Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (clone 47 - part 1)

Hi Mum.

I seemed to have arrived at a small house in a small town called Riverview. The house is cramped with only the most basic furnishings, a few things in the kitchen and a very cheap bathroom installed.

Being new in town, in my first couple of days, I did all the things you are supposed to do.

The first thing to take care of was getting a job. Riverview had a number of job vacancies open.

I was lucky, one of those vacancies happened to be in sports. So I went over to the stadium to try out. I made the first cut pretty quickly.

Then we all had to take a class in athletics. That was pretty tough, the girl leading the aerobics nearly killed me and she wasn't even breathing hard.

Then the coach put us through a few basic maneuvers. The two of us still standing after half an hour of that got the jobs.

After getting the job, I wandered around town getting acquainted with some of the local people.

Outside of the stadium was the Grisby family. I had a brief chat to Walter and said hello to his wife and daughter.

I probably shouldn't say this but the Grisby family is an ... interesting looking set. I didn't think humans came with such big ears.

Later I wandered to the middle of town. There were lots of people around the Theatre, this is Christi.

She seems like a nice girl, we got along well.

I walked down the main strip, poked my head into the bookstore, the grocery store, and the day spa. Found that there is a small bar at one end, the local watering hole. Called, I think, the Water Hole.

Having spent hours wandering around town, I had worked up quite an appetite. The closest place to eat was the Bistro. I had a quick look in my wallet and the Bistro prices.

Then I hoofed it over to the local diner. The food is probably no where near as good here but it's also far more in my price range.

My second day in town started with a work out session. I'll need to be ready for my job, the fitter I am, the faster that coach is going to promote me.

It's difficult, pushing yourself to your physical limits. So often, I want to just stop, but I manage to keep going to the end of the workout.

After I finished the workout, I visited city hall. It's really an impressive building, given how tiny the town is.

I wandered over to the local junk yard.

You wouldn't believe some of the stuff people discard in town. A few of the pieces are even usable, though they aren't in good condition by the time they've been outside for a few weeks.

I visited the fire station. No one was around then so I tried to climb the fire pole.

I failed twice over. It's tricky going up one of those.

I finally made it up then slide back down. It's almost worth thinking about a career in firefighting just so I have a good excuse to do this more often.

There was a spook tour of the old Mausoleum just inside the graveyard. It sounded like a blast. You know the sort of thing; go in, be told about tons of local folklore of ghosts seen and scary things happening. Then come out again nice and safe.

Well, the tour was going well. But I got separated from the main group after I stopped to take a few photos of some of the more interesting sepulchres in the main chamber.

There was a branch in the path, I went to the right. That was a mistake, I walked into a part of the Mausoleum that wasn't part of the tour and wasn't regularly visited.

I wonder if there was a money back guarantee on that tour. Because I want my money back. That was the worst tour I've ever had.

That branch to the right had occupants. Several of them, and they were quite large. Quite large and very grumpy about being woken up from their nice long hibernation.

Yes, I had trod on the paw of a sleeping bear and it wasn't happy with me.

Being attacked by several bears at once was the scariest moment of my life.

Well, it might have only been one or two bears but in the dark, I felt as though there were at least a dozen surrounding me. I was lucky to escape their den.

Not only did the bears maul me for daring to enter their den. While I was running for my life, something bit me. By that point, I'd lost my flashlight, my heart was pounding so hard it was the only thing I could hear.

So I have no idea what bit me. But that bite is making me feel quite ill.


  1. Finally, a new Sammy clone is out.

    I've missed my grumpy boy, it's good to see him again.

  2. Nice to see him back again. He's looking fine and so passionate in everything he does. A very ambitious sim he is - he's trying everything he could do. The part when he trod on the paw of a sleeping bear was quite funny. Sorry, Sam.. XD He better go home quickly.

  3. Hi MJ, thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, Sam is ambitious, he wants to do it all and quickly.

    There is an old saying "Let sleeping dogs lie." Sam needs the new version "Stay well away from sleeping bears." LOL

  4. A new Sam clone!! Yay!

    I don't know if I ever mentioned this to you, but I really like how this blog is set up with the clones writing about their various experiences. It's really unique and I love seeing the different paths Sam can take!

  5. Hi Amelia,

    I'm glad you liked the Sammy clones. It lets me try out ideas, and test new EPs. I got World Adventures, in went Indiana Sam. I got Late Night, Sam was the first celebrity in the big city.

    He's tough, always a bit naive (at first), and generally a good Sim for danger. :)

  6. He eats danger for breakfast.

  7. LOL I like it. It would make a good tagline except it doesn't go well with "Hi Mum, It's Sammy" name.

    It is true that he's been zapped, caught in traps, hurt by something in the catacombs, etc more times then I can count any more. And still willing to do more.

  8. "He eats danger for breakfast." LOL!

    Oooo, a Sports Sammy! This'll be interesting. I can't recall if he has the athletic trait or not, but I've never even pictured him as a sports star so this could be interesting! >:D

    He sure got around Riverview a bit. Junkyard, Firestation (LOL at falling on his butt! Haha!), and of course, what's a trip to the cemetary without being mauled by the bear?!

    I love how it's making him feel all ill at the end, too... Hopefully it wasn't a rabid bear. O.O

    Great start, PiB! Great to be seeing Sammy again, it's always so weird when there isn't a Sam story going. :D

  9. Hey Kaleeko,

    Sports and politics are the two careers he'll join if left to his own devices. Indiana Sam was a sports star, way way back in that blog. There's a great pic of him at level 8 or so, looking like a gangster in his official career outfit.

    He did go around most of Riverview, checking things out. And I had him climb that pole cause falling on the butt is the usual result. LOL

    I can definitely say that it wasn't a rabid bear.

    It's good to be back to Sammy. But it was good to take a break, get acquainted with Jerod and write a very different story.

  10. It took me awhile but I am caught up. I suspect that bite may lead to a transformation of sorts?

  11. :) Indeed.

    Glad you caught up Seaweedy.

  12. I love this so much. I think I'll make my own entry. Just downloaded Sam, about to load him into my neighborhood. ;)

  13. A vampire teddy bear? No way!!!

  14. No vampire teddy bears Rae. But there might have been a few bats in that cave.


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