Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (clone 69 - part 7 - Finale)

So, Sammy, how are Mr and Mrs Grant?

Mum, Ashley was the best possible thing I could have gotten out of going to University. She's adorable and she adores me.

"Better catch this honey, I'm going to blow you a kiss."

"Ashley, I treasure every kiss you give me. Have I told you lately how much I adore you?"

"Not for at least 5 minutes, honey."

"I've been slack. I adore you, Ashley Grant. I wish I could give the love of my life a proper honeymoon. I'm sorry we haven't the money to travel."

"Honestly, Sam. It doesn't matter. We have a home. We have enough money to get the baby what it will need. And I have you. That's what I really want."

"Let's not forget Berjes. He's been a great son since I adopted him."

Wished for him from a wishing well, Sam.

Same difference really.

"I like Berjes. If he gets along with the baby, maybe he'll babysit if we go out for a night."

Sammy, a new venue.

Yes, a coffeehouse just opened up and I've got the very first gig here.

Well, good luck. You can certainly use the money.

I'm hitting this crowd up with everything I have. For once, there wasn't a freaking paparazzi on the stage when I was supposed to start. That's usually just so annoying that I'm off balance for the first hour.

I'd love to change the ice cream shop background but I haven't the cash to buy and set up my own stage props.

And let's not mention how lame the music gets. It drives me nuts but I can't turn it off.

I did the fire baton a few times and did not once set myself on fire.

That alone makes this a good performance for me.

Damn, Sammy, you have been working out. That has to take a lot of strength.

Not just strength, you have to develop enough flexibility. It's no been easy to get here.

A bit more patter, a lot more juggling, some more mime work.

Wow, Sammy, you still have an audience at nearly the end of the performance.

Plus they all seem very enthused. Cheers and hand waves at every table.

I'm glad. This is the best damned show I've ever given.

I can tell Sammy. It's been excellent.

"I'd like to thank you for being a fantastic audience. Good night everyone."

"Excuse me, Sammy the Spectacular, I'd like to offer you a weekly gig."


"Yes, Thursday nights starting at 6 pm are all yours."

"Thank you, I'll be here."

Congrats Sammy, you have a regular gig. That should make life a little easier.

Attack of the zombies? Looks a bit scary.

Are you kidding? All I have to do is walk away. He can't keep up at all.

Now might be a good time to prove that.

Okay, I walked inside. Zombie failed to stop me. Time for some food.

"Sammy, it's time."

"I'm eating, can't it wait?"

"Sammy, babies don't like to wait."

"Oh god, baby? You want the hospital?"

"Yes, honey. Now."

Awww, it's a boy. Are you happy, Sam?

Of course I'm happy. Meet our new son, Larry.

Sammy? Is that Berjes new room?

He wouldn't want to share with the baby now, would he?

Yeah, but the colour scheme. Isn't that colour and that pattern a bit ... feminine?

I got that for free. When Berjes gets home, we can find him something more suitable. Bedspread and wallpaper.

I'm sure he is pleased to not have to share with the new baby.

We didn't get much yet for the baby. I don't think it will need much beyond the crib and we are still a bit cash strapped.

It's a cute crib and the baby does have a room to itself. That would be something.

"Hey adorable."

"Hey handsome, what's up?"

"I was wondering if I could convince you to play a little. Go back to our Uni study breaks, so to speak."

"Oh Sammy, stop. Any time you want to play, you can just ask."

The local karaoke joint had a SimFest. I decided to go and check out the competition in town.

The magician was godawful. She only performed a handful of tricks after I arrived and failed about half of them. The Fest had been going on for some time, I don't know if the other performers were better or not.

"I'd like a try on stage, if there is room in the lineup."

"There's room. What's your act and stage name?"

"I'm an acrobat. Sammy the Spectacular."

"Just as soon as the magician is done, you're up. And at the rate she's going, it won't be long."

By the time I'd changed into my outfit, the magician was off the stage.

The audience didn't seem that thrilled by her. I was hoping she hadn't left them cold.

So I was pretty pleased to be greeted by a lot of applause. I launched straight into my usual array of tricks. Juggling, the fire baton.

Any accidents?

No, no, I did that on purpose.


All right, I do still have problem with the fire baton. Good thing it's a flame retardant costume.

Your backside must nearly be flame proof as well.

Sheesh, Mum.

At least the contortion stunts all went well.

Cami seemed quite impressed by the show, actually.

"Thank you all, you've been a wonderful audience."

"Let's all thank Sammy the Spectacular. Next up, Ronnie Rotgut with a few of your favourite songs."

Hey Mum, later that evening, I found that I'd won the SimFest.

Well done, Sammy.

Berjes really is growing up well, Sammy.

And he likes Ashley quite a lot. It's good for both of them, Ashley doesn't know many people in town. Berjes has always wanted a proper family so having a step-mom makes him much happier.

Well Mum, I guess it's time to say farewell. I have a lovely wife, 2 fine sons and my professional life is finally coming together well. You were right that I shouldn't have been pushing for luck, more work got me where I really wanted to be.

Note, under normal circumstances, I would have followed Sam to the top of the profession. Unfortunately, the save was corrupted by sending him to University with some mods not really ready. After he got home, the crashes were more and more frequent.

So this comes to an end since I do have an older save that I can get Sam to the top of the profession without it crashing so much. But since that's before University, Ashley won't be there so that's why this story ends now.

I think Sammy did hate being embarrassed on stage. I've never seen him stop and bellow at the world quite so regularly as this one did. Just about every performance, until the last couple after Ashley came into his life.


The look of shame because a trick failed. Poor Sammy.

Hadn't seen Sam try this stunt before. I have seen Shrimp try it a few times in a different game and he's still never done it. Always flat on the face.


  1. Well I'm sorry the save got borked but I think the ending worked out well. The "Happily Ever After" phase is usually slow for me anyway. (writing wise) lol

    1. Well, watching Sammy in the upper Acrobat outfit might have helped but yeah, it might as well be 'happy ever after' since we aren't going further. :)

  2. Sad to see this one end - it sucks that your game gave you so many problems! But Ashley was really very adorable.

    Looking snazzy, Sammy! (And congrats on not setting yourself on fire - that's progress indeed!) It's great that he can end on such a high note, he certainly worked his butt off for it.

    Ooo babies! It's a good thing he'll be getting more money from now on, babies are expensive. (Though hopefully he can work out the fire baton problems, lol XD)

    I'm still a hopeless Berjes fangirl. He really turned out so cute and sweet for an evil wishing well baby, lmao XD And it's nice that he's so welcoming to Ashley! With the baby and a new stepmom, he'll definitely have that proper family he wants.

    Lovely end, even if it wasn't the end you originally wanted! It was very nice to see everything work out for him and all his hard work pay off, and he'll have a very nice life once the cameras are off. Great job!!

    1. Ashley is a standard student, I've seen her in other University posts. So we can find her again.

      Sam certainly makes a fine looking acrobat - a bit more convincing the Shrimp does.

      Yes, Sammy's fav part in any story. The babies!

      Berjes is a sweetheart, though he does do things like rig a trap when I'm putting Sam through a show.

      At least I felt like the story had closure. But since he won the SimFest, I couldn't get anyone to the mailbox to get his prize!

  3. Those damn sim3 saves, they can really mess a story, I was enjoying this one... I spied my crinklewinkle favorite wallpaper in the background...
    I am glad that in the end, he seemed happy and was blossoming with his job and so on.
    Sammy was a very good sport in this one.


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