Friday, November 26, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 3)

Well, Mum, I'm still meeting new people all the time.
Today I met Amelia Kane. She's also recently moved to the city.

We chatted for a while and became friends. It's getting easier and easier for me to make new friends in town. It helps that I've met a lot of people now, that seems to help new relationships quite a bit.

Yeah, I know. You've told me before. Don't take my frustrations out on the people I know. It doesn't make them happy. Poor Amelia, she hadn't done anything to be yelled at about.

We did part still friends. I expect to see Amelia around the club scene, she seems like that kind of girl.

I popped by one of the local bars, and decided to use the piano onstage. So far, this is pretty easy to learn. I was sitting on my own, jamming away.

After I had been playing a bit, Georgia happened into the club.

So I asked her if she wanted to join my jam session. She didn't say a word, just picked up the guitar and started playing.

You know, with some practice, we could make beautiful music together someday.

After the jam session, I asked Georgia to form a band. She said she'd always wanted to be in a band.

I stopped the jam session because I was invited to a party hosted by a celebrity.

Man, this dude lives right. No tiny cheap apartment for him.

That's my host for the evening. I didn't impress him too much yet but I'll work on it.

I also met my first vampire. Damn, I thought they were legends.

Beau and I are now friends. And I'm wondering, should I ask him to turn me? What's the life of a vampire like any way?

It wasn't a bad party but not as good as the one I hosted the other day. I guess the celeb needs some more help getting things moving then he knew.

I hate cheap apartments. First the fire and no alarms. Now the shower is broken.

Thank god I live alone. No one but me to be annoyed by this. I can call the plumber in the morning.

The local Casanova Ben Lee made a critical mistake. It's hard to impress the girls with your mad skillz when there is absolutely no one in the park. Seriously no one at all.

I bet he was disappointed by the lack of tips.

I keep running into Georgia all the time. So I invited her over. One thing lead to another.

And now I've finally kissed her. Which lead to more flirting and kissing.

And then we decided it was time to go beyond just sharing a bed for sleeping.

I think Georgia was very pleased with our activities. She was strutting around for hours after.

I'm sure you would frown at me, we weren't terribly careful in bed. I don't think anything happened but it could have.


Better look at Sammy post sliders. I think Georgia approves. :)


  1. Meeep, Beau!! <3 And Amelia looks awesome as a YA. Hahaha, I still can't get over Sammy's look, he certainly does look like a boy band member! Actually, he looks a little like Enrique Iglesias. I don't know if that's just me or what...

    The parties that other sims throw seem to suck, in my humble opinion. Very few sims, no music, no food...just awful. Good for schmoozing though.

    I love the stride of pride, it puts this big goofy grin on my face. Sammy should be more careful, having an "oopsie" baby out of wedlock might cause a huuuge scandal.

  2. Proof that the latest Amelia in Kaleeko's studio is working. Finally have her in game.

    Sammy is seriously not impressed with the boy band look.

    That Stride of Pride made me laugh when Georgia first did it. Man, she is just so happy with herself.

    If Sammy isn't careful enough, he's gonna be a married man. No out of wedlock babies for Sam, his Mum says so. LOL

  3. Oh Sammy, I like too. You is looking hotter and hotter. :) LOL. I can see Georgia was taking it all in there in that last pic.
    Poor Ben. Ever since Ambitions was released I noticed the sims don't seem to attract as large a crowd as they used too.

    Amelia grew up very pretty.

    I am so glad you posted this before I go to bed. Took me a while to get back. Been getting what I could ready tonight for tomorrow when I will have a house full.

  4. Thanks Dee.

    Ben really should play at a park in daylight in Bridgeport. Everyone is either in a club or at home after dark. :)

    It's so weird having a grown Amelia here when we haven't even seen teen Amelia in Kaleeko's blog. :) But I got used to a grown Brad, Em and offspring so I'll get used to this.

  5. So much to comment on! Amelia is beautiful. I keep looking at her. Sam doesn't mean any harm when he's having a bad moment and she seemed to get that. I'm going to love playing with her.

    I haven't tried the band thing so I'm very interested in what you think about it and how it unfolds for our Sam. Do they have a band name? They need a drummer next.

    I love my Georgia. Look at her strut her stuff. I think of her parents and I can see both Marta and Wyatt doing that move. Sam must have been very very good for such a long strut. It just cracks me up.

    Georgia definitely approves. She's staring at his chest like she wants to eat lunch off of it. Maybe she did...or at least a little chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

    Ben will find the wimmens or they'll find him. He's Mr. Hottie.

    Beau is a stunning vamp. I must have him for my Riverview!!

  6. Amelia reminds me quite a bit of Meredith - as a blonde. :) She did get over Sam's bad moment quite well, unlike when he flipped out at Ripley and she let him have it.

    They have a band name but I've forgotten it already. They do need a drummer and a bass.

    Georgia is doing well. And she just keeps popping up in Sam's life. Not that he's complaining.

    Ben has wimmens - Macy keeps telling all the girls to leave him alone but they pay no attention. Macy may be preggie...I think I got a note about that.

    I think I like vampire Beau. I hope to see more of him.

  7. *laugh* Yeah, Ripley wouldn't take any guff from Sam but she sure did end up smitten with him. So much sim passion!

    I'll let you know if Thomas and Macy do well together. I'm curious to see if they hit it off. It's my little experiment! I'll grab Beau from Bridgeport and put him in Riverview.

    I really enjoyed this update. Amelia sighting, the band, Ben sighting, Georgia strutting and Sammy in the middle of it all. Good stuffs.

  8. I look forward to hearing how Thomas and Macy go. Red heads rule. :) How many kids does Macy like to have - if they get serious Thomas always loves a bundle of them.

    Yep grab Beau, he's definitely one of the vampires. I didn't realise it till reading Cheezy's blog where Beau was a vamp there too.

    Glad you had fun.

  9. Hehehe! Aww, looks like everyone is pleased with how perdy Amelia is. ^^ Which, she really is, I think. She'll be turning to a teen in my blog veddy soon, so that should at least get rid of a little of the weirdness.

    Feel kinda bad for her, seeing her get yelled at by Sammy! D'awww. Poor grumpy Sammy.

    Things are sure heating up between Georgia and Sammy! Woot woot! They're makin' music, makin' bands, makin' loooooovveeeee... What's next, babies? (Let's hope not! .. Yet!)

    Georgia looks particularly awesome doing the Stride of Pride. I got to see it in action recently, and... I about laughed my head off. Can't wait til I can show the screenshot. ;D

  10. Hey Kaleeko, Seems that Jeb and Mere did good work producing Amelia. Travis is also cute, he just has a personality that is a bit harder to deal with.

    Yeah, Sammy yelled at her. Silly old grump. Not the way to build your fan base. Still, he'll ask her to his next party.

    Georgia certainly seems to turn up around Sam quite a bit. Who knows what the future holds for this pair.

    The Stride of Pride has got to be one of the funniest animations they've done for TS3. I love it.

  11. I have to say, I'm happy with all three kids. :) All very unique, but you can still see who they resemble the most. Travis is quite the hunk in my game right now, too. The right haircuts make such a huge difference!

    Speaking of which, how long is poor Sammy stuck with that Bieber hair? ;) Or is his agent making him keep it for good?

    The hair doesn't look too bad in some of the pics, though. He's got too much of a masculine, mature face to pull off that hairstyle, though. I see it looking good on more feminine males, maybe.

    Belatedly @ Chrysame -- I'm pretty sure both Wyatt and Marta were secretly doing that stride, just when you weren't looking! ;) It definitely is something VERY 'them'.

  12. Yeah, I love the Kane kids. I'll have to put Brad and Travis into Bridgeport as Amelia's sibs so we might see any of them from time to time.

    As for Sammy's hair, you just have to wait and see. :) Not forever though...


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