Monday, August 8, 2011

Hi Mum it's Sammy (clone 59 - part 10)

“Sammy, the baby is kicking so much.”

“Did I ever tell you how lovely you are pregnant?”

“Do you really think so?”

“I do, Sunny. You are gorgeous.”

“Oh Sammy, I don’t think you are serious.”

“I am, sweetheart. Very serious. You are the love of my life, and you look particularly lovely when you happen to be pregnant.”

“Are you already angling for another baby Mister? Cause I can tell you…”

“No, no, three seems like plenty for me.”

“That’s a good thing because I’m so over feeling like a hippo.”

Is there a safe thing to say after that? Well, I failed to think of one so I kissed Sunny instead.

Charlie’s school mates arrived by 8. Charlie was pretty even about the invitations. He asked two boys and two girls to the slumber party.

They all switched over to their pjs and then went to play.

As it turned out, none of them were that great at hopscotch so Charlie didn’t feel as though he was the worst player ever. One of the girls was the best of them and even she couldn’t do the full hopscotch course.

Little Sonny Inkbeard decided to do his homework instead of joining the games. That boy has a very interesting skin tone, I don’t remember the other Inkbeards being quite so pink.

It wasn’t long before he was finished and went to play as well. The hopscotch game was already in progress, but there are plenty of other toys and things to do outside.

“Mr Grant?”


“I’m tired. Could you read me a story?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

“Please? Daddy always reads to me before I go to sleep.”

“All right. You go settle down while I find a book.”

Donna still adores that odd toy of hers. I still that that there is something quite strange about it. Both our kids just absolutely adore those dolls above all the other toys.

But it never seemed to do Charlie any harm so I guess there is nothing wrong with Donna playing with it.

By the time I found a book and came back, all our little guests had fallen asleep for the night.

I’d have to tell Amelia first thing that we’d need to be careful walking around early in the morning. There were sleeping bags everywhere in the house.

That was actually a bit annoying. We had carefully set up sleeping bags outside. It’s fine weather and the kids would have been ok out there. But no, they all had to drag the bags inside to sleep. So now there are cocoons with children in them all over the house.

I suppose if that’s the worst problem that we face, we are doing very well.

Little Donna was the only person awake. Her sleep cycle was a bit confused when I kept coming home at odd times.

Fortunately, her room has toys, books, more toys and her potty chair. She can keep herself happy for hours.

Why do babies insist on early morning starts? I was rather soundly asleep when suddenly Sunny started trying to get me to wake.



“Sammy. Come on. Time to go.”

“You go, it’s not time for me to go.”

“Sammy, the baby is coming. Get up.” That and the accompanying shove finally got me out of the bed.

And does my lovely wife actually want to head straight to the hospital? Oh no. First she has to make the bed.

“Come on, stop messing about. There’s a baby coming.”

“I don’t want the room to be untidy when we leave.”

“But you said it was time.”

“Sammy, take it easy. I’m over here. And since you are blocking me from making the bed, I guess we may as well go.”

Amelia decided she should drive. She knows I’m not at my best first thing in the morning. And not even noticing when she had moved around the bed was proof of that.

It wasn’t long before we were welcoming a third baby into the family.

“Sunny, have you picked a name for the baby?”

“I’d like to name her Merry.”

“Merry seems like a nice name.”

“I wonder if she’ll be a merry child?”

“I guess we get to find that one out sooner or later.”

The car trip home was over in a flash. Then it struck me that poor Merry had no crib of her own. With one thing and another, we had forgotten to buy a second crib.

While I attended to that small detail, Sunny and Merry decided to take a little stroll around the neighbourhood.

Not only did I have to find someone willing to sell me a crib and deliver it fast, but the sitter we had was another one of those hopeless ones. Charlie might be ok to leave on his own but the slumber party guests and Donna meant we had to get a sitter in while Sunny was having the baby.

Poor Donna had been left out to play until she was far too tired. She was very cranky, not that I can blame her. She should have been in her crib hours ago.

Damn it, why do we never get the same sitter more than once? How many teens are there in town? There was that one competent boy but the rest have been hopeless.

“Have a good sleep princess. You should be meeting your baby sister soon.”


“Just sleep now.”

I was invited to city hall for an award ceremony.

They gave me an award for saving the lives of several residents of the city. The award included a promotion to Fire Chief.

As the new Fire Chief, I don’t seem to get a new uniform but I do have the privilege of having a personal fire truck and an alarm that’s hooked to the main one at the station. So basically, I can stay home. When an emergency happens, I’ll know and have official transportation to the scene.

After all this fuss and flurry, I finally had a chance to hold Merry for the first time.

She’s such a little sweetheart, I’m sure that she’ll be a lot like her Mum as she grows up.

Sunny had a arranged for a few people to come over to celebrate because today is Donna’s big birthday. She’ll be going to school with Charlie.

Amelia’s brother was the first to arrive. Isn’t it nice of Travis to be so prompt to his niece’s birthday?

So we decided to have the birthday cake outside.

I don’t know why but birthday cakes make me nervous. What happens if the candles catch something on fire? So I arranged for it to go outside and not in.

So much for Travis being interested in his niece. He wanted a go at the water slide.

Donna felt a little giddy after blowing out the candles. I think she was trying to make about 3 wishes in the time it took to blow out the candles. So she blew extra long and made herself a bit dizzy.

Sunny did well, the guests all had a great time at the party.

Donna is such a pretty girl. I'm so proud of her. Well, really I'm proud of all of them.

Bonus Pics
This happens to most of my Sim kids growing up. There is this weird, bean pole like moment.

There's also a series of pictures of Sammy chatting up Amelia. I took them for a special request for a project. There are several cute Sammy flirting ones in the set.

Note - Merry is named (sort of) after her granny Meredith.


  1. Oh my O.o. I've never seen toddler sim age up like that.

    :D Amelia was surely being calm for making sure the bed was tidy -- so contrary to Sam. Gotta love perfectionist sims ^^

    Sam must have feeling worried because another Sammy's clone had bad experiences with birthday cake.

    Charlie finally found that his friends also have to practice hopscotch over and over .. and so he's not the worst player after all. Love to seeing those cocoons.
    So cute.

    And oh, Sam had earned his promotion and is now a Fire Chief! I'm so happy for him. I only wish he could do something to make all the firefighters in his department work together under his command. I guess it won't TS 3.

  2. My sim kids have that stretched out moment too, just before they right themselves lol.

    I love how freaked out Sim-Daddies get while the wife is calm enough to make the bed, drive, etc lol

    Yay for slumber parties!

  3. Aw my sim kiddies always do that weird stretch thing, glad to know it's not just me! The slumber party was so cute with them all in their jammies <3

  4. So you only needed a crib for one afternoon? Sorry first thought when you aged Donna up. Lol. Sammy is so smexy in those pics. Sighs. Okay back to life see ya.

  5. Hey MJ.

    My sim toddlers to child and child to teen frequently do that. It only lasts a few moments so I stopped worrying about it. :)

    I had to laugh when I realised that Amelia wanted to finish making the bed and Sam was in the way, which is why they were not on their way yet.

    Yep, a couple of Sam's families have had birthday cake fires including a death.

    Slumber party == cute.

    And Sam is at the top of his profession now. Yippee

  6. @Cami Thanks for stopping by. I stopped worrying about my stretch kids ages ago since they always right themselves.

    My husband heard Sam panicking one night and came to see what the heck that noise was. He was amused by the baby dance.

    Charlie and his friends had a great night at the slumber party. It was my first so I didn't know the kids brought their own bags. :)

  7. @angiebeno - I didn't realise that the kids have special jammies for the slumber party - until Charlie changed. He doesn't usually wear that sort of jammie for bed.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    @rae yes, we only needed two cribs for about 8 hours. But we really really needed two when the baby came home.

    Sam is always smexy. :)

  8. AW, how adorable! Love the name. Reminds me of LOTR and her grandma Meredith.

    LOL at Amelia making the bed before she leaves! XD

  9. Yes, Merry is a bit LOTR isn't it? And a nice way to have a little reminder of Meredith.

    Instead of getting on with the baby, she was waiting for Sam to move. By the time that got to the hospital, he'd forgotten why they were there and never went in. Sims!

  10. Slumber party--extra cute!! I totally love it. :3 Lucky Charlie! And now Donna gets to join in the fun... Poor girl sending herself dizzy from candle blowing. Seems like most kids do that these days. *giggle*

    And congrats to Sam for making Fire Chief! Awesome that he doesn't have to go into the station anymore--that'll be really handy, especially with the baby here. Poor Sunny won't have to do ALL the work. (And yay about not feeling like a hippo anymore!)

    I love the Merry/Meredith reference--that makes me smile from ear to ear. Poo on Travis for not playing with his niece, though. :P

    So veddy veddy cute! <3

  11. @kaleeko, I had no idea on how to handle the slumber party but the kids worked out what needed to be done. And it went well so Charlie is better friends with all those kids.

    Fire Chief Sam, I'm glad he did make it. Sunny has never had to do all the baby/toddler stuff though. Sam does what he can every morning before leaving. :)

    I'm glad Merry's name made you happy.

    Silly uncle Travis going off to play!

    Oh my, you caught up!


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