Sunday, March 9, 2014

An interlude - Into the Future with Sam and Jericho

I am not going to try and fit this into the current Sammy story. But here's their first foray into the future.

So the time portal and traveller appear.

He gives an almanac to Jer.

And glitch stops play.

So ...

Around we go again, this time catching the portal appearing.

Sam, obviously dressed for serious business, comes to check it out.

So he's the one to met Emmet and get the box.

The default future is a pretty place. Apparently the utopia version is even prettier while the other not so much so.

"Oh my god, Jer. Look at this place!"

"I'm impressed, Sammy. Seriously impressed."

The first thing the guys want to do is jet pack.

So they goof around in the air for a bit. Control of the jet packs is definitely lacking at this stage.

Umm, Sammy. I don't think that's the approved landing technique.

Muffled grumbling from ground.

After a moment, Sam manages to get up. "Oh my god. That hurt!"

Wow you didn't even leave a hole! Must be a future tech lawn.

"I said THAT HURT! I need sympathy here."

Maybe starting with jet packs was a little ambitious.

Why don't we try something safer and indoors?

So gentlemen, do you like the futuristic beds?

I think that means yes.

"That's a fine ass."

Woah, Mister, weren't you flirting with a girl like ten seconds ago?

"I still say it's a fine ass."

That ass does have fans, I must admit. Still, I don't think you'll make any impression on Sam so bug off.

"Hey, I need to play with your chips."

"Sir, have you the tiniest idea what you are doing?"


"And you still want to do this, Sir?"


"Very well. But I may not function later."

Note, Sam did kind of muck up this poor bot a bit. It refuses to be his friend.

Jericho went to check out the statues in the centre of the founders park. Maybe someday they can be there.

Sammy, seriously. You are going to kill yourself with those jet packs.

"Check out the hoverboard!"

That looks safer but why are you making Jer run?

"Umm, we forgot to bring two. Maybe next time."

Good thing Jericho is fast on his feet.

"Do you think this is going to ruin our date?"

It's not exactly romantic to leave your mate running while you ride.

Sammy, how on earth?

"No idea, Mum. I wanted to get somewhere and there was my cop car."

All right, carry on...oh wait, I see you are already.

"Well, hello there. We are Jericho and Sam Grant. You're descended from us." They decided to seek out one of the homes of their descendants.

"Yes. I think you are great great great great great grandpa Sam."

"Jericho, isn't it nice to see our family lives on?" Pause. "Jer, you don't seem very pleased."

"No striders, Sam. There are no striders in this place."

"Actually, there are striders. But none of them happen to live here. There are some that live in the city and a lot live in the depths."

"There are still striders?"

"Lots of them."

So they have a quick meal at the descendants home.

"I like you, little guy. Do you think anyone would mind if I kept you?"

Sammy, are you going to steal that little holo sprite?

"I'm sure they'd give it to me if I asked."

So will you ask?


Then you are stealing it. Bad Sammy.

"So, great great..."

"Why don't you just call me Jericho?"

"Are you sure? That seems a bit rude."

"We aren't even grandparents yet. I'm not ready to be a great great whatever granddad."

"All right. How do you like the future?"

"It's interesting. Things certainly have changed."

"Since we only have the one hoverboard, do you want to take the shuttle back to the visitor centre?"

"Given how late it is, that sounds better than going for another run."

Quick, safe, effective and a new place to woohoo. What more could they want?

I'm not sure I like these future bed/capsules. I like when couples snuggle in their sleep and they don't seem to in these beds.

"Hey there, little guy. Good morning."

"Aren't you just the brightest little sprite in the morning?"

Looks like Jer has one as well now.

"He picked it up here. Is that all right with you?"

I don't know, Sammy. This is not your permanent place.

"No one is here to tell us no."

Well, it looks like Jer and his little sprite have bonded too so I guess it's all right.

They spent some of the day enjoying the facilities of this guest residence.

The pool table was popular.

As was the hot tub.

What's Emmet up to?

"He stole my clothes."

Easy there, Sammy.

"I'm gonna kill him. He stole my clothes."

Why don't you snuggle Jer? I'm sure he doesn't mind that you don't have clothes. Even the towel might be a bit much.

"You aren't going to let me kill him?"

No, Sammy. Clothes aren't that important.

Nice new duds, Sammy.

"Emmet ran off with my clothes. I think I might have scared him a little."

You are a bit scary when angry.

"You know it's all talk."

I do but how would Emmet?

"Hey blue and beautiful, how would you like to take to the skies with me?"

Sammy, are you sure about this?

"I totally have this."

"Sam, you always did know how to sweep me off my feet."

It looks like Sam is finally getting the hang of the jet pack.

And he didn't forget and let go of Jericho either.

They went to visit the robot emporium and found that another branch of their descendants were here. And this lot included a few striders.

Jericho must have been pleased to know that his species as well as his family are well represented in the future.

I have decided that Jericho will be learning about bot making for his attempt at getting a statue in the park.

And as it turns out, the machine has some other interesting possibilities.

You wouldn't think there would be room for two, would you?

So after a few hours of learning the ropes, Jer makes his first bot.

Which he has to sell because with the number of kids they have, one more to take care of is more than I want to deal with.

Guys, guys, togetherness is good but I think you might be taking it a bit far!

I love those matching expressions.

Jer goes off looking for a place he can swim.

While Sammy begins learning his new skill. He needs to master this for his chance at immortality.

They both spend a lot of time on hoverboards to improve their future tech skills in general.

And with a final display of affection.

Our travellers return to their happy home.

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  1. LOL, I bought this, installed it, have read blogs about it, but never played it... looks like a wild ride.

    Gotta love them just off the shelf expansion pack glitches.. aaaah EA, we love you so... LOL


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