Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (Clone 63 - Part 5)

Another day at work spent mostly keeping the chair warm and the computer busy.

Ok, we did have one citizen stop by to make a report. This time, I noticed the door opening and closing. I looked up and waited for the visitor to take a seat.

"What can I do for you today?"

"I've come to file a report about a missing pet."

I started to pull up the Lost and Found report. At least this time I know what I'm looking for and how to find it. "A missing pet? A cat by any chance?"

"No. It's our dog. He's a beagle. Why did you ask about a cat?"

"I just had a report yesterday about a missing cat. So, I'll need your name and address first."

"My name is Cami House, the house is 309 Sweetapple Ridge Way." She started to say something more but stopped when she realised that my typing speed is very slow.

"My apologies, I'm still very new here. What can you tell me about the dog?"

"He was in the back yard. It has a good fence around it, I thought he wouldn't be able to get out. We've only recently moved here and he wouldn't know this area yet."

"You said it's a beagle - male. What's his name?"

"His name is Mango. I hope you can find him soon. I just entered him in the Appaloosa pet show yesterday. I went out this morning to buy a few vegetables and when I got home, he was gone."

"When would the pet show be?"

"Two weeks from now. I'm sure he has a good chance in the small dog breed category, if he's there."

"You said 309 Sweetapple? Would you happen to know a Mr Noir?"

"I can't say I know him well but that's the house next to ours. Why?"

"He's the man who is looking for a cat. Interesting that you happen to be next door."

It took a few minutes to finish typing and double checking the report. "Thank you. We'll do what we can to find your dog." She nodded and left.


As for home, things are going along nicely. Because there is nothing like sharing your bed with someone special.

Ok, technically, it's his bed. I am pretty sure that I do have a room in this house but I've never actually used it. With one thing and another, I've never needed it. One thing being Jer and another being Eddie.

It's easy to get lost in Jericho's blue blue eyes.

"Hey there, Sam."


"You going to finish that kiss or just look?"

"I'm going to say that I just haven't finished looking, yet. But soon."

"No teasing. Not now. Just some kissing." He laughed softly and pulled me down into a warm kiss.

It was some time later before we stopped.

Eddie never lacks company in his bed. Not ever.

Not that I can blame either of them.


"Jer, thanks for agreeing to the chess match. They keep pounding in the idea that logic skills are important for police."

Jer laughed softly. "In that case, we are going to be here forever. You suck at this, you know? Check."

I looked up at him. "Just because this is the third game you are going to win and it's only been a half an hour?" I was trying to sound serious but failed. "No, you're right. I am the worst chess player on the planet." I looked at the board for an escape. Jer's trap was well set. I knocked over my king to surrender the game.

"You have to learn to think ahead. Not just what you want to do but what I'm likely to do after that and how you will counter that move."

"God, Jer, just that explanation gives me a headache." I looked over at him. "But there was something else I'd like to talk to you about."

He was setting out the pieces to start another game. "Well, go on then. I won't bite. Unless that's what you are asking for." There was a wicked glint in his eyes when he looked up.

"I know that you said your people rarely stayed together as couples. But," I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of his, "I've discovered that I don't really like dating around. I want you. Just you. Always you." I got up from the chess table and pulled him out of his seat. "Would you be willing to try just dating me?"

"Sam, don't forget. I'm on a mission, to try and create Seastrider babies. They have to be from different people, not just one partner."

"Jericho Seastrider, I promise to love any baby you bring home as much as I would love my own. No matter who the second parent happens to be." I paused for a second. "Just don't overflow the house with a lot of babies at once. I'm not sure we're ready for that kind of chaos."

"In that case, Sam Grant, I'll try dating just you. It might be interesting, I've never tried dating just one person at a time before."

"Jer, you have made me so happy. You are one hell of a guy and I'm going to enjoy proving that to you."


The next day, we were out doing the sorts of things you expect from new couples. Mostly going from place to place trying to decide which was the best smooching spot in town.

So we had just tried some smooching just outside of the school when Jericho's phone started ringing. He answered and listened for a few minutes. When he put away his phone, he turned to me with a huge grin.

"Sam, the science lab think they've done it. They think they can produce a baby from any set of genetic donors."


"Yes, want to come and help make a baby?"

"Any idea how they plan on doing this, Jer?"

"Hell no but it's what I've been waiting for since forever."

"Right, love. Let's go."

We were only a couple of blocks away from the science centre. So we walked over. Jericho lead the way into the labs.

First they gave us a tour of the facilities and of the experimental area where they hoped they'd be producing the babies. Then they asked us to sit in some large chairs while they drew out a blood sample from each of us.


"Yes sir. All we need is the DNA - it will be easiest to extract from your white blood cells. Now hold still for the needle."  Damn, that's a wicked looking needle. I closed my eyes as she plunged it into my arm. After the first jab, it wasn't that bad.

I didn't think that there would be much to be jealous of if Jer had science lab babies with other people. Now I know there is absolutely nothing to be jealous of. He won't even have to be here at the same time as the other person.

Another one of life's small but important lessons. Pay attention to what you are doing.

I was cooking dinner for everyone but my mind was wandering over the events of the past couple of days. You know; thinking about work, thinking about Jer, wondering when the science lab would get back in touch. So I totally lost track of the time and failed to notice that the food in the oven was starting to burn.

I snapped out of my reverie when the fire alarm went off.  The flames grew quickly, the entire stove was engulfed in fire before I quite knew what happened.

Both dinner and the stove were ruined. We ended up needing to order pizza and a new stove.

Howie visited a neighbor and picked up a puppy. He's just a little mongrel but he's got some interesting markings. He's fascinated by Jer's bird, I'm glad the bird is in a cage and well out of reach of the pup.


Bonus pics
Paparazzi hanging out by your house at night is just plain stalking. Quick, call the police...oh wait, Sam is the police.

A glow-in-the-dark special seed. I haven't noticed that before - I bet it's Plasma Fruit.

In a quest for more scrap, Howie wanted to blow up some things at the dump.

He should have waited a little longer.

Because it's not a good idea to run into an explosion.

 I thought the fire alarm killed the parrot. The way he's lying with his head in the bars.

Fortunately, no, it didn't.

 Twallan? Barefoot in the dump? Are you insane?

The followup after Eddie confused to cheating.

Sam went off on his own to do "Let's be friends" to Eddie.

Eddie did not take to that idea very well at all.


  1. Special note - Cami House is the simself of the lovely camimh who has bravely donated her simself to the cause.

  2. It's me it's me! lol Pet show huh? Maybe Merlot was entering his kitty...

  3. It is It is! And yes, there is a distinct possibility that Merlot's persian kitty was entering...

  4. Seems the pet show is the key to the missing pets, hey?

    Jer and Sammy is just a heavenly match. *swoon*

  5. Could be that the pet show is important zbornie. :)

    Jer and Sammy - They are very cute together. Jer won over Eddie cause while they both loved Eddie too, whenever Sam got close to Jer - he wants woohoo.

  6. Avanis:
    Loving Sammy and Jericho <3

    Who wouldn't want to Woohoo with Jer?

  7. Avanis! I'm glad Jer's creator approves of his appearance here.

    Jer certainly has Sammy's complete attention.

    My fav line - "Well, go on then. I won't bite. Unless that's what you are asking for." There was a wicked glint in his eyes when he looked up.

    1. Not a real comment, blogger just added Reply to the comments and I'm testing

    2. and one reply of reply - ohhh. nice

  8. Oooooh! HMM! Do we have a pet napper on our hands?! Quick, Sammy, to the Clone-Mobile! (*insert Sam theme song*) Now I'm super curious to see what's goin on there...

    D'AWWW. So Sam's heart IS set on Jericho! That is too sweet. Sucks he had to break Eddie's heart a little (sorry, I may have laughed a bit at his reaction, ahem), but he's always got Howie's arms to fall into, right?

    And, a baby's gonna be on it's way!! Wonder how long it'll take to cook it up, lol. I wonder if Jericho will have to make more babies than that--I sure hope they don't have TOO many, but at least they have plenty of hands in the house to take care of them.

    Also: the puppy is soooo cute... Love those spots!

    Anxious to see what happens with the pet-napper! :S I'm loving this Sam clone so far, PiB!

  9. Thank god I have three plot lines in this one cause everyone has decided on the pet nappy one. :)

    Yes, Jericho is just irresistible. And Eddie is never ever going to be a lonely Sim.

    I'm not sure when the baby will officially arrive - they don't take long to cook. As for how many, we'll just have to see about that one. Jer is officially a bit baby mad, so he's not going to stop at one or two.

    Glad to see you coming by and catching up with Sammy!

  10. I really like this new Sammy story. :D It's nice to see some Appaloosa Plains scenery!

  11. Glad you are enjoying it Cheezy. I rather like the new scenery and Sam's blue beau.

  12. Great screenshot with Jer and Sammy holding hands... just too cute for words <3

    Howie and Eddie looked adorable together as well. Poor Howie, but I guess you don't learn anything without singing a few eyebrows.

    I am so glad that Sammy and Jer have chosen to be together, they are really such an adorable couple.

    Giggle at going around finding the best smooching spot in town.


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