Friday, June 24, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 59 - part 3)

I decided to go ahead and arrange for some friends to celebrate my last night of bachelorhood for tomorrow. I found that there is a place called Red Rendezvous that has upstairs areas set up for various functions. Dance floor, music, nectar.

It's not a proper stag party, I don't know enough people in town to only invite guys to come.

The bliss of a good night's sleep with the prettiest girl in Barnacle Bay. Soon to be mine forever more, my personal ray of sunshine.

What more can a man ask of life?

"Sunny? Are you ok sweety?"

"I think the food went off in the fridge. That or maybe the smell of those dishes you didn't clean up. It's made me ill."

"Do you want to see a doctor?"

"I hate doctors. I hate hospitals. If you weren't sick before you got there, you will be after."

"If you say so. But if you aren't feeling better soon, I'm taking you whether you like it or not."

Would you believe that the home improvement books all recommend using a hammer on a toilet to make it unbreakable? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Maybe it's to break off any bits that are loose?

Well, it seems like an odd technique to me but it does seem to having a positive effect on the toilet.

I have made a difference at the station as the fire safety officer. Finally everyone is wearing their uniforms when in the building. Since our uniforms are flame retardant, that makes everyone safer when they go out on a call.

Not that I've heard of a single emergency in town that someone else handled. It's always me.

Sophie and Maximus seem to be getting along very well.

Sunny went over to the local park to earn some tips with her guitar. Amelia was thrilled when the Tomasi family stopped to listen. Marta and Thomas are two celebrities who just moved to Barnacle Bay to escape their fans in the big city.  It mostly worked, but they are now huge fish in a tiny little pond.

First Amelia took Marta's picture. Then she tried to impress her. Apparently Marta was not impressed by any of Amelia's achievements, and of course our household funds won't impress a soul.

My Sunshine found Thomas to be a little easier to impress. I'm not sure if it was her conversation or that she's easy on the eyes, but he decided to let her keep talking.

By the time she had to leave for work, she was pretty well acquainted with Thomas. Not friends yet, though they are well on the way to a friendship.

While my love was chatting up celebs and practicing guitar, I was out fighting fires and saving lives. It is definitely a more stressful lifestyle.

Then again, you can always say you made a difference at the end of the day.

After work, I headed off for the party. I've never actually been to a bachelor party so I didn't really know what to expect.

Sophie made the speech. Next to Sunshine, Sophie is one of the people I know best in town. The speech was full of "Tonight we mourn the passing of Sam's bachelorhood. Tomorrow he enters the shackles of marriage." kind of stuff. A bit silly but everyone cheered at the end of it.

Sophie doused me with fizzy nectar. It's a good thing the outfit is a rental but I don't think I'll be getting back the deposit when I return it. Dried nectar is an awful thing to shift.

While I was still congratulating Sophie on her speech, Ms Sparkles arrived.  Apparently someone ordered a dancer. I wonder who?

Ms Sparkles is very strict. She demanded our attention from the moment she set foot on the property.

So all the guys marched upstairs to watch Ms Sparkles strut her stuff.

She is very pretty but I don't think she'll be a final contestant on "Sim's Celebrity Dance Off" at any time in the near future. Her dance moves were a bit dull.

Too much nectar. Too much dancing. Too much party. I passed out on the floor. A stereo eventually woke me up and I went home.

Amelia was already in bed by the time I got home. There was a note on the table that she had something to tell me in the morning.


"Yes, Sunshine?"

"I have some news for you."


"Sam, we are going to have a baby!"

"A baby? Are you sure?"

"Yes Sammy, it's certain. I'm pregnant."

"That's wonderful news. A baby!" I paused for a deep breathe. "Sunny? I think we should go ahead and get married. Do you want to?"

"Yes, Sammy, I want to marry you. Could you take care of the details?"

"Of course, Sunny. Leave it to me."

My Sunny is tired and hungry. Well, the least I can do is make sure she's eating well.

"Sammy, you make the best pancakes ever."

"Thanks Sunny. I don't mind cooking the food. Just don't expect me to remember the dishes too often?"

It seemed like either hours or months since Sunny agreed to marry me. Time has warped out of all control.

No matter how long it's been since we agreed to the wedding, our big day has finally arrived. We will finally be husband and wife.

The wedding and reception was in the Red Rendezvous again. They have a small area set aside for wedding ceremonies.

"Amelia, you are looking breathtaking."

"I look like a blimp. Sammy, I don't know. Maybe I'm not ready for this. Maybe we shouldn't get married."

[sigh] "Sunny, you are the light of my life. I want to marry you. And you do not look like a blimp. You are, without a doubt, the most beautiful girl in this room."


"Yes Sunny?"

"I do love you, you know that."

Our friends, coworkers and a few random Bay residents gathered to watch the event. Sunny even managed to convince Thomas Tomasi to come, he spent most of the ceremony sobbing his eyes out.

"Our guests are ready, Sunny. Let's do it." 

"I, Amelia Kane, do take you, Sam Grant, to be my lawful husband. With this ring, I pledge to be faithful to you. To love you. And to be with you for the rest of our natural days."

"I, Sam Grant, do take you, Amelia Kane, to be my lawful wife. With this ring, I pledge to be faithful to you. To love you. And to be with you for the rest of our natural days."

My first kiss with Mrs Amelia Grant.

We are so happy.

Then it was time to cut the wedding cake.

"Sammy, the baby is kicking."

"Really? Already?"

"I think he wants out." Amelia seems to think it's a boy. I haven't really thought about whether I'd like a girl or a boy more.

Our wedding went so well. A few of the guests had to disappear before the ceremony or the cake being cut.

"See Sunny? That wasn't too bad, was it?"

"It was beautiful Sam. All the guests thought so."

"Are you happy?"

"Yes dear. Very."

It's bad enough that our wedding party had a few crashers. But both of the elders who crashed the party had an 'accident' while people were supposed to be enjoying refreshments.

You know me, Mum. Normally a mess doesn't bother me, but this was really over the top. For the love of plumbob, there are restrooms downstairs. It freaked poor Amelia out when she realised what happened.


Bonus pics

Well, Chrysame, I am still sorry that Marta is looking quite odd with brown hair. But the rest of the Tomasi family are fine.

When Amelia first spotted them in the park, Thomas had Tulip. Once Amelia started to try to Impress Thomas, he put Tulip down and within a couple Sim minutes, Marta picked her back up the did The Claw. So I think it's safe to say that the family is well and happy, even if Marta doesn't look quite her normal self. :) Tulip is a jewel and she makes me happy.

Thomas and Tulip. Thomas is usually quite the sweet and attentive family Sim. Adores kids, devoted to wife. It's good to see this Thomas is doing well that way.

These two pics alone nearly double the awww factor of this post. Just saying. 

Our first look at the evenings entertainment. Sammy got lucky, she is a hot chick.


  1. I probably should apologise to relatively new readers of this blog. This one isn't a real story like the past several have been. Sam has been sent in to test out stuff in Generations for me.

    We may or may not achieve a genuine story here.

  2. This is so cool. Sammy gets to have a lot of fun in this one.
    I see what you meant about the baby bump. It still would not have been that noticeable if she hadn't been walking the preggie walk.
    I realised while reading this that I used the same clothes today. I was remaking Wyatt and he is wearing the same everyday clothes and hair and the same formal wear. Different colors on the everyday though. He didn't get a top hat though.
    Great wedding and bachelor party.

  3. We are rushing toward a new generation so Sam can help me find what's new with babies, toddlers, children, and teens.

    Preggy walk does give it away.

    I'm not surprised you ended up with the same clothes. They look good on guys. No top hat? Sam didn't have one either until the event. :)

    Thanks Dee and hugzzz.

  4. The new stuff for toddlers, kids and teens is awesome. There is more to do than you can get done with just one child unless you set aging longer.
    I learned the hard way and with the advice of a friend. If you want the IF doll to age with the kid, take it out of inventory before having the birthday.

  5. This Sammy is getting several kids. He just doesn't know it yet. :) Nor does Amelia. It will be interesting to see how she does with a baby.

  6. Loved it and now I have me a Gen expret.I've been busy with a houseful of kids. 2 teens 2 kids and now 3 babies to worry about AE. I want the parents to go away so my teens can party

  7. Hey Rae,

    While I have other games that will also have the new stuff from Generations, exploring the EP more thoroughly is Sam's job. That's what he was made to do. :)

    Thanks for the comments.

  8. The wedding is beautiful. I can see that Amelia was being dramatic about her appearance :) But, luckily Sam is such a loving sim. He's so in love with her. She looks so gorgeous in her hair as well.

    It seems that they still don't have lots of simoleons, but I'm sure it's going to change soon. Of course, with Sam being so ambitious in his life he will do fine as a husband and father.

    That last pic of Tulip makes me Awwww.... I love her hat as well. It's just... so cute!

    Wow, now, I see what the bachelor party is all about, but everyone seems too drunk to even watch her. He..he... Love Generations so much, though I haven't bought it but from everyone has shown, I think I'm going to love the new EP.

  9. Hi MJ,

    The wedding setting was helped by the store set for weddings. The wedding arch and wedding cake are from Generations. Amelia loves drama. I did take a bit of time to set up the background and Amelia so it was a proper looking wedding.

    You are right. They don't have a lot of Simoleons. But they'll make do somehow.

    Tulip and her family are Chrysame's and on the exchange. She is the most adorable baby.

    The bachelor party was interesting. You don't even know if there will be any 'entertainment' on offer until a dancer arrives. :)

    Thanks for the comments.

  10. Marta is Marta no matter what the hair. Love seeing her and Thomas with Tulip. That baby gets plenty of love from her parents. And then, when babies are asleep, Marta and Thomas sneak up the treehouse for some adult time! One of the happiest families I've played in a long time. And their genetics really mesh.

    Sam and Ms. Sparkles! LMAO. That's perfect. He gets the hottie with the domination issues.

    Elders having accidents on the reception floor. Yeah, I'd freak out, too, Mia.

    Love the top hat. Stealing that for my next wedding.

    My Tulip is an young adult now. If you want, I'll upload just her. I'll do it anyway!

    I already know I'm going to want some of the Kane/Grants to download. BABIES!!

    And watch out everyone. I'm the best mood. After being lost for two weeks, our cat, KitKat returned at 2 in the morning. The vet says she's fairly healthy, has lost 3 pounds and will need to time to get her energy back. KitKat is my daughter's cat, her baby. Seeing my baby crying so much about her lost cat was devastating. Now, everyone is home and well. So, I'm beyond happy which means gifting!!

  11. Well, I'm glad it doesn't bother you too much since I really wanted those kids in my game. Tulip is too too adorable. They looked really happy in the park.

    Sam did get a good hottie for his party. Didn't think much of her skills dancing - I have a lot of Sims better than that. :)

    The only blot on the wedding. Two elders had accidents.

    Please, steal Sam's top hat. Hopefully he won't need it again this clone. :)

    Well, I'll have a Tulip of my own but someone like Kaleeko might like her since she can't use the family as is. :)

    Which Kane/Grants are you after? Cause I know of another couple getting married soonish. (You know, Penny and Nick - my little Brad clone)

    Huzzah! A lost kitty has been found. A daughter is happy happy. And Chrysame is happy happy! I'm Happy for all of you!

  12. I'll load her for anyone who wants a ginger tomasi. Might change her last name for the upload.

    I want Sam/Mia babies. Those genetics should be very interesting.

    We're a happy household now.

  13. I kept on looking to Chrysame's studio to find little Tulip and then I found them. I have downloaded the family and recommended them. They look so happy together. My family bin needs new genetics.

    Sam/Mia babies would look wonderful too.

  14. Might not work at the moment. I can't get to my studio at all. But she is a very cute ginger Tomasi.

    Sam and Mia are working on those babies. First one due in one Sim day. It will be interesting if we can get a child with a genuine combination and not a Sam or Mia clone child.

    Give the kitty a cuddle for us!

  15. I'll definitely load YA Tulip up on her own sometime soon.

    KitKat is getting cuddles and treats. Lots of love for our girl. This plus my health problem has made for a very bad June. So happy it's over and so happy I got a Sammy Bachelor party! Complete with Ms. Sparkles!

  16. Let us know when so we can go recommend her. :)

    I am so glad KitKat is home. Sammy bachelor party and a wedding party. I'm so glad that we have wedding arches and cake again.

  17. Oh my word. We just checked the mail. There were wedding presents! Presents! Yippee.

  18. Aw, beautiful wedding! I could tell in your previous photos that Amelia was a bit "round", but I didn't think she'd be that far along! Excited to see Sammy/Mia babies soon.

    Haha, fun party ;) Ms. Sparkles- hilarious name.

  19. Hey Amelia. The wedding dress was making Mia's pregnancy a bit more obvious then it should have been. She had another day to go before the baby was due.

    I was happy to have my first true pretty wedding. The guests actually sat. The arch means your Sims marry under the arch. And now our Sims get presents after a nice wedding! Presents.

    One of Sam's coworkers invited him to a party not long after his wedding. He decided not to go. :)

  20. D'aawww! Lucky Sam--got to tie the knot AND find out he was having a little one all within a couple of days! :D

    Love the nickname he has for Amelia, too--Sunny, fits well. :)

    Lovely wedding, too. :D Congrats to the happy couple, woo!

    Seeing Marta play with Tulip--way cute. She definitely looks sooo different with that hair, but I guess you couldn't get anything to work fixing it, eh? :(

    lol @ Ms. Sparkles, and Sophie's speech--totally made me giggle. XD

  21. Kaleeko! I was beginning to think you didn't approve of Sammy's romance.

    They realized Amelia was pregnant and both wanted to get married. Can't ask better than that.

    Sunny - gold hair, loves seemed to fit. His Sunshine.

    I made an effort to make it a nice wedding for the bride. :) Cause someone I know loves weddings.

    After two crash to desktop when saving Marta...I decided to give up. She'll just look a bit odd. Thomas might like her brunette for a change. He is obviously very smitten kitten.

    Ms Sparkles had a last name but I couldn't remember it so I wrote what I could remember. Ah Sparkles Sanchez (game is paused now and she is in his list of people) - Ms Sparkles is more interesting. :)

    Pity I couldn't do a more proper job on Sophie's speech but Sam couldn't remember that much of the night. :)

  22. lol! Of course I approve of their romance--me taking a while to comment just means I really haven't had time. XD

    *snickers* Admittedly... I do love weddings. How birthdays can bore me and weddings not so, I will never understand.

    Sparkles Sanchez? That is... quite the name. XD

    lol... I think Sam remembered more than most drunken bachelors would. Kudos to him. ;) Good thing his mum doesn't seem to mind hearing about such things!

  23. That's ok, it's just that I don't think you had said anything on the post where Sammy in his uniform proposed. That's why I was starting to worry just a little.

    Birthdays in Sims? Happens all the time. Weddings, rarely more than once in a Sim's lifetime.

    Sammy has been known to tell his Mum all sorts of things guys don't usually discuss with mum. :)

  24. Love Miss Sparkles, so funny. I also like the illustration Kaleeko made for the blog, very nice.

  25. Bachelor parties make an interesting addition to the game with the 'entertainment' that might arrive.

    Kaleeko's illustrations grace the top and bottom of the blog. :) Tis way more professional then the hacks I've done for banners for some of my other blogs.


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