Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 13)

The two prettiest girls in town. My wife and my daughter. I'm so pleased to have both of them.

The city clubs and lounges have a small problem. There's too much competition and they have a hard time attracting customers. So my agent got a phone call for me to visit one of the lounges for a drink. They were offering a nice bit of cash for my time.

If that's the official uniform for the bar staff, I guess they are aiming for male clientele.

She's torching the drink? Seriously hot stuff.

I can see why they are willing to pay 1000 simoleons for me to drink here. While I was in the joint, there wasn't a single other customer. Plenty of staff but no customers.

We found that my friends Shannon and Antonio got married. They had a party so we went along to congratulate them. Shannon is looking lovely in her gown.

Ok, so it wasn't the best idea to bring along the baby. I haven't heard anything good about the sitters in town but wasn't thinking about what you do with a baby at a party. That Georgia might put her down to sign autographs wasn't something I expected.

Georgia attracts a lot of attention where ever we go. Shannon was thrilled to meet her.

I got a chance to really chat to Matthew. Superstar actor, top celeb in town, also has a side business as the town gigolo. Matthew is one of my best friends now. He has a lot of tips on how to make it big in film.

Must have been some paparazzi there, next thing I know, I'm a 5 star celeb too.  Yep, I am as famous as it's possible to be in this city.

Antonio was pleased with his party and his new wedding ring. I can't blame him, Shannon is a special lady. I'm sure they will be very happy with each other.

First thing in the morning. Time for a cuddle with my little Blossom.

Then it was Georgia's turn for a bit of a cuddle - after some diaper changing.

For such a little baby, our Blossom makes the biggest mess.

Travis, dude, why is your baby in the lobby on the floor?

Poor little Guy, at least your Da took you upstairs now. I know he owns a crib, so why does he leave you down here?

Georgia had enough of our maid. Most days, the maid claims her pay even though there are dirty dishes on the table, the beds aren't made and the toilet isn't clean.

So Georgia fired the maid and neither of them enjoyed the experience.

I went to the diner for a quick meal. While I was there Amelia decided to entertain everyone with her guitar. I came out later to find that she was flirting with Devin, the guy with the scarf.

I had a work request to view one of our competitors films. It was very educational, gave me some ideas to bring to our next production.

This is a great career. You get money from doing lots of fun and interesting stuff.

Macy's daughter Dianne was out too. I wonder if her mom is around or if she knows Dianne is out this late? She is a cute girl.

Another of the local vampires. Apparently vampires can get pregnant. Interesting to know.

I finally remembered I had a call to stop by City Hall. They had something they wanted to give me.

Georgia was out on the town when her birthday came around. She didn't want a party or anything fancy. While a party is always a good thing in my books, I'm never going to ask a woman to celebrate anything she doesn't want to celebrate.

She did take some time before coming home to buy new outfits and get a new hair style.

Nothing new here. Just Jack Harkness laying his charms on for yet another woman.  The man is incorrigible.

To be fair, I have never heard a single complaint from one of the ladies. Except for when he has attracted a positive crowd of them.

Here's what I picked up from City Hall. My award for Best Actor.

Bonus pics

Would one of you pick up the baby already? I didn't send you there to stare at screaming baby.

I think this is the first Sammy clone ever who didn't always automatically do baby first. He's still not bad, he does go if Savannah really needs attention. But not as good as some previous clones have been. Georgia needs more hints to tend baby.

Poor Georgia was stuck in a fake freak out loop when she was trying to fire the maid.  Stuck as in she did it more than 6 times. Fake because she didn't even get the buff from the action. I was beginning to think we'd never get rid of the maid.


  1. ROFL At least Georgia put her down in a soft spot of grass.
    And at Travis. Man, they are just putting those babies down all over the place.
    Georgia. You go girl. Get rid of that lousy maid. I love the last pic of Georgia having a freak out while firing the maid.
    If I remember right Devin is a cute guy. Can't blame Amelia for flirting with him.
    So right Sammy. Wish someone would pay me for going to a movie or going to a bar and buying a drink.

  2. So.. I'm going to say celebrities and babies don't mix well. ;) Why am I not surprised?

    Good on Georgia for finally letting it out on the maid. They're always so lousy. :P

    Georgia also seems to really enjoy that lingerie. Can't imagine it's very comfy to walk around the house in, but, I imagine Georgia's not the type to care about comfort as much as looking sexy. ;) Which would probably be why she doesn't want to admit she's getting older...

    lol @ Travis' new haircut. ;D And the babies on the floor. Seriously, guys. Babies go in cribs! Bah!

    And as a last note -- at least both Jack and Amelia are having fun flirting about. :P Amelia and Devin, hmm? *taps chin...*

  3. Yes, they certainly are leaving babies just everywhere. I know Travis has no excuse, I bought him a crib.

    I'm getting so tired of maids that do nothing at all. I think this was the third day running that nothing got cleaned in the house.

    Devin is cute. But Amelia makes a different choice, eventually.

    You do have to love life as a Sim celebrity. He gets paid for the darnedest things.

  4. I've noticed that many times when I first enter another house the baby will be on the floor even though I have given them a crib to use. They will always go pick it up once I arrive.

    Many times those opportunities and side jobs have kept Kat going.

  5. Hey Kaleeko, it was just a surprise to find that there is a Sam who isn't really attentive to the baby. Downright odd.

    Georgia likes walking around in the lingerie cause she likes watching Sammy drool. She knows it has that effect on him.

    I think Travis looks cute with his new cut. Which is why he has it. Not merely baby on floor, baby in the lobby downstairs when the apartment is upstairs. Sheesh.

    Yeah, Amelia and Jack are housemates - very affectionate housemates but they both seem to be spreading the love around.

  6. If Travis isn't careful, Sammy could nab his baby. But all he'd do would be to deliver to the crib.

    Good thing my guys keep getting opportunities cause everytime they get enough cash, I start redecorating a room. Doesn't show yet but it will start at some point.

  7. I'll be interested to see how you've redecorated, PiB. It's interesting seeing everyone's tastes. ;)

  8. Congrats to Sammy for winning the Best Actor award! :D Can't wait to see what little Blossom will look like.

    Oooh, I like the nursery. Very forest-y.

  9. I do the same thing PiB. Every time Kat makes some $'s, I spend it.

  10. thanks Cheezy. Sam was pleased to get an award.

    Glad you like the nursery. I love the Animals Abound sets. So cute.

  11. His award looks pretty awesome, too. :) Lucky guy!

    I'm with cheezy--can't wait to see what Savannah looks like down the road. Same with Guy, and all the other babies floatin' about. ;)

  12. Yes Kaleeko, there will be plenty of aging babies up when we bid this Sammy goodbye. Savannah, Guy - Guy's baby bro (not yet born but close), hmm, several other babies we'll probably mention before the end.

    I must have spent 10 minutes looking through my options on how Sam could display his new award. An actor always gives special attention to their first award.

  13. So many things going on here! Sammy earned his award! Congrats Sam!

    :( Those sims sometimes are just so careless with their baby. Poor Georgia getting stuck like that just to fire a maid. I'm glad you managed to fix it.

    I think Sammy really likes her lingerie.

  14. Hi MJ,

    Sam has done very well in this career. Rewards, fame, money.

    Sims do tend to be careless of the babies. Fortunately the babies are pretty tough.

    Sammy loves Georgia's lingerie.


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