Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 59 - part 2)

I've discovered that dates don't have to be expensive to be fun. Amelia and I decided to sit outside and watch the stars.

I found myself reaching for her hand as we settled on the ground.

When she didn't object to that light touch, I put my arm behind her to offer extra support.

It was a fun evening. We watched the stars. I pointed out a few of the constellations. I may not be stellar at this hobby but I do know a few. She whispered to me some of the juicer gossip that's going around town.

Another day at the station.

I discovered that no one has been maintaining the equipment. I have to fight all the fires and do all the maintenance?

It came to my attention that the fire bell needed some urgent work or it might stop ringing entirely.

Finding the alarm had been neglected was annoying.

Finding that the fire truck had also been neglected was frightening. I mean, I drive this thing at top speed fairly often. Either a break down on the road or at the scene of an emergency could cost dearly.

My day at the station done, I met up with Amelia again.

I decided to ask Amelia to spend the night. Since there is only one bed, we had to share it.

I don't think she minded sharing the bed. I certainly didn't mind. There's something very relaxing about having another warm body close by. It was the best night of sleep I ever had.

We did indulge in just a bit of fun and games under the sheets before we went to sleep. That might have helped as well.

It's dark. What woke me? A guitar?

"Amelia?" I grumbled from bed.


"What the hell?"

"Just practicing. You can't practice too much."

That's her opinion. Practicing at 5 in the morning definitely qualifies as practicing too much in my book. "Sweetheart, maybe another room?"

I ended up getting up and making breakfast. The guitar playing was very nice but too loud in that tiny space. I couldn't go back to sleep.

"Amelia, there's" [gulp] "plenty for you. Dig in."

She gave me the oddest look. "You did eat at least once yesterday?"

"Sure. Problem?"

"You eat like you haven't seen food for a week." Sheesh, just because a man wants to see if he can clean his plate in two minutes flat.

Oh god, I hope she's not a neat freak. Neat freaks drive me up the wall if they expect me to tidy up. If they care, they can do it.

Another dude turned up at the station today. I forget his name, it's a bit of a revolving door around here. I'll try and remember who it is if he actually turns out to help me at the scene of a fire.

Nope, another fire and no backup. Again.

This could be very dangerous too. Like there was a bed there, the fire somehow made it explode and there were fragments of burning bed flying around the room for a few moments. It was impressive.

Well, the guy lost his bed but he's very happy he didn't lose his house too.

I was also promoted on the spot to Fire Safety Officer. I love it. Red is officially a hot colour. My weekly salary is climbing with my titles. Also I get a bonus each time a fire is put out promptly with minimal damage. Not a huge bonus, but every bit does help.

Apparently a Fire Safety Officer is to instruct the other fire fighters about safety and so forth. It seems a bit pointless to me since they don't even follow basic safety procedures as it is. They never wear uniforms at the station. They never assist at the scene. Bunch of losers.

Nothing like a long soak in the tub after a hard day at work to properly relax. It will help to be relaxed and squeaky clean for my next big emergency.


"Yes Sam?"

"I was wondering if you...if we...if you..."

"Are you trying to ask me to be your girl?"

"That's it. Would you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course, you idiot." I would have protested the idiot statement but she kind of distracted me just then with a kiss.

One thing lead to another which lead to the bed.

I actually hope to get her to move in soon. I am suppose to work from 9 am to 5 pm. Her job is from 3 pm to 9 pm. If we have to arrange to meet up sometime after 9 pm, well, there isn't much night left. It will be easier if we live in one house.

I went around and checked the alarms and the fire truck. They are still in tip top order.

The recommended skills around here are learning your way around tools and fitness. The main way to learn tools seems to be reading techniques in books. So I go for training instead.

I'm just not the kind of guy who wants to spend hours buried in reading material. Concentrating on my workout is just more my style.

When I got home, it was time to ask Amelia two questions. The first was the easy one, would she move in?

Amelia said yes to that one fast.

Then it was time for the second question. Notice that I'm not playing fair. I stayed in my fire fighter outfit, because Amelia definitely thinks guys in uniform are hot.

For one moment, I thought the box was permanently glued in my pocket. It didn't want to come out.

"Miss Amelia Kane, will you be mine forever?" There was a positively heart stopping pause while she stared at the ring and her eyes got very big.

"YESOHYESOHYES, SAM. IWILLIWILL." Isn't she cute when she bounces?

She finally stopped bouncing long enough for me to get that ring on her finger.

We are both very happy. I see parties in our future. Bachelor party and wedding party in particular.

It has been a bit of a whirlwind romance but I'm in a dangerous profession. It's best to grab life and love while you can.


Bonus pic

Seaweedy's Junior Notorious is having fun flirting with Kacyn McPherson (kjanie08 - KaiSim)


  1. Wonderful update, PiB! So romantic. He and Amelia have finally tied the knot. The scene where Amelia and Sam cuddled outside, looking up at the stars was romantic.

  2. Oh i'm looking forward to shots of the bachelor party i haven't had chance to test that out in my game yet. I'm liking how this Sam is shaping up ;)

  3. Sam doesn't play fair at all looking all hot in his uniform. But, then Amelia looks pretty good in her "pajamas".

    Funny post. Bouncy Amelia waking Sam up with the guitar and him gulping down his breakfast.

    Bachelor party for Sam Grant? That's going to be epic.

  4. Whoa, this Sammy moves fast! Woohoo, going steady, moving in, and proposing all in one post! His Samological clock must really be ticking ;) I'm really looking forward to seeing the bachelor party.

  5. Hey MJ, just engaged. Sam wants a bachelor party and then we get to test wedding party. Woohoo for parties.

    Yes, the watch stars interaction is very cute and sweet.

  6. Hi Angiebeno. I have no idea how this bachelor party thing is meant to work but I noticed that only young adult and older Sims can be invited. So we'll see.

    There seems to be wedding cakes and wedding arches so weddings might have a few more possibilities too.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Chrysame, Sam even knows that wearing a uniform is unfair. And he's usually not that aware of the effects of clothes. Amelia's night wear is pretty - what little there is of it. :)

    Poor Sam, he's going to have to start asking girls if they play guitar. Cause if they do, they play anywhere and *everywhere*. LOL

    I hope Sam's bachelor do is epic. We'll see. I have no idea.

    Hugzzz for stopping by.

  8. Hey Amelia. This Sammy is storming through his relationship cause he is exploring Generations and the only way to do that thoroughly is babies. Lots of them. :)

    I haven't told Sam yet and he certainly hasn't brought it up with his bride to be.

  9. I figured that was why, and I'm excited to see his offspring.

    The bachelor party- basically, you invite your friends, they show up, Sammy will be changed into a groom-to-be outfit, and it works like a basic party (except for the "entertainment" that the friends might bring with them). I noticed that my sim also had the option to "sleep on the floor" after the party.

    As for weddings, you're correct, there are more options now- it works almost exactly like Sims 2 weddings now. The wedding cake can only be cut by sims that have the "just married" moodlet, and both people have to be on the lot to use the wedding arch. I suggest having the wedding at a time when neither Sammy nor Amelia have to work- my Sims missed their wedding because the groom had to run off to his job. *headdesk*

  10. Give them credit, Sam and Amelia are quite happy with their romance. Though I don't give the relationship any chance if I left them alone for a few days. :)

    Thanks for the party tips. I was about to have Sam arrange his bachelor do and then just wing it.

    I'm glad we can have more staged weddings again. The arch and a wedding cake makes it feel more like a proper affair. If I wanted informal, we could have just had a private wedding and be done with it.

  11. Note to self - never play any other save directly after the World Adventure one. This save was slow and skippy - but I'm hoping it's not the fault of the save itself. I moved here after playing Penny and eventually quit without saving.

    I hope tonight to have an epic bachelor party!

  12. Poor Amelia has been throwing up. Must be from watching Sam eat, makes her queasy.

  13. Love the new Sammy look.

  14. I came in a different way a few minutes ago and apparently didn't click the more button. Just realised there is more to the story. I love the way you are telling this.

  15. Hey Dee,

    Sorry you missed the more button the first time. It's a really really short post if you miss that. :)

    Glad you love Sammy's new look. He finally gave away his vest and shirt for this story because it just doesn't fit a fireman's life well.

    I do love some of the new clothes we have. And that our preggy girls have *way* move clothes options.

  16. Yeah, very short post. I was wondering why there wasn't more. :D
    I am loving Generations and everything that came with it. I especially love being able to take all those sims to CAS. No sim is safe from Dee these days.

    The only problem I am having is freezing if I evict a sim from one house and go to merge them with another. It doesn't happen every time but has happened twice. Guess I'll do it the hard way for now.

  17. Hello, Junior.
    I am off to read chapter 3 and I am quite sure when I create the tagline for today's blog entry, I will use the adjective hirsute to describe the new Sammy.

  18. Hey Seaweedy. Junior didn't get this girl, but he is doing well in his chosen career. Would you believe a Notorious working in the 'Warehouse'? LOL

    Hirsute...well, he is somewhat fuzzier than previous Sammy clones. He doesn't usually sport longer hair styles and we did have to try one of the new features of Generations. :)


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