Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - July 10

Rachel and I are still quite the domestic pair.

Sometimes the baby gets to be a bit much

But who can resist an adorable child?

Our son Indy, grew to toddler the other day

We decided to let his hair grow out a bit.

Such a handsome boy

And my cutest little darling

Laura's birthday rolled around and we had a big party. She and I started a bit early

The birthday girl headed for the cake. Wonder what Zayne and Geoffrey were discussing?

Nothing like a bit of dancing to make a great party

Our little girl is growing up so fast

I promise Indy to scare away the monsters in the room.

Dudes, the party is OVER. Go home

Oh dear, it's that time

I really have to hustle to keep up with Rachel, pregnant though she may be

Oh my. That baby carrier has our sons Henry, Rick and Jack. Three? Three!!! Goodbye sleep. Goodbye having the occasional moment alone with Rachel. Goodbye to life until they hit childhood.

Henry == Indiana's real name
Rick == main character from the Mummy and/or from Casablanca
Jack == main character from Jewels of the Nile


  1. There is an important lesson here. Do not get both parents fertility treatment unless you are willing to risk triplets.

    So we have one house - one child, one toddler and three babies. And only 2 adults. OMG.

  2. OMG o.O lol, you have your hands full! Laura is so cute!

    LOL, I loved Jewel of the Nile, in fact I even bought a copy of the DVD the other day... that combo of Kathleen Turner, Micheal Douglas and Danny Devito is just great!
    Have you seen "War of the Roses"? LOL

    They aren't going to be doing much exploring for awhile I suspect! I love the way Sam ALWAYS wears his hat! hehe except to bed of course... just like the real Indie.

  3. Actually, they might be doing a lot of traveling. Just imagine the lovely quiet and bless of fighting one mummy versus dealing with three crying toddlers. :)

  4. Oh, boy! Scrumptious update!

    Nice job of catching them both doing their domestic chores in the same place at the same time.

    Indy and Laura are beautiful children. Very, very good genes in that family. ROFLMAO at Laura's adventuring clothes.

    Scare away the monsters = adorable. I love the pic with Rachel holding Indy right after he aged up.

    Always fun to spot Zayne in somebody's game. I can't imagine what she'd have to talk to a Landgraab about, but then she's friendly to a fault.

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  6. Again, I love the names. I recognized Henry and Jack, but not Rick. I should've guessed. I need to see the Mummy again if it's been so long I forgot his name. And Casablanca, well now I need to watch it again. Just the mention of it is enough to make me want to.

  7. I got the reference to Rick but not Jack. Again, I spy Thomas in the background of the party pic. His back is turned to the camera. It's becoming a bit of Where's Waldo. Where's Thomas?

    Laura is very cute. Her outfit, her glasses are all perfect. Three baby boys. Wow. Mummies would be looking positively sedate in comparison.

    I believe you have room for one more in that house. I wonder if the happy couple will try for a full house?

  8. Sue,

    I did like the domestic chores shot, she was hungry and the dishwasher did need fixing. I love serendipity. Same with the scare away monsters, Sam's expression was priceless but how do you explain that look in his eyes? LOL

    That one pic with Rachel and the bald Indy, I love that I caught her head in such a great position. She looks particularly great then.

    Zayne and Geoffrey - maybe she's working out if Malcolm (I) is available. She did hang out with Malcolm (II) quite a lot that one Sam episode - the last time Sam had to deal with triplets. She could do worse then get involved with that family.

    As for the names, I vaguely thought about having you guys guess where they came from. But Rick and Jack are fairly common, Henry less so but still... :)

  9. Chrysame, you're right about Thomas, though he was already leaving the party. He had a good time but didn't want to hang out.

    Laura's outfit is one of the new WA ones. Recoloured because the top was pink and I can't see Rachel and Sam's girl being that girly. And that was before she had 3 new brothers to contend with.

    I think I'll kill the first of them to want another baby now that they've had triplets. LOL Drat that fertility treatment!

  10. Laura and Indy are just beautiful. Sorry Indy, you're handsome. Laura is all ready for her adventure. I still love Sam in that hat and he's so sweet to still be wearing the Panda shirt.

    See Indy, if you give the monsters the Sammy glare, they run away.

    Is Rachels hair a burgundy color? It looks burgundy on my monitor. I dyed mine that color once a long time ago.

  11. In real life? Cool!

    That's a custom hair color. I think it's called plum-something or something-plum. I love it because it looks brown until you see it close up in certain lights. It suits Rachel. It's easy enough to recreate that color. Let me know if you want the RGB codes.

  12. Sam will be keeping the panda nightshirt for some time. If you need to see him without it, get him out of bed in your game. :) And he'd rather die then be without his hat most of the time.

    Laura inherited Rachel's hair color. It may not be clear in the pics but it is very obvious in the CAS when I was picking a hairstyle.

    Poor Laura, will her parents take her along on their next trip or will she be left in a house with so many siblings?

  13. Sue, yes in real life. It must have looked okay because a week later someone I worked with walked in with the same color. I have had about every color except black. It's been dyed, it's been frosted, it's been streaked. LOL, I'm surprised I have any hair left. I will say I never went green or blue or any of those colors though. I stopped dying it now. It's back to it's natural dark brown with some gray.

    Yes, I would love the RGB codes.

    PiB, I just love that hat. I want them to put it in the store. I'll be seeing sam in his undies next time I visit him. You can be sure of that. ;)

    Myra got to meet him tonight at the pub.

    I hope they take Laura with them. She is going to need a vacation from her siblings.

  14. Here ya go, Dee.

    roots: 61,13,35
    base: 70,15,40
    highlights: 79,20,67
    tips: 70,31,12

  15. Thanks Sue. I wrote it down so I wouldn't have to try to find it again.

  16. Chrysame, I must kill Indiana Sam. He wanted a baby.

    Fortunately it was only a passing thought while they are safe in egypt facing mummies and not babies.

    Does anyone else have all the children in the family look like infants while a parent is away on vacation? The Grant family currently looks like 5 babies...though it sorts itself out when the Sim gets home.

  17. How weird. I haven't had that one, but I routinely have babies disappear from the thumbnails at the side of the screen, and have to wait for an adult to interact with them before they reappear. And yesterday, Travis went invisible for a while.

  18. Just in case someone who reads this blog has a need for insanity. Sam, Rachel, Laura, Indy, Henry, Rick and Jack.

  19. Opps, at least I can make it clickable

    Sam and family

  20. Ha ha, cool. I'm so proud of "our" little family. I just ran over and gave it a rec.

  21. Thanks Sue. It is *our* family, no doubt. Both Laura and Indy have Rachel's hair colour.

    Should probably advertise them on the forums, just so people notice them. :) But right now, I have new pics to upload.

  22. OMG, I wouldn't even try to handle a family with 5 kids, much less three of them triplets. I did recommend though.

    It brought me back here to get my Sammy fix.

  23. Recommended! It's been a long time since I tackled a family like that! I think I'll watch PiB deal with it! Much more fun.

  24. Well, at least two people have downloaded them. Though that doesn't mean they will ever try to play them! LOL Thanks for the recommends everyone.

  25. Maybe you should make a post about it. So many people want triplets on the forum.
    I wanted to wait and see another Sammy and Rachel post but I can't hold my eyes open any longer.
    See you all tomorrow.

  26. Drat, I was only a couple of minutes later then this with the new post. Ah well, I'll have to wait for Dee's comments. :)

  27. No you won't. I'm almost gone but not completely. I was slowly closing things down and hoping you would post.


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