Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 59 - part 4)

Home again on our wedding night. My lovely Sunny, my new wife.

I tried tickling her, she's very ticklish indeed. Amelia has the best giggle.

"Sammy, I know a better game than this one," Sunny told me with a small slap at my shoulder.

"Yes, dear?"

"Follow me."

Amelia lead me to the bed for a very different sort of a game. I must say she was right. It was even more fun. Our first time in bed as husband and wife.

"Sunny, my love, was the wedding set up to your satisfaction?"

"Oh Sam, it was lovely. It was everything I could have asked for."

I made the most gorgeous woman in town happy. It was worth very bit of effort I put into it. And the reward for doing it well put a smile on both our faces.

Sunny's been studying up on pregnancy and babies.

She alternates between being very excited about the prospect, to thinking it's all going to be very dramatic and soap opera worthy. Fortunately for my sanity, it's mostly excited about the pregnancy.

Me? I get to do the domestic chores. Like unclogging the freaking toilet for the thousandth time. Well, maybe not 1000 but this cheap toilet does clog regularly.

The only good thing is that working on the appliances means I'm a bit better off at the station. Handiness in general seems to be quite useful as a fire fighter.

I do most of the cooking. Amelia hasn't had much practice and if I cook, she can take care of the cleaning. It seems fair to me.

Of course, it won't matter in the least to me if cleaning happens or doesn't. Amelia has this tendency to be a perfectionist. If she cleans, it will be done thoroughly and right.

I must admit, she's not always happy to clean the kitchen after I've finished cooking.  I heard "Something spilled on every surface and every bowl used" muttered once or twice. I've found that a few kisses and a massage and all will be forgiven.

It's just fascinating watching Amelia's tummy grow. I listen and talk to the baby every chance I get.

Being married, expecting a baby, how much better can life get?

Miss Floozy Dina Caliente wanted to talk to me about charisma. Well, that's what she said on the phone. When I arrived, she made a move on me.

I let her know that I'm not interested. Not now and not ever.

Amelia wanted some fresh air, so we wandered over to the local park. Sunny amused herself roasting marshmallows. Then she chatted to people around the park.

I was reading that pregnancy book - god, the number of things that can go wrong is just scary.

Since Amelia was in no hurry to go home. I took the opportunity to work on upgrading my fire extinguisher. It's rare that I get a few quiet moments at work to do such things.

"Sam? Sam?"

"Yes Sunny?"

"It's time. We have to go."


"It's the baby. We have to go to the hospital."

It didn't seem like an easy thing, this birth of a baby. Sunny was pushing for hours. Then finally, in spite of his best efforts to stay somewhere warm and comfy, Charlie Grant came out into the world.

The hospital was pleased with the progress of mother and baby. So we were all sent home.

It seems like just a few days ago that I was a bachelor without a soul in the world that I cared about. Now I have Sunny and Charlie. It's like there was a hole in my life that I didn't notice until family started filling it up.

Charlie in his new crib. It's not an ideal location, the crib is out in the main room. It's either the main room or our bedroom.  Our home is quite small.

We will need to build an extension soon. There aren't any acceptable houses to move to in town. Or none that we can hope to afford.


"Yes, Sammy?"

"Do you think it's time to start thinking about a little brother or sister for Charlie?"


"I take that as no?"

"Well, not yet, for the love of plumbbob."

It was my last day off work for awhile. I spent as much time as I could with the baby.

I played with him.

Made sure he had plenty of milk and a clean diaper. I'd hold him after until he went back to sleep. Both Charlie and Sunny still need a lot of sleep.

All too soon, I had to return to work.

As usual, none of the maintenance had been done at the station. The truck and the alarms were all in a shocking state.

I swear, none of the other fire fighters would notice a thing wrong with this truck until it fell to bits half way to the next fire.

Amelia checked the mail and found that our guests had sent wedding presents. It was unexpected and some of the gifts were very generous.

She rather insisted that the proper thing to do was write thank you notes to each guest who sent a gift. Since she's still on maternity leave, she took care of it.

Back at the station, it wasn't long before there was a call about a fire.

The home owner had tried to dowse the flames herself. Her efforts didn't work and the fire was getting large by the time I arrived.

It took a couple of hours to squelch the fire completely. The damage to the home was minimal.

It's good to know that I've saved someone's house and belongings at the end of the day.

Someone sent a rather odd look doll as a gift for Charlie.

Amelia put it in the crib for him. I tried later to take it out but he fussed a lot. I put it back and he was quiet again.

Far be it from me to take a toy from a baby who wants it.

"Amelia, come eat while it's hot."

"Is the baby ok, do you think?"

"I checked when I got home. He's asleep. I'm sure it's fine. Come eat."

"Maybe we're handling the baby wrong. He's so quiet. It can't be natural for a baby to be that quiet."

"Sunny, it's fine. I'm sure it's all fine. He's not a fussy baby, the books all said that some babies rarely settled and others rarely fussed. Charlie is a quiet baby, that's not a bad thing."

A few more presents arrived today. Amelia sent out the thank you notes again.

We sold some of the gifts. It might or might not be what was intended by the guests who sent the presents. It is nice to have a fair amount of money though and not just be scrapping by. 

"Our son, Sammy. Isn't he quite the handsome little one?"

"How could he fail, Sunny? He does have a gorgeous mom after all."

"Oh no, I'm sure he's going to take after his handsome daddy." Well, we'll see. He'll be growing up far too soon.


  1. Awe so cute. I love the name Charlie. Can't wait to see who he looks like. Okay off to finish working on these updates. Whose idea was it to write a multiple part story any ways? *Grumbles*

  2. Thanks Rae. I actually know the answer to who Charlie looks like but you'll have to wait to find out. :)

    Poor Sammy, he used to have fans but they seemed to have disappeared.

  3. D'aawwww, so cute. :) I love the relationship Sam and Mia have--they're so very different, but they seem to get along so well in spite of it. ^^ They make me giggle.

    And good on Sammy for not letting Blondie hit on him! +1 ;)

    And yay, Charlie is here! Can't wait til that little bundle starts to move his legs. ;)

    Be careful about mentioning extra babies though, Sam... Mia's barely even figured out how to handle ONE so far, teehee.

    Looks like Sam's career is taking off well, too. ^^ Hooray!

    Yay for Sammy! :D Looking forward to the next update~

  4. Kaleeko! Yippee.

    Yes, grumpy Sam and excitable dramatic Mia are very different. I'm trying a bit harder then usual to make sure she has the proper personality. :)

    Actually Dina didn't hit on Sammy, he just felt argumentative at random. Made for a better story though.

    Charlie is up and mobile now. But that's the next update and I don't want to push it out too fast.

    Mia's actually been pretty good so far with Charlie. Which is just as well, given I plan for them to have 3 kidlets.

    I must say that so far, the fire fighter career is another one of the easy ones - like ghost hunter. I have to be sure he gets to the right place and starts extinguishing fires. But once he starts, I can safely leave him and watch over the rest of the family.

    Glad you liked the update. :) Hugzzz and smooch

  5. Wonderful writing, PiB and great update.

    Sunny and Sammy! That's cute... and wedding gifts? Oh, it's wonderful!

    You are very good at giving Miss Floozy **chuckle**

    I'm glad that Sammy and Amelia is happy with their new born baby now. Can't wait to see the baby grows up ^^

  6. MJ, hey there!

    Glad you enjoyed the update.

    Sammy and his Sunny - it works for me. :) Wedding gifts are a wonderful thing. And sending thank you notes == build relationship. Cool.

    Aww, that's sweet of you to say. I'm only 1/2 as good as Chrysame at such things though.

    They are a very content little family.

  7. Aww, so cute to see Sammy and Mia settle in to their domestic bliss. At least one of her relationships is working out! *sobs in corner*

    Must say, I'm jealous of Amelia- she didn't put on a lot of baby weight at all! Her bump was quite small by the end.

    Dad!Sammy is every bit as adorable as I thought he would be. I love the name Charlie! Also- that crib is ADORABLE. Is it from a store set?

  8. Sam is very good about relationships. I tell him this is the one you are to romance and he'll settle into it quite well. Early on, he met MJ and Kacyn and both are higher on his attraction scale. But all his romance is for Amelia. And she pretty regularly throws Sam wants. And yes, in other games, Mia does not like to go for relationships.

    Yes, her bump seemed quite large on day one of bump but it didn't grow much for day 2.

    This is Sammy clone 12 (plus 2 not real clones for a total of 14 Sam). Every one of them allowed to have babies is an excellent dad. He just loves the little ones. He can deal with 1 to 3 babies at a time - though 7 was a bit too much for him. :)

    The crib is part of the Wilderness set - it's even called Wilderness Crib. You can get it in the set or alone.

  9. Awwwww. One of my favorite names. Little Charlie, welcome to the world. Love the update PiB. Amelia just can't help but worry. She is looking so pretty there. And Sammy. Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. Slow down there. You are looking mighty good there wearing that green jacket in that, I believe it was the ninth pic. All happy and stuff.

  10. Hey Dee! Hugzzzz and all the love you can stand, headed your way.

    Amelia is over-emotional, dramatic and excitable. That adds up to mega-mood swings. :)

    Sammy, slow down? He doesn't know the meaning of slow. He is very very happy with life and his family. Married Sam with baby == happy Sam.

    Hope life is treating you a bit more kindly Dee. Thanks for the comments.

  11. Hugs & love back at you. I am very slowly getting better I think. Hoping for no more set backs. Trying something different.

  12. Dee, that's great to hear. I hope you keep getting better!

  13. Awww :) Charlie got his imaginary friend!

    I love Amelia's clothes, and Sammy's hair.

    Being able to send out thank-you notes is genius, I can't wait to explore the more family side of Generations. :)

    LOL, Looks like Sammy is eager for another little 'un.

    I seriously love the fact that Generations added more maternity.

    Awesome updates :D

  14. Hey again Cheezy!

    Charlie does have an imaginary friend - we'll see if I can work out how he keeps it growing with him.

    Wedding presents and thank you notes are both brilliant. And having more maternity wear options!

    Sammy is eager for more babies. And since Mia is already off work, why not now? :)

  15. Aww Charlie is a lovely baby name and Sam is such a great husband, wish i could find one that cooked although it is true that when men cook they use every pan, i do not know why?

  16. :) My hubby cooks. He doesn't use every pan but he does manage to use every spare space on the counter.

    Charlie is proving to be a lovely boy and Sammy is always a great hubby, when he has a chance to get married.


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