Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - July 1

Our daughter Laura is without a doubt the best adventure in the world

For Rachel and Laura's sake, I've put off traveling for the moment and am concentrating on my job.

And then I find out that we're having another baby

Rachel has such an interesting style of maternity wear

Still, there is our little princess Laura

We need to work on Laura's room, it was the guest room till recently.

My irresistable Rachel

And our baby girl's first birthday

She's very smart

Yeah, I panicked again. Something about knowing a baby is coming


  1. Little Laura is so cute! I love her hair. Is that Thomas panicking along with Sam in the last picture? And you leave us wondering if they had a boy or a girl or multiples. Ahhhhhhh!!

  2. I thought the same thing Chrysame. That looks like Thomas's head.
    Laura looks a little like her mom and a little like her dad. She's so cute.

    I wish they would return the drawing at the block table.

    It's always so funny watching them freak out when the baby is coming.

  3. Damn, you two are good. That is Thomas, he had just made friends with Sam so I'd know what his relationship with Bebe Hart was.

    Laura is very cute. She should be a stunner with those parents.

    I agree about drawing at the block table. They have crayons and paper!

  4. I hadn't noticed before. The dino on the little shirt looks like the Loch Ness Monster. Laura is already planning on adventures.

  5. It's in her blood. She probably dreams of foreign lands and new discoveries. Wouldn't she be adorable in a miniature version of her Mom's exploration outfit?

  6. Oh yes and a hat like daddy.

  7. Yes, being an explorer would come naturally to her.

    She can hardly wait to follow mum and dad on a trip.

  8. She can hardly wait? I can hardly wait for her to follow Mommy and Daddy!

  9. What a great bunch of pictures!

    ROFL at Sam in his athletic clothes and that hat. Tell the truth, Sammy. You sleep in that hat, don't you?

    I love the shot of Rachel picking up Laura, and Laura waving her little arms in the air.

    It's official. Sam is the most perfect looking Indiana Jones since Harrison Ford.

    I know I made her so I shouldn't say so, but I really love the goofy smile Rachel gets sometimes, and that lovelorn look she's giving her Sam is adorable. She's a lucky lady.

    Rachel's a beauty. Really nice job of genetics. Mom's hair and eye color, Dad's eye shape and lovely mouth. Perfect.

    What a wicked cliffhanger!

  10. Why can't you say you love Rachel's goofy smile? Sam pulls some great expressions sometimes which I love. Plus I still find there is still something extra cool about your Sim in someone else's game.

    I do love my Indiana Sam. He's just great from hat to boots. :)

    I should fess up. This one wasn't meant to be a real cliffhanger, I just forgot to get a picture post hospital.

  11. Absolutely, PiB. I was thrilled when Celia had her Sammy time. And I get a little thrill when I see Dee has an update to her Wyatt and Marta story. Okay, a big thrill!

  12. I think one of my fav comments on the Sammy blog was you telling Celia to rip the vest and tie off Sammy. :) I never had deleted that game so someday I may get around to growing up Sally and Sandy properly.

  13. LOL :) Loved this update!
    Think Sammy would have learnt the ropes regarding the labour by now.

  14. Followed your link after you commented on my blog--it is great to have something new to read.

  15. Hey Seaweedy,

    Welcome to the world of Hi Mum, it's Sammy. It's good to see someone new pop by.


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