Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hi Mum, this is Sammy clone 4

Sept 2
I've made it, I'm in the neighborhood.  Here's me moving to a great new house

I'm not doing too well at cooking.

But you'll be so happy to learn I've already met the most wonderful girl.  I went across the street to meet the neighbors and there she was.

We've been getting acquainted

Isn't she just the best?

She agreed to be my girlfriend

And I'm sure we'll be hearing wedding bells soon.

PS, someone told me her hobby is gold collecting? I think he said.  He didn't sound very approving but I'm sure I'll love her hobby as much as her.  I'll write again soon.


  1. I could have sworn I commented on the one below but guess I didn't. This is so cute.
    ROFL at the "gold collecting".

  2. Thanks Dee, I was hoping someone would find the Sammy project to be funny.

    Poor Sammy, I haven't the heart to tell him about gold diggers. :-)

    To make up for the number of horrible things the Sammy clones will go through for the sake of the blog (though a few will have a nice life), he'll be in most of my other games with a nice pile of money and kept happy.

  3. As you will see when you read your other blog, Sammy is also going to be in my new game as soon as I get a lsst name from you for him. I'll check and see if you posted one in the other comments.
    I came home from work in a really bad mood and after my cat snuggling up to me, and reading these blogs I now feel so much better.

  4. His name in CAS should be Sam Grant. But if you want to change it, feel free.

    BTW - since the normal fate of a Sammy clone is to be a victim of cruelty to Sims, I'm not going to add any of your downloaded Sims to his games. If anyone wants one of their Sims to feature, let me know.

    Plus there will be a few episodes that are a bit different. Like the one in which Sammy finds out how many babies one Sim couple can acquire... If you want your Sim to be involved in a Sammy has a nice life once episode, let me know about that too.

  5. You can put any of my sims in any game you want to. I may make one this weekend for you to torture. I have a co-worker that I would love to see tortured. I know that sounds mean of me, but I've been working since I was 16 and I'm no spring chick anymore. I've never dealt with anyone like this person and I told my husband I was going to make her and upload her and let people know that she was intended for torture. I'm going to give her the traits this person has or as close as I can get to them. Ooh, I feel better now. OK, my rant is over.

  6. LOL Dee:) Don't worry I have murderous thoughts about simselves of annoying ppl as well.

    Lol @ gold collecting.. poor sammy!


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