Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 42 (part 2)

What do you think? Should I host a show "The Nearly Naked Chef"?

Time to make some breakfast and I'm too hungry to dress.

What? No, not fire! Where's the fire alarm? Where's the fire truck? Why doesn't this place have a smoke detector?

If you want something done, you have to do it yourself. Including using this dodgy fire extinguisher. Would you believe it nearly stopped three times over?

So much for my stove and my breakfast. Cereal it is then. Glad my new stereo didn't catch, that would have been costly.

After the cereal, I went to the gym. I found an agent and the first thing he said was to buff up. Damn, and I though I was fit already, compared to some Sims around town.

Oh, but I found an unexpected bonus at the gym. Her name is Georgia.

Better, she's new in the city and doesn't have a boyfriend/lover/husband yet. A bit of a surprise, she's really cute.

I gave her a look and I think she might think I'm not too bad.

Did I mention that she's cute?

Freaking agent. Now he wants me to dress differently. I like that vest, it feels like an old friend who has seen me through some tough times.

[grumble] I hope this is worth the change.

Happened to meet a lovely lady called Shannon the other day. I love city life, the women are certainly fine around here. I'm meeting some really special ladies.

Don't tell the agent, I kept the vest.

To keep in the light, I hosted a party down at the Grind. Invited everyone I vaguely knew and paid for a round of drinks. The party went pretty well, I even had a celeb but there was a face missing.

Georgia decided to host a party at her place the same night. After my party had been going a few hours, I went over to hers.

It was a bit late so I suggested that maybe I should spend the night.

Yes, we slept in the same bed. We only slept in the bed.

Stupid freaking agent. Now he insists that this is *the* hairstyle the in crowd will be wearing. I feel like some teen pop star. A bad teen pop star.

If my career gets anywhere, I am so dumping this agent.

If I get stronger, I can really rattle his cage next time. What will it be next, purple hair?


  1. Sammy is already a one star celebrity. Go Sammy!

  2. I have got to stop posting late-ish in the evening my time. I keep waking and worrying about responses (or lack there-of)

  3. Wew Sammy!

    I like the new outfit, but the hairstyle... Doesn't fit him. ;) Teen pop icon is right, lol!

    Looks like things might be heating up soon between Sammy and Georgia... Mrowr! Shannon looks gorgeous in that outfit, too.

    And, looks like he's on a mission to get as buff as possible. That'll be interesting to see, hubba hubba. ^^

  4. He's been upped to 50% muscle definition - you can see it in the first shot. That arm has a lot more muscle then it did.

    The hair reminds me of Beiber - who I only know of because he is used a lot by Very Demovitational posters. Sammy is not impressed by it.

    Well, it is pretty warm with Georgia but since this was done, a certain Amelia Kane landed on the scene and he needs to meet her too. :) Still, Georgia has been very interested in our Sam.

  5. I was thinking he looked much buffer in that first scene in the kitchen! 50% seems to be about the sweet spot, any more definition than that and it looks like almost too much.

    Yes, the hair is veery Beiberish. Still, Beiber's got a huge fanbase, so maybe it's worth it, heh! (Except they're all like 10 - 16 years old, haha.)

    As for the womens -- the more the merrier! Still, I look forward to seeing Amelia.

  6. Sammy gets to be a playboy - at least for the moment! He's not really throwing lots of wants for a particular female last time I played. He will let me know when he's ready, Sammy always does.

    I'm thinking about who is likely to be Sam's new agent. Whoever it is will be crossing the Sammy tolerance line soon enough. LOL

  7. How nice to see a Sammy update after a long day of family togetherness. Woot!

    Sam owns a great stereo. The stove burnt up next to it but it kept right on playing.

    Nice guns there, Sam. *growl* No wonder Georgia was so happy to meet him. She's no fool, a snob but no fool. Fire that agent, though. That hair is not you. The black shirt showing off your chest is a winner.

    I have a feeling Sam's going to be enjoying a lot of women. Or a lot of women will be enjoying Sam. Or both!

  8. :) I forget that you guys are holidaying now. With family! Hope you are having a good time.

    Things may well get slightly worse before Sam gets to fire the agent. Poor Sam.

    Georgia does seem to enjoy Sam's company. But he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to settle down yet so he'll get to meet a few more.

  9. Sam should try woohooing in every location possible. One of new faves is the actor trailer he'll get eventually. Don't come a'knockin' when the trailer is rockin'. Oh man, you're gonna love that.

  10. You volunteering Georgia for the location woohoo testing? :)

  11. At least for one location. :P

  12. I'll keep that in mind when I boot Sammy next. I think he's in bed with her - again. Still no woohoo though, just sleeping.

  13. Woah Sammy. Awesomeness.
    Love the update PiB. I agree with the others. The hair just ain't Sammy, but I love that black shirt on him.

  14. Hey Dee,

    Yep that hair looks very silly on Sam. But the shirt is good.

    Glad everyone is catching up with Sam.

  15. Sorry it took so long to get here. I saw it was posted this morning, but I drug myself out of bed about 45 minutes before I had to leave this morning. I knew i wouldn't have time to comment so decided to wait to read it.

  16. I just have to remember to save the post in the evening and post it in the morning so I don't worry *when* I'm going to get comments. I can put myself into bad headspace doing stuff like that.

    No one's fault but me if I get into bad headspace from that.

  17. We all love your blogs and you have nothing to worry about. It's just such a busy season.

  18. I myself usually go to bed right around the time you usually post, so it's either a hit or miss whether I'm still awake or not. I do always try to leave a comment right away if I see a post though, I can always add more later if I need to. ^^

    I have a feeling Georgia is gonna get real lucky real soon. ;) She's probably really happy just to have his company... Always nice to have someone warming the other side of the bed!

  19. Bed, City Hall, Hot Tub, Elevator,'s all good.

  20. Don't forget the movie studio. He could always take Georgia for a tour and show her the sites. :P

  21. Thanks guys. As I say, if I actually post morning my time, then I'll have things to distract me until someone has time to comment. And I know the importance of waiting for time, I have to avoid commenting on Kaleeko's blog if that update comes in while I'm at work and can't read it properly.

  22. As for Georgia and Sammy, we'll see what he can talk her into. I doubt it's going to be hard for him.

    Some of the other girls I dumped in have already found a partner. Macy and Ben again. :)

  23. I have macy and Ben in my game but don't know if they found anyone or not. I know they weren't added together. I took the random route this time. Sims just got tossed all over the place.

  24. I only know about most of it because Twallan's SP tells me when Sims officially become couples/engaged/married/divorced. It doesn't worry about romantic interests so that can be interesting when you make a new Sim active. Ben is either the gigolo or casanova again. He does that all the time. :)

  25. Ben didn't get either title in my current game. He couldn't compete with Jon Marsh and Travis Carson. Heh. He settled down with Ripley.

    You all have given me an idea. I've never seen Macy with Thomas. When I move to Riverview, I'll put them in a house together and see what happens.

  26. I find out when I see sims walking around pregnant or when I have Katherine ask if single. Also when having her read the paper. I see sims all the time sitting on benches snuggling but that doesn't mean much.

  27. Oooh, I didn't realize the buildings counted as places to have WooHoo. When I saw the '5 sim/5 woohoo locations' wish I thought you might need an EP to actually complete it, but I totally forgot about the trailers and the buildings.

    So that gives... Bed, Buildings, Sarcophagus, Tents, Time Machine, Hot Tub, Elevator, Trailer.. I missing any?

    I can understand it hard to read my posts at work, PiB. Long and lots of pictures. :) I appreciate that you wait til you get to read the whole thing to comment.

  28. Chrysame, you added Jon and Travis again. I did too. I think about half the sims in my game are flirty.

  29. I don't think you are missing any Kaleeko.

  30. LOL, next thing you know they will add bathroom stalls.

  31. Sounds about right Kaleeko. And there are a lot of buildings to pick from.

    The want 5 sims 5 woohoo locations - is that 5 locations for each of the 5 sims? Otherwise that one is so dead easy Sam could do it in a day once he gets his charisma up.

  32. I wondered about that too. I couldn't decide if they meant each sim 5 places or 1 place for each of 5 different sims.

  33. Hahaha, Dee... Bathroom stalls... ;D I actually really would love them to add car woohoo again, though. Too bad the way cars currently work doesn't allow for it.

    I'm pretty sure it's that you must woohoo with each of the 5 sims in 5 different locations each... So 25 different woohoos. It still seems a bit easy, but mainly because it's so much more fun to do than just skill grinding. ;)

  34. [blink] my god, think what Thomas could do with that challenge. He'd have to go back to seducing married neighbors just to make it anything like a challenge.

  35. Remember when they could woohoo in the dressing rooms? I loved how other sims would come running and cheer.

    Problem is if they are a celeb they will lose all their friends. Katherine got caught and sued, but still lost some friends.

  36. One location per sim for the Master Romancer LTW. I read a walkthrough on Carls Sims.

    I love the scandals. Ollie gets away with a lot more stuff than Mabel. The double standard of a man getting to strut his stuff in public while a woman cannot exists even in Sims.

  37. Photobooths. Oh, the joy of the photobooths. Some would run over and cheer. Others came to slap one of the participants for cheating. And heaven help your Sims if Mrs Crumblebottom had shown up on the lot.

  38. Wow! I'ma gonna have to play a sim with that lifetime want. I started with Josh but that Josh is stiing in SV.

    Now that's now fair. What's good for one should be good for the other.

  39. I never had Mrs. Crumplebottom since I didn't have that EP.

  40. Mrs C was funny. She'd come to community lots and whack the heck out of any Sims doing *any* romantic interaction. Kiss, Makeout, woohoo, hug - it was all punishable by purse.

    Made getting a dream date a bit difficult. You had to switch lots and hope she didn't follow.

  41. Really, only one location per sim? That's super easy. O.o I guess they do need some that aren't as insanely difficult, though, like the Architectural Design one, which is nigh impossible, it seems.

    I really miss those woohoo spots. :( I forgot all about the dressing room. Agh, the Crumplebottom was awful on so many levels. Hilarious, but awful. XD

    Man, reminds me of all the things I miss about Sims 2. Sims 3 is awesome, but it doesn't have a lot of the fun fluff that some of the EPs in Sims 2 had.

  42. Sammy looks awesome .. in the kitchen. That vest looks good on him too. He's becoming popular right now, and all the beautiful ladies are all around him. It seemed only yesterday, he had hard times to interview celebs. Go Sammy!

  43. Woooo, go Sammy!! Nearly Naked Chef sounds like a good cooking show...goodness knows I'd watch it. ;) I just love that muscle slider, I don't know how I simmed without it.

    Ahh, gotta love agents. Especially sim agents. I love the ticked off look he had while sporting the new outfit, lol!

    Definitely miss the public woohoo dressing rooms, and even Mrs. Crumplebutt. Have to admit though, she's messed up more than one of my story scenes in the past with her antics. So...maybe I DON'T miss her. :P

  44. Hi MJ,

    Yes, Sam is looking awesome. The sliders suited him quite nicely.

    He's slowly working on his star status. He'll be a two star celeb soon.

    @cheezy - I was disappointed to find that the tv show "The Naked Chef" was false advertising. The chef was fully dressed the entire time. Sammy doesn't do false advertising, he is nearly naked. :)

    Yep, he didn't look happy with the new outfit.

    Mrs C did ruin more than one date. But she was still fun to have around. My fav was a date between two *very* active romance Sims. They woohoo in a photobooth. On exit, one got slapped by one of his lovers and the other was beaten by Mrs C. And they were so good at romance that they continued the date on another lot to Dream Date.


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