Friday, December 11, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - July 13

One of the new babies, at the moment I have a hard time telling them apart!

We tried for a day but had to escape on holiday.  The triplets are hard work. Plus being away from home reminds me how much I adore Rachel.

When Rachel left Egypt last time, she was in the middle of a pyramid looking for flame fruits.  So we returned to the pyramid and I found that she had woken a resident.

I tried, but he won the fight.  Exhaustion and fear combined to leave me flat.

I'm just thankful the mummy didn't finish me off while I was down.

Rachel did some well diving while I cleared a path

We would successfully clear the tomb and find the flame fruits.  This left Rachel clear to start on the next phase of her adventure, finding an ancient book.

While I worked to retrieve a lost treasure for a local.

Pushed so hard I nearly fell

A treasure chest, a sight to warm any adventurers heart.

Dude, now is not the time to talk to Rachel.

Because tents aren't just for sleeping you know.

Our babies were being cared for at home.

All too soon, we had to go back.  I have to train for the next big game.


  1. I knew I should have gone to bed. I started commenting and went back and clicked on a pic again.
    Anyway, I was commenting about sexy sexy Sammy and his sexy sexy hat.

    Awww, that's so sweet the way he is thinking of Rachel.

    That is a huge pick axe. Good thing he has lots of muscles to swing that thing.

    I love it.

    Now I can go sleep and not be thinking about what I might have missed. Thanks for the Sammy fix.

  2. This was a nice way to finish up my day. I was wishing for something good to read before going to bed.

    The mummy after the fight makes me laugh. It looks like he's doing that "I'm so hot" gesture with the finger, the "cha-ching" thing.

    LOL at Sam falling through the door.

    They make such a good adventuring team.

  3. Sam and the Mummy is the best thing ever. He is looking at the baby like, "Which one are you?" Very cute. Heehee. Flower petals over the tent. Yay!

    A very very nice way to end the day, indeed. Sammy fix!

  4. Dee, I've gotten in the habit of having two windows open. One to post in and the other to look at the original blog and look at the pics. I still lose the occasional post but fewer of them now.

    Sammy always gets a great workout when he explores. Pushing statues, clearing rubble.

    I was lucky I was quick enough to get the pic of Sam stumbling through the door. I laughed when he did it.

    They are indeed a great team. Now back to the hard work, bringing up triplets. :)

  5. BTW - they no longer have to move. I realised that they aren't going to need *3* garages and converted one of them to a new bedroom and a third bathroom. That takes the pressure off what I need to do to keep the babies from waking each other up once they hit toddler.

    Glad everyone is happy with the new Sammy fix.

  6. Well it was fun while it lasted. The vacation that is. Poor Sammy and Rachel, back to diapers, bottles, potties.
    To them the mummies, bugs and hazards are probably nothing compared to raising triplets. ;D
    I can hear them now. On their way back home discussing their strategy on ways to not be buried under all those diapers. I'm sure they talked about that wonderful night in the tent and how that night would have to hold them over for awhile. At least until the babies are toddlers.

  7. Those Egypt shots are great.. hopefully Sam beats the mummy next time!

  8. Yes Dee, I'm sure that the hazards of triplets are far worse then the hazards of a mummy or three.

    I have discovered that a traveling Sim really needs some charisma skills. Quite often quests require talking to locals and it is taking Rachel forever to get anywhere. Sam makes friends much quicker and gets through that bit easier.

    Worsiedog, thanks for the compliment. I love trying to capture Sam in action.

  9. BTW - I went back and found 27 downloads of Sam Rachel and clan. Not bad given they haven't been there a full day yet.

  10. Every time I look at that first pic, I can just imagine:
    My little Henry. Daddy sure does love you.

    Looks to Rachel.

    This is Henry, isn't it?

  11. LOL, those poor parents would be terminally confused by three little ones. Sam probably calls them all "Boy" or "Son" just to be on the safe side.

    :) Henry I can tell from Rick and Jack. He has Sam's darker skin tone. It's not a lot different but it is a little.

    There is no way to tell Rick from Jack as babies.


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