Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (Clone 63 - part 14)

The pet show was a lovely affair. The main event had been held in the interior of the Equestrian Centre, and the prize giving ceremony was held at the little outside reception area. There wasn't really much in the way of drinks or food but Merlot did ensure that we had the table closest to the area were the prizes were being announced.

Jericho was trying out a new style. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off him so I expect he'll count it as a success.

"Can I have your attention please?" Merlot had been running this show all morning and everyone was getting a bit tired. The winners of the smaller prizes were all off somewhere congratulating each other so we were mostly down to a few spectators.

"Everyone, back to your seats, please. We are down to our last award, Best In Show."

"Now as a number of participants in this year's show are aware, this show nearly didn't happen."

He paused for a deep breath. "A large number of the pets registered to take part in the show had been pet napped. Fortunately for us, one police officer solved the case and returned our pets in plenty of time for the show."

"So I'd like a warm round of applause for Officer Sam Grant, who has agreed to present the final award."

There was only a spattering of applause but that's more than a cop usually gets in a lifetime of service. I walked up to Merlot.

"Thank you. I'm honoured that you're giving me the chance to present the final award." It wasn't that big of a crowd but I still felt nervous that I was standing in front of them.

Merlot handed me a small white envelope to open. It seemed to take forever to open it.

"And this year's winner of Best In Show is Ms Thea Gem-Raas and her cat Tizzie."

Thea was completely taken by surprise, she wasn't even paying attention to the final award until her name was mentioned. Her little bengal cat truly is a gorgeous animal, it's not surprising that they won.

Thea put down Tizzy as I approached with the prize box.

"Congratulations Ms Gem-Raas. I believe that your prize is one years supply of pet treats and a small trophy." I offered her the box that Merlot had handed me once I'd read the award to the crowd.

"Officer Grant."

"Sam, please."

"Sam, I can't thank you enough. Without you, Tizzy might still be missing and we'd be at home worried about our poor little cat." She pulled me into a warm hug.

I smiled at her. "All just part of the job. I'm glad that all the pets were safe and well."

"By the way, Nathaniel wants to know about the security system you used. We both agreed that we want something like that for our home. Anything we can do to make it safer."

"Well, you'll have to talk to Howie Kernan, he's the man that understands those systems. But I think Howie said that it would cost about 2,000 to set up a system properly. Do you want his cell?"

Not only did Thea get his number, but several other nearby people came and asked for it, including Merlot. Howie was going to be doing a booming business installing security systems for awhile.


I had been quietly made arrangements for Jer and I to have a wedding that afternoon. A little ceremony, us and a few friends. Nothing big, nothing flash but an official wedding none the less.

Finding the perfect venue in town was difficult. I wanted something outdoors since Jericho is always happiest outside. If we lived near the ocean, the beach could be perfect but Jer never could visit the river without feeling a bit mournful about the sea. So I spent a little while before and after work visiting the possibilities. I finally made my choice and started the arrangements.

I had the wedding venue set up at the lake up in the hills, the wedding arch was as close to the edge of the pond as was safe. I know Jericho regularly fishes up here, and we've been up here for quiet times to watch the stars. It felt right.

Being a cop meant I had all the permits I needed at the tip of my fingers. It still took some time getting it all sorted, like a special litter permit so I could set up some confetti machines.

It was mid afternoon before I was finally satisfied. The caterers had come and set out food. The rented chairs were out. Everything was ready.

"Hey, Eddie. It's go. Get Jericho in his suit and bring him out."

"I don't know what excuse, Eddie, use your imagination."

About ten minutes later, the car with Jer, Eddie and Howie pulled up. Jericho took one look and stopped dead.

"Eddie said something about a concert under the stars." He stared at the wedding arch.

"He might have been wrong. It might just be a wedding instead." I grinned at Jer. "Surprised?"

"Umm, yeah. Guess I thought you'd forget about it."

"I was serious Jer. The Bond is more permanent but this makes us a couple under the local laws. And besides, it's party time."

He finally started to smile. "I have to admit Sam, it's lovely. If I have to do this the Sim way, it's a good location to do it."

It really was a stunning location. The backdrop of the local waterfall made it an excellent place for photographs. The trees had splendid colours as well.

Some of our audience looked ready to burst into tears. I was a bit surprised that Felipe would be so emotional over a wedding. Ice, I don't know but he certainly looked a bit overwhelmed.

"Jericho, my love. With this ring, I confirm that you are the love of my life.
My love for you is as deep as the ocean.
With you by my side, I would brave the fierest storm."

"In the words of your people,
After the waves end, when the water is gone, I will still be yours."
I slipped the ring on his finger and looked up to see his eyes were brimming with tears.

Jer took a deep breath to steady himself.

"Sam, my love. With this ring, I confirm that you are the love of my life.
My love for you is as deep as the ocean.
With you by my side, I would brave the fierest storm.
After the waves end, when the water is gone, I will still be yours."

He looked at me with a mischievous smile. "Hey, you know what I want for a wedding present?"

"I don't know Jericho but if it's in my power to give you, I will."

"A baby. I want another baby."

I grinned. "You know. I made another trip to the science lab the other day. I think you might just get lucky with this wish."

With that, Jer could wait no longer. Our first official smooch as a married couple.

"So, that wasn't too awful, was it?"

"It was fine, Sam. And you do know that I'd do a lot more than this if that's what it takes to make you happy?"

I could feel the honest truth behind those words. Jericho would be willing to do almost anything for me. "Love," I replied softly. "I know. I'd do almost anything for you too."

It was time to cut the cake.

Jericho managed to grab the first slice but then the crowd came over and it took forever for me to get a piece.

Where were these guys hiding? I didn't see them a few minutes ago?

I hired one of the local paparazzi to take photos of the wedding. He was going to be there anyway, why not make it all official?

After the main event, we both spent some time chatting to our guests.

Eventually we headed for home. The party seemed to be rocking on but there are more things to do on your wedding night then just hang around and chat to people. You know, important things like checking out how sturdy the bed is.

Dawn over the plains. A new day and I get to start it with my new husband. I don't think that life will get much better.

Someone managed to muck up the paperwork. I had thought we were going to be Seastriders but apparently it's the Grant family.


Dawn over Appaloosa Plains

Bonus pics

I quite like this look for Jer.

Our puppy finally grew up!

Not the world's prettiest dog though.

Howie, what do you call that look? I call it weird.

Guys and the toddlers.
Sammy might just like Jer's look too. Then again, Sam has never been very picky about how his mate looks.

Don't ask, I like Sam's eyebrow there.

Obligatory shirtless male one.

Can't even train a dog without paparazzi around.

Guys, wedding?

Ice, wedding!

Seriously, wedding damnit! It's happening right now.

Such males. Ignore the wedding but show up for food.

Shirtless male pic 2. Sam's children don't know that men can wear shirts at home.

Sign of a doomed game.

silly look

What happened to Tizzy! Fortunately, she went back to normal.

Merlot, scene stealer. Bad.


  1. Aww Howie's look made me laugh he's so style challenged! Lovely wedding for the guys though and yey for some more cute babies :-)

    1. That outfit - I was just stunned. Thank you for Howie, he is a cute little geek. Glad you liked the wedding.

  2. Ah wedding! Yay! Time for some (more) babies!! :D

    I liked Jer's red shoes lol

    1. Indeed. Jericho gets married. Jericho wants baby. Since Sam always loves babies...

      His choice, those shoes. I just told him to switch to formal. :)

  3. Weddings are a bear to carry off! Getting the guests to cooperate is a nightmare! :P

    Those bureaucrats are always mucking something up!

    I'm always afraid to put other people's sims in my game! Especially simselves! I fear something may happen that will tick off the creator! :P

    hmmm...Jer in the shirt...made me think of blue velvet for some reason!

    1. I could have added them to the household for the duration but I don't mind pointing and laughing at them for silly!

      Indeed, some of the paperwork has to get stuffed.

      I love using other people's normal Sims if they don't mind. This is my first lot of Simselves, they scare me a good bit more.

      And to be clear, my Sims are available for download. They can be abused in any way that takes your fancy. I've watched Shrimp seduce someone (much more involved here) and die for it. There are nearly 600 Sam Grants somewhere - I've seen him have babies, families etc in other stories.

      Sim males are not allowed shirts at home. I said so. :)

  4. Awwweh I loved the wedding!! Jer and Sam are so cute together!


    1. Thanks SimChick. I agree, they do make an adorable couple

  5. Loved the wedding, Jer's schmoopy faces are always great. I love that Sammy was able to keep it a surprise for him too.


    1. Jericho is a lovely blue boy. He does make some great faces.

      Sammy worked hard to make sure the wedding would be right for his mate. He wouldn't dare do less. :)

  6. Awww, beautiful wedding! And I love all the scenery pics- Appaloosa Plains can be quite pretty. Great job!

    1. Thanks. It's not hard doing a pretty wedding but if you don't move them all into your house, the guests may not behave. :)

      I think all of the EA locations have special charm. You just have to look for it.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Best in show yay!! Super cute wedding and can't wait for more babies¬

    1. Thea! Your simself and kitty did do very well in the show. And she was at the wedding as well. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  8. Awww, yay!! It's official! <3 Beautiful vows, too--very fitting for the both of them! Gaah, warms my heart. I can tell that he might just be one of your favorite Sammy-partners, yet! Go Jericho!

    Got a chuckle out of Jericho's new do tested out--it suits him, but definitely an interesting pick, lol. ^^ Sorry Sam, but I like Jericho's mohawk better! They both looked super handsome at the wedding, though! ♥

    Awww, Thea--best in show! I can't say I don't agree with the judges--the kitty is absolutely adorable!

    I loved all the extra screenshots on this one--the scenery around Appaloosa Plains is gorgeous, isn't it? The lighting there is great. :D And hey, their dog may not be winning any beauty pageants anytime soon, but he's got character, and that's what matters! His big nose and spots are just too cute.

    Also got quite a lot of chuckles out of everyone not paying attention during the vows--doh! C'mon folks, you can wait to read til later, lol!

    Lovely wedding, PiB! ♥ Never ever can go wrong with one of those. :D

    1. Jericho has been a delight and for some reason they go all lovestruck and soppy on me when I go to write. So, yeah, Jer is officially a top rated Sammy spouse. They suit each other view well.

      I like the test hair so you will get to see more of it. It was time for Jer to have a small change up. They were lovely grooms under the arch, no question.

      Thea best of show. We were all pleased about that. :D

      You can tell I let the wedding guests do what they want. Which is why so few guests notice the wedding.

      The guys were very happy about their wedding. Took Jericho about 1 minute to want a baby. LOL

  9. The wedding was beautiful. <3 Jer's new look. OMG. XD

    1. They are an adorable couple. And Jer's new look was fun. Fortunately, Sims really don't mind how you dress them up. LOL

  10. Loved the wedding and the vows! The scenery pics were gorgeous. I've been putting Nathaniel in my saves lately and it's been fun watching who he ends up with and the kids he produces.

    As always, the boys look great together!

    1. Nathaniel has been in the background of several of my games. This is the first where he took the big leap into a relationship.

      glad you enjoyed!

  11. Oh dear Lynn, I will have to bill you for tissues, I laughed that I cried, and cried besides in this one.

    First of all the vows... Sigh

    THANKYOU for the Jer BUM pic!!!!!!!! <3

    LOL, Howie's outfit, loved the hairy legs HAHAHAHAHA

    The puppy ~ pavement specials always make the best pets <3

    Jer would look good in anything, even in undies... more undies pics!!!!! LOL

    The way Sam romantically planned the wedding.. sigh

    Now I see why dork cop is how he is, anyone who is 'allergic' to cats... is ... nevermind, that is another rant.

    LOL at Ice and Felipe when the vows were exchanged.

    Before I forget again... let me remember to mention that I simply adore the little freckles on Jer's face....

    Poor stretched cat, eish this game and it's glitches it could have on some days.

    Lovely, lovely update!


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