Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (Clone 63 - part 16)

I started to breath in and out slowly, calming myself as I walked away from the station. A few people said something at me as I went past but I just shook my head and kept going. I was in a uniform that was no longer mine, I didn't want anyone to ask about something assuming that I was still a cop.

"Jericho?" I stopped walking and looked around even though some part of me knew that was pointless. Jer was frightened, badly frightened by something. He's ... still home. I was in a taxi headed home without even a moment's pause for thought.

In the taxi, I flipped open my phone. I was about to ring Eddie to ask him to meet me at home when I felt Jer's pain. I was close enough to know that Jericho had just been punched in the stomach. I rang the station instead of Eddie. "Jared? I need police at my home. We have an intruder."

I stumbled getting out of the taxi, Jer had taken a major blow to the ribs. I paid the driver and ran toward the house. I could already hear the wail of a police siren not far away.

It took a moment for me to interpret the scene after I ran through the open door. At first, I didn't see Jericho at all. I did see...

"And you will stay out of my town." I saw Chuck move and felt the echo of his kick on Jer's body. "And you will take your perverted friends with you." I caught a glimpse of Jericho lying still on the floor, mostly hidden behind the bar. I would have been afraid he was dead, but I could still feel the pain of that last kick. Plus the pain from previous blows.

I tackled Darnell-Hobble from behind. "You freaking bastard. You are a disgrace to that uniform you wear."

"How dare you say that, you pervert."

I pulled him well away from Jericho. I wanted to touch Jer, to make sure he was going to be ok. But that was just going to have to wait until Darnell-Hobble was gone.

Fortunately, it was about then that Jared made his entrance. "What's going on?" He frowned as he took in the scene.

"I came home to find this ... " I searched for a good term but couldn't find one. "This man assaulting my spouse." I pushed Chuck toward Jared.

"You'll be pressing charges?"

"You bet we'll be pressing charges. It's unforgiveable." Jared nodded and pushed Chuck out the door.

I went to back to Jericho. "Love, why the hell were you just letting him pound you? Why didn't you fight back?"

His eyes fluttered open. "I didn't want him to notice the toddlers. He didn't hurt our babies, did he?"

"I don't think he had time but let's go see." Since cribs were in our room, I could put Jericho in bed and check the babies without leaving him alone. I lifted him carefully. Wrapping my arms around him brought home the full extent of his injuries. Nothing fatal but very painful. I feared that at least one rib was cracked. I carried him to our bed, setting him down as gently as I could.

It wasn't until I had completely let go of Jericho that I realised our touch was doing something more than usual. Energy had been flowing from me to Jer, my body was helping his recover.

Jericho reached out with one arm. "Don't go."

"Shh, love. Two seconds while I check the babies." I peeked in the cribs, both toddlers were peacefully sleeping.

I went back and pulled off Jericho's shirt, tucking him into the bed. Then I took off my shirt and nestled against Jer in bed. "The babies are fine. I'm here. Better?" I could feel energy flowing between us again, better now that more skin touched skin. Some of Jer's pain was already ebbing away.

"Better," he agreed sleepily. I nuzzled his neck contentedly and drifted off into a light doze.

When I woke, I could tell that Jer was a long way toward being healed. My stomach rumbled to let me know why I had suddenly awoken. I slipped out of bed as quietly as I could.

"No," protested Jericho.

"Just a few minutes, Jer. I have to eat. I will be as quick as I can." I went out to the kitchen and grabbed the first thing I found in the fridge. I bolted down the food then went back for seconds, whatever it was that meant I could heal Jer was also making me starve. I waited till I felt my energy levels were close to normal.

By the time I returned, Jer was lying awake on the bed. "Sammy, I had the weirdest dream. Some guy dressed as a policeman came into the house and was beating me up. Then you came in and stopped it. Funny thing, I don't even remember coming in here for a nap."

"I'm afraid that wasn't a dream. I felt your fear when it started and so I came home. You were hurt and on the floor by the time I got here." I got back into bed beside him.

"I was hurt? That's why I thought it was a dream, nothing hurts now." He blinked a few times. "Though I do ache a little, now that I think about it."

I moved over to cuddle him. "Apparently I can help you heal. I guess it's something to do with our bond." I traced a faint mark on his chest, it had been a very nasty bruise a couple of hours ago.

"With every day that passes, I realise again that we were meant to be. Sam, that you can heal because of the bond is stunning." He looked a bit reflective. "I wish I knew more bonded couples. It might help us know what to expect."

"So, we don't know everything. We may never know all the possibilities. It doesn't matter, love." It truly made no difference. I could never and would never leave Jericho no matter what new things lie in store. "You know, when you were being attack, I felt every blow. Not as much as you did but enough to know exactly what was happening. It was a scary experience, let's try not to repeat it."

"Agreed, Sam but it's not exactly as though I had done anything to provoke this. I let him in because he was in a police uniform and the next thing I know, he's shouting, punching and kicking."

"Chuck hates us. He fired me first thing today. I've been wandering around town wondering what to do about that. From hero to unemployed in a week, my head hurts."

Jericho reached over and gently stroked my cheek. "What should we do, love?"

I grabbed his hand and kissed the palm. "For the rest of today? Absolutely nothing. I'm staying close to you and the toddlers. Tomorrow, I raise 20 kinds of hell all over town about this. It should never have happened and I'm going to make a point that it should never happen again."


Poor Jericho was in an animator faint loop. Up - oh - thud. Again and again and again. He was the one with a headache!

Jared, you don't stand in the computer to use it.

cop car


Jer pulls great faces.


  1. Aw, Jer could only think of protecting his babies! How noble!

    That Chuck is a hateful bastard! Kill him, I say! KILL HIM!

    1. Yes, Jer is a sweetheart and if letting some stomp on him protects the kids, he will let it happen.

      Death? Well, it would be nice but I think it's slightly illegal.

  2. Kill him! Kill him with fire! (Chuck I mean) Bastage!

    I'm glad Jer and the family are okay now though! Now go raise some hell Sammy!

    1. Chuck isn't very popular, anywhere these days. And yes, a right bit of bastage!

      All is well with the family and Sammy will devote his day to making sure nothing like this happens again.

  3. Oh Jer :(
    So glad that Sammy's able to heal him though.
    Chuck better suffer x(

    1. Hey! You knew this day was coming - sometime. But yeah, poor Jer (you should have seen the poor dude while in the animation loop. Up, down, up, down.)

      Sammy's glad he could do that too. He'd gladly let his energy be drained to help Jer.

  4. Damn, Chuck has some SERIOUS issues. I was pissed enough already last episode- this is just ridiculous! You do a good job of making your baddies reprehensible. Sam better raise way more than 20 kinds of hell. x.x Poor guys!

    I really hope Chuck and co. get what they deserve! Looking forward to the next episode... hopefully, justice is on Sam and Jer's side!

    1. I know. Yelling and firing Sam didn't satisfy his need to make it clear that he doesn't like gays and he doesn't like people of different hues. So he took it out on poor Jer. Jericho certainly doesn't deserve to be treated like that. He just wants to raise lots of babies and spend lots of time with Sammy.

      :) Now I gotta write the next episode. After I spend some quality time with Geralt of Riva.

  5. That is so sweet that the boys can feel each other's pain through the bond. They are so good together. :)

    Let's raise some hell about this!! Chuck needs to be brought down! I'll get the pitchforks! :D


    1. It's part of my theory about why bonded pairs die together. They feel each other's stronger emotions and pain. When one dies, the other feels that and then the emptiness of what used to be the bond. That kills them.

      At any rate, Rob and Cami have the fire burning bright. You have the pitchfork. Over there is Chuck. Have fun guys.

  6. AAAGGH, and he only got worse!! GRR! Man--that Chuck needs taken care of in a bad, bad way! I can't even... wow. Breaking into their house and beating poor Jericho senseless?! Let him rot behind bars for that one--but at least he'll probably lose his badge for that. That's NOT good behavior for a cop. T___T

    I love the scene between Jericho and Sam, though--their love is so priceless and so unbreakable! And aww, so powerful that Sam can even heal Jericho. Perfection ♥ Their words to each other are, too.

    Lovely post, PiB--I can see why you were itching to get this one out! I'm glad you were able to hang onto it so long, though, it was very much worth it. C= ♥♥♥

    1. Indeed, Chuck crossed the line when he starting beating Jericho for no good reason. Jail time, losing his job...definite possibilities there.

      :) Sam and Jericho are such a great couple. The bond has made a lot of things possible; the fact that Sam knew from across town that something was seriously wrong, sharing pain, sharing emotions and the healing. I'm glad you liked the writing.

      I had to keep this post under wraps for a long time. But I knew that it had to wait till the proper moment, which was after the police ball. At long last, someone other than Avanis/winterhame gets to read it.


  7. That guy Chuck is pure evil!

    1. Yeah, that he is. And taking it out on poor Jer...Jer certainly didn't deserve that.

  8. Pretty much just found this whole thing. It's going to take me forever to catch up. Though, it has inspired me to give this clone challenge a try. If I ever get it up on a blog, I'll send you a link. Okay?

    What I have read, so far, is really good. Keep up the good work!

    1. Welcome to the blog. Try and read all of it? My goodness - I'm not sure I would recommend that. The style and content has changed over time - the blog is over 2 years old at this point.

      If you do try clones, send me a link. I think I've only seen one person complete one clone to date so it's not the most popular challenge out there.

      Glad you've enjoyed what you've read.

    2. Half way through my first clone, actually. She wants to be the Empress of Evil and is already at Lev. 5 of the career. I'm doing a slight different take. Her next "life" begines after she dies as an elder, so once she makes it far enough for me in her career path I'm marrying her. I'll make a blog page once I get her to a good point.

      Really like the blog. I recognized Jericho from another challenge. I used to have him on my computer, too, but that was before it all died.

    3. Rules were made to change. If I played every Sam to elder, there would be a lot fewer Sam stories.

      Jericho started in from Sea to Shore in the forums. Sam was actually supposed to appear there (eventually) as one of the many mates. He is a cutie (and still available in the Exchange.)

  9. Poor Jer :( I love their bond. Sam's ability to heal Jer is testament to the strength and magic of that bond. Your story is so wonderful :D

    1. Indeed, the bond did make a difference. The story would have had similar elements had Sam chosen Eddie or Howie. But that he is bonded with Jer made a difference to how he'd react and that he could tell things were bad from a distance.

      Nearly at the end.

  10. Grrr! That bloody arse cop!
    Aww though, just awwwwww... i am even more in love with Sammy now than before.. status elevated to very serious groupie :P


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