Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hi Mum it's Sammy (clone 59 - part 11)

My personal fire alarm and fire engine. It's an odd thing to have around the house, to say the least. But at least I can stay home unless there is an emergency. Sunny will be able to go back to work and I'll be to care for the kids more.

Assuming we don't suffer more earthquakes. That caused so much damage across town it wasn't funny.

Poor Sunny still ended up being the one getting up for Merry when the baby started crying far too early in the morning. I have yet to catch up on sleep.

Babies need so much time and attention. It's a good thing it's nearly Merry's birthday already. Of course, toddler need attention to but at least they can play and keep themselves occupied.

Sunny went back for some more sleep after feeding Merry. Poor Charlie, he had to get his own meal.

Mind you, his favourite is spaghetti and he loves being outdoors. So eating his favourite outside suits our son to a tee. If we let him, he'd happily stay outside all the time.

As for me, Saturday is a good day for a nice leisurely bath. Something relaxing after one simofabitch week.

"Sunny, are you ok in there?"

"Just making the bed."

"But didn't you start that ten minutes ago?"

"Sammy, you have to do it just so. The maid never gets it right."

Life with a perfectionist is a bit of a trial. I don't see the point of making the bed in the first place. Spending 10 minutes doing it is just...weird.

I think I really needed a bit of me time. No emergencies, no one needed my time.

Big party later today, Merry and Charlie are both having birthdays. I know it will be good but our boy will be a teen? I really don't know where the time has all gone.

Oh wait, I was at the station for a lot of it. There are times when I wish I could just walk away from the job and just be a writer or something. Though every profession probably has pitfalls.

"Why, oh why can't we get a decent maid? I thought someone else would be making the bed now."


"No matter how many times I tell them how to do it, it's never ever done right."

"Dear, about how many times would that be?"

"Five or six."

"Since they were hired?"


"Ok, dear, I'll sort something out." Hmm, but what? The current maid is probably a complete write off as far as being cooperative. Sunny can be, intense, about such things. I better have a chat to the agency, get them to send their most meticulous maid. That's going to cost a pretty penny, I'm sure.

After breakfast, Sunny and Merry went for a stroll around the block.

"Hey Dad."

"Yes Donna?"

"Can I go over to school?"

"Kiddo, it's Saturday. I'd think your biggest ambition would be to stay as far as possible from school."

"They have a painting class today. Can I go?"

"What time? The party starts at 4 for your brother and sister."

"The class is this morning but I was hoping to go over to the museum after."

"Ok sweetheart but keep an eye on the time. The museum is a long bicycle ride from here."

Donna actually made it home a few hours before the party. She put her toy in the middle of the lawn and left it there while she went off to start her first painting.

Note to self, toy must be returned to owner by the end of the day. Donna will never remember it on her own. I don't want it to get damaged from being outside for days.

Charlie still loves nothing better than that sandbox.  I predict that fascination will end the moment he starts noticing the girls in his classes.

Donna's doing quite well for a first painting. She may have found her calling in life already.

People finally starting arriving for the big party.

"Hey guys, sorry to be so early but I've got a game later. I'll have to split."

"Travis, what's this I hear about me being an aunt?"

"It's true, Aunt Amelia." Travis said with a chuckle. "You have a niece named Ruby."

"So, are you going to marry Sophie, now that you two have a baby together?"

"We haven't decided. It never comes up in conversation."

Moe, Sophie and Sunny's boss AJ arrived soon after Travis.

The kids were playing in the yard still. Donna was looking worried about the party. I'm not sure why, it's Charlie's birthday and not hers.

First up, it was Charlie. It took him an age and a half to finally make a wish before blowing out the candles.

Then it was over, our boy was officially a teenager.

I have a feeling it is not going to take long at all for him to find out about girls now. They are going to be after him in flocks.


"Yes, Tom?"

"Do you mind if I do the honours?"


"I'd love to take the baby to the cake."

"Does it mean that much to you?"

"Our youngest is a teen and the oldest hasn't made us into grandparents yet so Marta and I don't get to be around babies as much as we'd like." Thomas already had Merry cradled in his arms. Merry was all smiles for him.

"Where is your lovely wife?"

"Unfortunately, she had a prior engagement. Otherwise she would have come, she hates missing a good party."

"Thomas, if you would be so kind as to take the baby to the cake."

Our little Merry. She's not looking terribly merry at the moment though. I'm sure it's only having so many people she doesn't know in the house. Little ones rarely love being around people they don't know.

I went to look for Donna's toy, she must have picked it up during the party. I couldn't find it.

Donna did seem very excited about something. I wasn't sure what it was, something came alive for her? No clue what she was on about.

The end of a very long day, time to put Merry in a crib.

"Sleep well little angel. You and I are going to have a big day tomorrow."


Charlie, there is a lot of Kane in his genetics. Certainly not a Sammy clone, even when I give him the right hair colour.

Charlie's if is doomed to permanent toydom. I failed to know what to do for that one and he now has no association with it. That's ok. We have one, possibly two ifs in this family without his.


  1. Glad that he can finally stay home with his family <3 Great chapter hun,

    Amy x.x

  2. Thanks Amy, glad you enjoyed.

  3. Is it wrong that i lingered over the picture of Sam in the bath? Oh and do you find those IF dolls weird? Mine just stalk me around the house doing a strange little jig, i don't like it!

  4. Angie I lingered too... Also I don't know what to do to get past dollhood but I don't think I care. Great update as always. I'll be sad to see this Sammy clone go.

  5. Hehe, I know you warned me but daaayum those bathtub pics ;)

    It's nice that he gets to stay home! Bit less pressure on Mia, at least.

    I love Donna and her artisticness! So cute. I'd want to go to the museum too.

    Poor Charlie, destined to be a heartthrob! He really does look like his mom with his dad's coloring.

    Great post!

  6. @angiebeno - now let's see. I deliberately took two pics in the bath carefully snapped to maximize effect. No not wrong at all. :)

    This IF doll is my first so I haven't decided but I don't think making them real is high on my to-do list.

    @rae :) Sammy in bath == ogling material. This family has a little bit longer, I want to run Charlie through teens.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

  7. @amelia - yep, those bathtub pics are daaayum yummy. This Sammy has been usually a bit more dressed, not nearly so much just undies. I had to make up for that.

    Mia actually does better at baby care than I thought she might. She's not quite as guitar obsessed as a couple of Sammy wives have been. :)

    Donna should do well at art, assuming I don't let the IF take all her time.

    Charlie is indeed heartthrob material. And the parents don't know yet, he officially has a rebellious streak. :)

    Thanks for the comment.

  8. Awww, the kids are growing up to be so cute! I love Donna and her little hat--and her knack for painting, just like her Gramma. ^^

    Hahaha... Sammy sure got some love from body hair! Those pics in that bathtub sure are steamy, hur hur. ^^

    Grats to Charlie for finally becoming a teen--he's actually a really nice mix of genes, you're right. I can see both the Sam and the Amelia in him. His appointed hairstyle, thoug... Hehe. XD

    D'awww, Merry is such a little cutie. Another blondie for the Sammy household! I got a good chuckle that everyone's so absorbed in their cake they didn't even watch her blow out her candle. D'aww. D:

    Donna's IF sure looks... mischevious. I love that Sammy doesn't know anything about it, lol. ^^

    Oooo, Sammy and Merry have a big day tomorrow, mm? Can't wait to see! :3

    Adorable post, PiB! :)

  9. Kaleeko! I know, Donna is a little sweetheart. And now she has a friend that only she can see.

    Sammy's fans demand a certain amount of seeing him in shower/bath. I'm just filling the demand. I would absolutely positively never ever stare at him in the shower. (snicker)

    Charlie is growing up well. His first hair style was a bit tame, given I wanted him to be a bit of a rebel. :)

    We had a dud cake again so the party was running way late. They were stuck into cake cause they were all starving. Just as well Thomas took Merry to the cake, it would have been another hour for anyone else.

    Sammy is going to spend his Sunday with his littlest girl. Mia gets a day out again. Daddy is going to be doing as much toddler taming as he can stand. :)

    Thanks Kaleeko.


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