Monday, November 29, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 4)

Recognise anyone in this picture?

Yeah, I got word that a new look was needed.

I swear, when I meet with that agent, I will make him regret this. Though at least this is better then underage boy band look. Marginally better.

Then I caught up with Hugo. He clued me in that I hadn't contacted a real agent. It was his housemate Ben, pulling a practical joke on anyone naive enough to engage an agent without checking credentials first.

He tells me that I'm not the only one, one dude was wearing pirate suits to visit swimming pools on Ben's "advice".

So, no agent but at least I can get clothes and hair that I think suit me. No, I will not slap Ben around tempting though the idea is. It was my fault that I fell for it.

I did learn a valuable lesson. Don't accept advise from people you barely know unless you can confirm where they stand in their field.

It's good to know that I'm not the only one getting stuck in the elevators. I asked Georgia back to the sports bar for a little band practice.

I'm glad this didn't put her out of the mood. We do make good music and getting better with every session.

After band practice, well, we tried out a bit of woohoo in the elevator.

It promptly tried to get revenge. Stupid people eating elevator.

Not that Georgia noticed. I think she was pretty pleased again.

Oh, I found a food truck in the park. Junk food is mine for the taking. Yummy greasy junk food.

Nom nom nom.

Later I found the disadvantage of junk food. It doesn't keep your stomach full for long. I headed out to the cheap diner along the river.

They recognised me! They gave me a discount for my meal.

My first bit of recognition. I really feel like I'm on my way now.

The Grind was pretty wild that night. The mixologist had a few too many herself and kept dropping the glasses. My boss was dancing on the bar.

And Georgia was there.
In fact, I've asked her to be around me a lot more.

Would you believe that she said yes?


  1. LOL @ the bar dancing, I have yet to have a sim dance on the bar/counters. :( One day...

    Ben deserves a butt-kicking, sure it was Sammy's fault that he fell for it, but if Ben hadn't dangled the bait in front of his face this never would have happened!! I'm still upset about the boy-band look. *pouts*

    Awww, he and Georgia are so cute together. :) *waits for babies*

    Wow...that elevator is just clamping down on everyone, isn't it?

  2. I have yet to get one of my Sims dancing on a bar but it was fun that we got to see one.

    Ben deserves to be pranked, we'll see if we can set one up. :) The boy band look was so not Sam though.

    Sam and Georgia are very cute. Start them flirting and they only stop from critical needs.

    Hungry elevators do people munch quite a bit. Well, at least elevators are never fatal, unlike Sims 2.

  3. LMAO about the agent thing and the man eating elevator. Georgia is doing a lot of strutting these days. I love watching that.
    Ben needs a good old fashioned whoopin'. LOL.

    Congratulations Sammy and Georgia.

  4. Bar dancing, table dancing, it's all so much fun to watch. Mean ol' elevator! That's hilarious.

    Georgia and Sam do look very good together. I might be biased, though. :P Nice to hear they're so affectionate. Kiss, kiss, eat quickly, kiss, kiss, sleep, eat, flirt.

    Yikes, the elevator killed sims in Sims 2. Again, yikes!

  5. I forgot about the elevators killing them in sims2. So that's why I never let my sims use the elevators back then.

  6. I nearly lost a Sim to an elevator in Sims 2. Basically, they could break and fall. If the Sim had full needs, they'd usually survive. But if they didn't, the fall could kill them.

    Sam does seem to do well with Tomasi women. He's fallen for Ripley, Marta and now Georgia. I wouldn't want to lay odds of her chances if he spotted Rachel Thorpe though - fortunately not in this hood. :)

  7. I was always much more careful with them in sims2 because it was harder to get anywhere with them and I didn't want to take a chance on losing them.
    Now...I just save a copy to the library every so often and don't worry so much about it.

  8. You should have seen the state I was in when my first Greek house at University became corrupt. I had 6 to 8 young adults there, several close to graduation - most born in game.

    I finally found a way to move them out. I lost all the lovely stuff they had in their house - career rewards from home, good furniture etc. But at least I saved my kids.

    I'm feeling particularly nostalgic because a) I've been sorting and naming my Sims 2 albums and b) Candi has been updating her Sims 2 Apocalypse challenge and I've been reading that since Sunday.

  9. I still haven't missed actually playing it because of the loading screens, needs falling faster, comfort and environment being way too important. I just miss certain things about it.

  10. The loading times and certain game design aspects, I don't miss.

    I do miss my families. They were all on gen 4 with gen 5 starting. The wild romance Sims. The vampires. The zombie. The Landgraabs - the ever entertaining Landgraabs.

    It was a pain to have to visit every house in the neighborhood that you wanted time to advance in. But you also knew that major events waited for your visit as well. No babies/birthdays/marriages etc without you.

  11. Right before I stopped playing it, I built a town with one of the templates. I keep wanting to wipe a town clean and build my own in sims3 but we have so many recolor options now that it would probably take me a year. I had stores, bars, houses, everything needed for that town but a restaurant. Didn't have an EP for that. I even built a mall. maybe I should build another mall. Problem is they can't buy clothing the way they used to.

    I love story progression so much. It's so nice not to see your kids older than their parents. :)

  12. :D How nice and cute! They look great as a couple.

    In real life, no one would do that kind of walk, I guess. I mean... it's just so obvious.

    Lol @ the bar dancing. I guess it's probably because of the drinks. The possibility of them doing it autonomously is quite interesting.

  13. Agreed the stride of pride is obvious and a bit silly. About time they added more silly to Sims 3. Sims 2 romance Sims did a strut if you asked them to go kiss someone on the lot.

    I don't know if my Sims will do the bar/table dancing autonomously but at least other Sims in the club could.

  14. On table/counter dancing autonomously: I've had Sims in my household do it, but generally it was after they drank one of the drinks from a bar that had the "question mark" stick in it. AKA, the one that garbles their traits. One of my Sims actually drinks those so much that their social interaction windows are permanently screwed up, always showing the 'insane' interactions even though they aren't insane...

    I don't think that was intentional on EA's part, but I actually find it kind of funny. XD

    You seriously must have crazy lucky with the elevator, because I've been playing LN a ton, and I've only had the elevator try to maul my Sim once. Hm!

    Sammy's new look: Um... interesting... ^^ *cough* I shall say nothing else. ... *holds back laughter*

    But, he's back to normal again at the end! Yay! I do imagine that helped Georgia say yes a bit more. She is a bit of a neurotic snob, she's probably a bit picky with how her men look! ;) Though, she seems to be reeaaaall proud of her kanoodling with Sam.

    And now they're dating! Yaaaaayy!! Sammy is definitely getting a happy story this time around. :D

  15. Hmm, we definitely have a lot of drinking to do. So many drinks and we've only tried one.

    My elevators must be underfed. They munch on people a lot!

    Poor Sammy, that last look was marginally better than Beiber but only marginally.

    Georgia has yet to object to anything about Sam. Though she has yet to see him eat and she doesn't yet know about his housekeeping 'skills'.

    Georgia is now a two star celebrity from agreeing to date the one star Sam. Not quite fair really. :)

  16. She's a two-star celeb from dating a one-star celeb? That makes absolutely no sense. I guess the tabloids just like picking up stuff about dating partners... Not to mention sexy women named Georgia make pretty faces for the front page of magazines. ;)

    I guess he's just gonna have to work that much harder to earn the same affection from the papparazzi.

  17. I agree that her popping up to two stars makes no sense and is slightly annoying.

    But he will just have to work a bit harder at the whole 'I wanna be famous' bit. Oh, and I *need* to take them to woohoo at some public building. I might die laughing if I can get Sammy to do the Stride of Pride.

  18. If you capture the Sammy Stride of Pride on video, I will probably squee for like 10 minutes straight. Nuff said. ^^

  19. If I share a video of Sammy Stride of Pride, it may cause multiple deaths of Sammy fans worldwide. LOL

    Ok, the project for the next time I boot the game - video Sammy...

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  21. Ha? There's a drink that able to change their traits permanently? I have to try this.. :D

  22. The drink's not supposed to change traits permanently (I think it lasts for about 5 hours, and usually changes a couple traits to Insane, Party Animal, and Daredevil), but one of my Sims is 'stuck' with a few Insane interactions on their menus. I went through Master Controller to see if they had an extra trait still tacked on, but no, that wasn't it... It's just the menus that are bonkers.

    They don't seem to use them autonomously at least, but it's sort of weird seeing things like 'Speak Madness' when the Sim is most definitely sane!


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