Monday, September 16, 2013

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (The Return of Clone 63 - Part 4)

Since Jericho had gone off with Monica and the toddlers were having a nap, it was a good time for me to spend time with Goby. I sat down next to him, already working away at his homework.

"Thanks for helping, Pop."

"Not a problem, Goby. What sort of assignment is it tonight?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "Just a bit of maths, Pop. I could just grab a calculator."

"No, Goby, don't." I told him. "Sure, when you are older, you'll use a calculator or computer for all of it. But you should know how to do basic maths without help."

He gave me a look of disgust. "But Pop! Why should I bother now?"

"Let's say you are in a shop. You can pick the bag with 100 mints for 1.50. Or a bag of 300 mints for $5.00. Now which do you buy?"

Goby didn't stop to think. "The bigger bag?"

"That's why you need maths. If you buy 3 bags of 100 mints, it will be $4.50 so you'd save .50."

"Ok, Pop, I guess it's not entirely useless."

Not exactly a glowing recommendation for doing the homework but at least Goby stopped thinking about the calculator. It didn't take us too long, but I wasn't looking forward to when Goby and Monica started doing more advanced maths as teens.

Homework complete, I finally had a chance to have some quality time with the toddlers.

First some good cuddling with Seahorse.

Then tickling little Anemone. They are both so adorable, they take so much after Jericho.

Our little ones are growing so fast, it's going to feel like only another few days before they start school.

I think I'm going to have to have a serious chat with Jericho soon. Not that I anticipate much objection from my love if adding to our brood is part of the conversation but there are a few more things to contemplate. Like if we are going to add more kids, we need space; far more space than this boat. I'll have to bring it up at some point.

It wasn't long before they came home. "So, love, how was the movie?"

"Kind of cute, very sappy and very much a movie for girls. The theatre was just packed with girls about Monica's age and their mothers. I was one of the few guys there except for the staff." He grinned. "I think a couple of the single moms were trying to catch my eye. I ignored them though."

I had a brief moment of thinking about Jer being hit on in the theatre by some of the mothers. I can imagine any guy who takes his daughter to a movie like Very Berry Bears could be quite the catch.

"No interest?"

"You know better, Sam. I'm never going to look at anyone else. I mean, would you? Seriously?" He lightly touched my hand.

"Let me think." I paused for a moment and Jericho shifted his feet. "Well, if they were male, and a strider and named Jericho and already mine, then yes. Otherwise, it doesn't seem likely."

He playfully slapped my shoulder. "You are still a wicked man, you do know that Sammy?"

"I try, love." I pulled him into a hug. "And you took Monica for ice cream after?"

"She had choc peppermint swirl. Then I got a hug for being the best dad ever."

I faked a big sigh. "Damn, compared to you, I'll never be the best dad."

"Now, now, Sam. You are the rock of this family. We all appreciate you." He lightly kissed a cheek. "Though I may be the most appreciative of all. I can't imagine life without you."

"Tell you what. You can show me a little of that appreciation. Let's go have some fun in bed."

"You don't have to ask me twice. Last one in bed has to clean the potty later."

I won the race to bed, just. Jericho is pretty quick even on land but I do have the advantage of doing more physical activity most days because a cop has a lot of running around to do. Then again, Jer might have let me win, he normally has to do it anyway.


Leisure day was a beautiful fine day. Still a bit hot but a perfect day to head for the park. We decided that the entire family needed to get out and enjoy the day.

I was near enough to hear Monica talking to Jericho before we left. "Dad, can I ask you for something?"

"Certainly, sweetpea. What do you want?"

"I want us to get face paintings at the festival."

He smiled at her. "If you and your brother want to, sure. I'll give you the money for it."

"I want everyone to do it. It will be fun!"

Jericho looked in my direction. "The babies are too young and I'm not sure your father will be up for this. Go ask him and say I will if he will."

Monica came racing over to me, "Pop, would you please get face painting with us? Dad promises that he will if you do. Pretty please?"

"This is going to cost you," I said in my most serious cop voice. Monica looked worried, the family don't hear my cop voice very often. "I have to at least get a hug after this."

"You're the best, Pop." She gave me a big hug. "Seriously, I have the best parents ever."

As the family started to troop off the boat, I heard Jer say, "Don't forget, plenty of sunscreen. I don't want to deal with sun burn tomorrow."

"Yes, Dad," our oldest children both replied.

"Ok, you two wait here. I'll talk to the face painter."

I don't believe that I let Monica talk me into this. I hope she'll be happy about it.

The artist does the paintings individually so I had to make appointments for everyone to get theirs done. By the end of the day, we'll all have it done.

I was going to go over to tell the kids when to pop into the tent. But they kids were in the middle of a water balloon fight so I decided to shout from safe distance. Unfortunately, it was more than an hour before there were more spots, they were going to have plenty of time to kill.

Then again, they were out of school for the day so they didn't mind at all.

Jericho was feeling a bit peckish so he decided to enter an eating contest.

While there was space for 4, he only had one opponent. It should be a cinch for him to win, just one skinny female to beat.

I decided that I'd go for a snow cone, nice sweet treat.

It was very tasty.

The kids stopped the water balloon fight long enough to grab some junk food.

All up, no healthy food for anyone today. It will be fine though. The occasional treat won't hurt us.

After my snack, I choose to hit the skating rink. My partner was already practicing, and he was damned good.

He was also the officer on call so he had to be ready to take off on official business at any time. Bummer on leisure day but I guess it will happen to me sometimes too.

Jericho managed to lose the eating contest. How he could lose against one skinny girl is a mystery but I guess these things happen.

Goby and Monica joined me in the rink when they'd finished their food.

Goby and I tried a slow spin. It was fun while it lasted but

We weren't good enough to stay up for long.

Jericho finally had his turn at the face painting.

Hmm, I think he did a much better job at picking a pattern than I did. It's good not to be the only adult around with a painted face.

Jericho joined us in the rink.

But by the time he did, I was already really getting the hang of skating.

I did feel more than a twinge of jealousy when my partner offered to spin around with Jer.

I guess I just don't like to see anyone hold Jericho's hands but me. I know it's silly, there is no way Jer is going to do anything more than skate with the dude.

It was about then that the kids finally had the chance to get their faces painted.

Goby was supposed to be a pirate but that looks a little spooky.

And I couldn't work out what Monica had gotten.

Skating is a lot of fun, and good exercise. I might have to come back a time or three.

"Love, it's been the best family outing. Everyone is happy. The kids are going to be exhausted."

"How about you, Jericho? Are you sure you had a good time?"

He must have caught my tone of voice because an eyebrow arched upwards. "I did but you think you can make it better?"

"I do indeed. Let me show you."

There is just enough space for two in one of these, if they are very friendly. We were very very friendly toward each other.

"Now, it's gone from a good day to a perfect one. And thanks for having your face painted, Sammy. Monica is definitely very happy." He gently touched my face. "I like the pattern. Of course, I do love your face so I'd like almost any pattern. Except maybe clown, I'm not fond of clowns."

"Between you and Monica, how could I refuse? Your design works very well on you, I hope you know."

And after a long and quite successful day at the Festival Grounds, the family went home.

It was an excellent day but I'm always glad to get home again. Now time to collapse and rest up for a normal work day tomorrow.

Bonus pics

Monica wanted a prize. She did win a couple of money bags though.

She probably would have preferred a toy. No luck with the toys.

No Sammy episode is complete without the shirtless Sam pic.

Seahorse is looking quite worried. I don't know what Jer is doing to his baby.

While normally it's naked Sammy rump seen in this blog, this time it's Jericho for a change of pace.


  1. Looks like they had a great day out!

    Never a problem with Jer butt <3

    1. Jer and Sammy and clan are very content with the way life is.

      And I didn't think you'd mind seeing your babies butt. Or mine. :P

  2. 300 mints is a lot of mints! /random first impression

    Poor Sammy though, helping kids with math is tough, especially if he hasn't been in school for a while! But he's doing a good job, lol. Better than I would ;)

    Another random thought--I really like the lighting in those first few pics, the blue tint is really pretty imo. Really all the pics are just gorgeous in general! I'm always envious of your pic quality.

    Glad to see Jericho and Monica bonding, though I had no doubt he'd fix the problem once he knew what it was.

    So cute to see them all at the festival! I really love that aspect of Seasons, especially with kiddies. It's a lot of fun.

    I am enjoying those pics of Sammy skating, lmao. He's so graceful XD

    Oh my, a little hanky-panky woohooing? ;) Glad to see the spark's still alive!

    Looking good there, Jericho ;)

    Lovely post altogether!! It's great seeing my favorite sims family having a fun time at the festival, and I'm happy Monica is all sorted <3

    1. Well, Sammy will buckle down to do whatever with the kids. Even if maths isn't his first choice of subjects.

      The blue tint is just how the lighting on the exterior parts of the boat looks at night. I don't think there was anything special.

      Jericho would never knowingly hurt any of his children. So he will work with Monica to make sure she's happy.

      The festival was fun. I've never really sent a family to one and have them take advantage of some of the things they can do.

      Sammy wasn't graceful at first but he really got the hang of it in a couple of hours. Now he can some very nice spins.

      Since striders and their bonded live 500 years (or so), I hope the spark is still alive. They have a long lifetime ahead of them. :D

      Jer butt, very popular.

      Glad you enjoyed. And took the time to leave a very long response.

  3. Daww, this family is really sweet! And Leisure Day is always a blast. Lol at Sammy's face. Haha. Love it!

    The kids are really cute and the two girls, Seahorse and Anemone, creative names! Obviously it goes hand in hand with Jer, since he is a Strider and something to do with water..? Agh, I'l have to read more of this so I understand this a bit better! lol

    Nice to see that your still writing and blogging Pib. :) Doesn't seem like there are many that still do, but then RL can make it difficult.

    1. They are a very sweet family.Leisure Day was fun.

      Yes, you need to learn more about striders. Striders are magic water dwellers. And all the blue skinned children will also be water dwellers. :D

      I'm still here and now you're back.

  4. Well, I am not sure if this is true, but "imo" clearly a mom with kids wrote this... and I absolutely loved it... being a mom and all.. but regardless of that...

    I loved Sammy getting in touch with his inner fairy on the skates, I LOVE the fabulously open relationshop that Jer and Sammy have, that they can discuss anything at all, and they both cool with it.

    Thanks for satisfying the shirtless pics... *now level STALKER* groupie status... i be*

    Oh my word, and the Jeh bum pic at the end... *cough*


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