double bed, table and chairs and a honey to share it with him. I have no doubt Sam will get it all. He's a determined Sim.

  7. Yep, my little Sammy is always a snappy dresser.

    This is basically a variation of the legacy challenge idea. Since I'm not letting him have a regular job, he got to start with a very cheap basic house. But no cheats, very little money to start with and his earnings at first are meager to say the least. No collecting, no fishing, no garden, just art.

  8. Chrysame, he'll have to be very careful if he gets a honey, at least till she can move in. There is no way he could possibly afford child support of 100 Simoleons a day.

  9. Very intersting start. I really enjoyed it :D

  10. After playing Sammy, I learned that being a slob isn't so bad as long as I don't watch them eat.

    I always enjoyed making them work their way up from nothing.

  11. Welcome Nancy.

    Hey Dee, I actually laugh when a slob does the double handed food shovel. It would be disgusting in real life but I find it funny to watch a Sim do it.

    And Sam has a real advantage when there are multiple toddlers in the house. Dirty diapers and dirty potty chairs are nothing to him. Even if there are three in one room, something a normal Sim would loathe.

  12. Slob or Neat, there are pros and cons. Neat sims keep things clean but they get a negative moodlet if the bed is unmade.

    I'm beginning to love the neurotic trait.

  13. At the moment, the main pro for Sam is that he doesn't have to spend time cleaning to make his home livable. His income is still pretty much razor edge territory and the less time he dedicates to extras like cleaning, the better off he is. When the tub broke, there was a spray of water everywhere plus a couple of dirty dishes on the floor and he was fine about it.

    I do have him clean a bit when the flies start getting excessive. LOL

  14. *laugh* Sam sounds like a typical young single male to me.

  15. I'm loving the neurotic trait too. I gave that to one of the girls.

    ROFL At least they don't get eaten by flies in sims3. Don't make him clean. Just drag those dishes to the garbage can outside. :D


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