Friday, April 16, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 11)

I was a little worried about how Ripley might react to me after my birthday.  She seems just as in love with an old man and his gray hair as she was with a young stud.

I had almost forgotten how much fun making out was.
So I decided to pop the question.  Would Ripley accept my proposal now that she knows everything important about the family, the house and our lives?

The answer was very emphatic.  Yes!  I'm engaged to Ripley.  I've asked her if a quiet wedding at home would do.  I've had the big pretty wedding and our budget is very tight.  I'll explain why in a minute.

I've just finally finished my fourth fantasy novel.  My income from writing is now a respectable 4,000 a week.  Our bookshelf has all my novels, it's good to see how many writing is coming along.  A fan specially wanted fantasy, he gave me a bit of extra cash to spend.

I think Ripley and I might have gotten just a little carried away with celebrating our engagement.  I know it's not juice or bad food making Ripley ill.  I think we need to start preparing for a new baby.

Poor Ripley had a bad case of sickness.  I had to work at getting to her long enough to exchange rings.  Maybe not the most romantic wedding ever but who cares?  She's mine, I'm hers and we are so happy.

Let's seal that with a kiss baby!

Sometimes I think this is my favorite part of sharing my life with someone.  Cuddling in bed makes sleep so much better.

This is what we spent a fair amount of money on.  We can't afford a nice house yet, but we did manage to extend this place for a proper bedroom.  Brooke is nearly a child and she'll definitely need some space she can call her own.

Can you believe it Mum?  Little Brooke's birthday is already here.  One day a baby and next thing you know, there is a princess in the house.

We did have a few people over for the party. You might even recognise a few of them.  Angelo, Christi, Susie and Hugo.

Now that I've proven I can earn enough by art, it's time to start some gathering valuable minerals to sell.  I want to upgrade some more of the house and do it soon.

Brooke Grant. She has River's eyes and hair.  My little princess.


  1. Congratulations to Sammy and Ripley!!!
    I'm so happy.
    I knew Ripley would still love you Sammy. See, there was nothing to worry about. You're still a sexy guy.
    Brooke is beautiful. She's going to make a beautiful adult too.

    Hi to all you transplants. Looking good there.

    I'm so glad to see you all are able to fix the place up a little.

    As usual, I have to leave.

  2. Well, we knew there was nothing for Sammy to worry about but he does have things he has to learn for himself.

    Brooke is growing up well.

    Now that Sammy can collect and sell gems as well as write, they should be able to fix this house into something small but very cute. One room at a time is working for them, the bath is much nicer now and there is a proper bedroom for the kids.

  3. Yay for Sammy and Ripley! Sam is doing much better. That a nice bed in the bedroom, Brooke has a new room and he threw Brooke a nice pizza party for her birthday.

    When I first got a glimpse of Sam finding the gem, I thought he might be dying. Stay away from the white light, Sam!

    It does seem to me that some Sims get sicker when they're first pregnant than others. A new baby! Yes, I'm excited.

    Brooke looks so much like her mom. Sam has to love that.

  4. Sammy is only a couple of days into elder. Unless he gets unlucky, the reaper won't be stalking him for some time.

    A new baby and supercomputer says boy. What should Ripley name her boy...

    Poor Ripley was spending a lot of that first day running for the toilet. Sam had a heck of a time getting to exchange rings.

    Sam would love Brooke if she were green with 3 eyes. :)

  5. Ripley's having a boy. I like that. Sam will have one of each. I named Ripley after Sigourney Weaver's character in Alien. I get my inspiration from everywhere.

    Have you looked at Twallan's career mod, PiB?

  6. I'll see what happens when the baby is born. That's when I usually decide on a name. :)

    I've looked at Twallan's career mod. But I haven't decided to load it. It sounds like I could easily tweak careers though - I code xml all the time.

  7. I couldn't do any tweaking of the mod but the school choices and part time jobs that are included intrigue me.

  8. If you decide to go for it, tell us how it works out. I've read the descriptions of all of Twallan's mods but haven't decided to try any of rest of them.

  9. I think I'll try it when I set up the new computer so it will be a while.

  10. BTW - does anyone else have issues with disappearing pizza? I've ordered two pizzas in this game now. The first Ripley got a slice and the rest vanished. The second someone was supposed to serve and that one vanished without anyone getting a piece.

  11. Never had a problem with the pizza. I've been trying to come up with a name for your soon to be baby boy. I do the same thing. I think of a name at the last moment. I can never think of one ahead of time.

    I was busy looking at Ripley losing her breakfast or whatever meal she lost and didn't notice the tile in the bathroom until now. I like it.

  12. I'll manage to name the boy when it's time. :)

    I've been wondering if anyone would comment on the bathroom. Then again, the first picture was just before River caught fire. The second picture was the burglar as he stole the new shower.

    I'm trying to decide if Sammy should remodel the kitchen or their bedroom next. :)

  13. Kitchen. That's the room everyone sees.

  14. :) So much for them having money. Kitchen remodeling is expensive, even for a Sim.

  15. Yeah, but....
    Gotta do the kitchen.

  16. Congrats for the wedding, Sam. So glad that you have someone to cuddle with ;) The new bathroom looks good. So glad, there was no fire in Brooke's birthday. It's probably safer to do it outside. Sam, you are in the golden age, living happy with beautiful wife and daughter. Just hope that the reaper will not show up in near time.

  17. Hi MJ. Sammy is feeling very happy about being married again. New wife, lovely daughter and new baby on the way.

    The birthday went fine, this time. Brooke is already sleeping in her new bedroom. They had to do that, Sammy and Ripley would never get woohoo in if Brooke didn't have her own room. Babies and toddlers can share with parents if they must.

  18. Yes, I noticed her bedroom looks lovely. The house is going to be pretty. And looks like they have to prepare for another room.


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