Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 22 (The fifth eviction)

Mum, time for

Welcome back to Desperate Bachelor. This is day five in the house.  I'm your host Rory Upyurs. 

Our stupid voice-over ...

I have my eyes on you Sam Grant.

Time for the afternoon foosball tournament.

Can't we read?  I could study cooking even without a stove.

No, foosball it is.  So, who is good at this game?

We all prefer Sammy's team.  He is good at this. He always has the winning side.

Sam's challenge for the afternoon is to kiss the girls.  Kacyn?   

My first kiss.  I'm so happy.  A kiss.

I did have to do a number of romantic interactions first but she let me kiss her.  That was so fine.


Such a fine kiss.

So, how was it AJ?

Well, he is excellent at flirting.

Kacyn?  You came back to see Sam?

He only just kissed me.  What is he doing with AJ?  Why?  NO!!!

Kacyn? Why did she have to come here?  Damn.


Definitely off putting.  Kacyn can in just as things were going well.

So AJ, you refused?

Yes, after Kacyn came in, I really wasn't ready for Sam to kiss me.


Sorry Sam but I'm not ready.

Well, we were having a good time up until here.  But I failed to kiss either AJ or Rachel.

So Sam struck out two out of three times.  Nearly perfect, too bad Kacyn let him kiss her.

It wasn't scheduled but we had a group marshmallow toasting.  It was a good end to a traumatic day.

I can't believe that Sam betrayed me.  It was magic.  It was our first kiss.

Sam, what are you doing?  You are supposed to be sleeping and this is not part of the game.

I don't care about the game.  She hates me and I don't want to leave our relationship like that.


I went to apologise.  And make it up to her.


After I apologised, I let her yell at me.  Still startled the hell out of me.

Into AJ's bed?

[Laugh] Good illusion that. Looks like I'm half stuck in the bed.

After letting me yell at him, then Sam let me chatter away about cooking.  He was really listening too.

I  felt that it was time to really listen to her. She had a nasty surprise today.

We then discussed favourite colours. We don't agree on the best colour but he's still really listening.

Sam!  You wouldn't!  This is so far out of the rules.

I wanted to know if Kacyn was willing to forgive me for being a crass male.  The answer was yes.

Kacyn, how could you trust him again?

He's a real charmer.  I love him.  How could I stay angry?

So Rachel, I'm sure you told him off for trying to kiss you yesterday.

When he's talking about science and space?  Do you think I'm mad?


An excellent hug.  A girl could get used to this sort of thing.

So could I.  This feels like something I've done many times...but I never met Rachel until this week.


He's still treating me as though I might break.  We chatted about the theatre.

Then we held hands.  I was mad yesterday.  I felt betrayed.  And now when I see him, I remember how much I love him already.

AJ, in the sprinkler again?

I'm Aquarius, a water baby.  Give me lots of water, baby.

So how do you feel about our bachelor

He seems to have noticed my favourite subject.  But wait, where's the sprinkler gone?

I had some people remove it.  Spending all day doing nothing but play in the sprinkler is disturbing.

It's been obvious what to talk to AJ about if you want her full attention.  Mention water and she's there.

AJ, you should know that Sam has been hugging Rachel as well.

Hey, who's breaking the rules now? I'm sure you can't do that.

Do you think I care Rory?  I knew that Sam would be making the rounds, it's part of the game.

Two souls with a single thought.  It must be meant to be.

Yuck, horrible thought.

Sam, it's time to send one of the girls away.  Which one is it today?

I hate to do this.  I really feel that Kacyn and I share something special.  But our relationship isn't going as well as the others.


I wish I hadn't gone into the room just then.  My heart was broken and my chances ruined.

So Kacyn, what's next?

I've had a great offer to be on the next celebrity chef challenge.  I can work on my dreams.

Good luck for your future.

Next time will be the final challenge.   Which girl will Sam Grant choose and which girl will leave forever.


  1. Rachel! No, AJ! No, Rachel! Ack!

    Laughed and laughed at this one. The drama!!

  2. Can't decide? They are both good choices.

    Poor Kacyn, her first kiss ruined so soon. She was a definite contender up to that point.

    Excited about the last installment?

  3. I was LMAO as usual. I must say I thought it was going to be AJ, and then I thought it was going to be Rachel. I had no idea it would be Kacyn, even after the argument.
    All was funny but the funniest part was when she "startled the hell out of me". :D I saw in that one that AJ was dreaming about fishing. Of course, it has to do with water.

    Thank you so much for taking that sprinkler away.

    Mr. Upyurs, you just wait. Someday you are going to be in one of my games. *evil laugh*

  4. Oh, I can't wait to see who is going to win.

  5. I just couldn't take AJ and that sprinkler. She just will not leave the things alone unless you force her.

    If you had AJ as a single parent, how long before her baby would be taken away for neglect if there was a sprinkler on the lot?

    Kacyn actually seriously disliked both Sam and AJ when she found him flirting. He got it back just barely on the friend side of the scale. But she's so attracted to him now that he had a big range of romantic options.

  6. I'll know to have a hydrophobic sim if I want one that needs a sprinkler for their garden. Everytime I have given a sprinkler to anyone I have ended up taking it away because they get on my nerves after awhile. AJ is the biggest pain, when it comes to sprinklers though.
    She would probably lose the baby right away.

    I bet Kacyn regrets getting so jealous.

  7. BTW - can you guys see why it took so very long to finish. That was a lot of drama and a lot of pics.

    Dee, I've had Thomas Leman have sprinklers in several of his gardens. Every once in a while, one of his children will play in it. It's rare.

    AJ's first family, four children, one husband. And she was the only one who played in it. She's just insane about it though.

  8. I wonder if any of our sims will be that nuts over the trampoline that's coming with Ambitions? Does it have the same attraction?

    I know I can't wait to see what happens. I have no idea who it will be in the end. Although, make sure you send Sammy out for a tour of City Hall with Ripley. It will be scandalous! *laughs*

  9. I've realised when I'm going to install Ambitions. After Twallan gives the thumbs up that SP and SC are ok to go.

    Why would a tour of City Hall with Ripley be scandalous? [innocent blink] I'm sure it's educational

  10. I can't wait that long. I'll muck about with Ambitions and when Twallan's ready then I'll reinstall his mods.

    I'll be using my Tomasi blog for Ambitions.

    A city hall tour with Sammy is bound to be educational. *snickers*

  11. Twallan has a reputation of updating or checking the mods very quickly after every major release. If it's only an extra week or so, I can wait. :)

    Hmmm, I guess I better have a post show post Hi Mum letter. :)

  12. OMG This makes me want to do a challenge! I started a couple in Sims 2 but I never got to finish them because I lost the games.

    Your posts have been so funny. It's amazing what those sims will do when left to their own devices.

    AJ needs to join Sprinkler Hoppers Anonymous.

  13. I'm so glad you enjoyed it KaiSim. I've been having fun running through it and I loved that Sims usually manage to provide drama at some point in the proceedings without me forcing it.

    Kacyn is highly compatible with Sam. :)

  14. LOL @ "Sprinkler Hoppers Anonymous.
    I was late getting here tonight. Husband was working on our internet. He finally got it fixed. For good I hope.

    I am as excited for Ambitions as a child would be for Christmas.
    I really hope it's not too glitchy to play.

    Really really looking forward to the next update. I agree, Ripley and Sam need a tour......somewhere. Since Sam is so into politics, it would have to be City Hall, in the judges chambers. :)

  15. I hope hubby has fixed your internet for good. Fingers crossed.

    I'm looking forward to which of the two last girls is going to be Sam's choice. I'm glad that Rachel made it this far, it does show why she and Indiana Sammy could happily raise 5 children and adventure everywhere. AJ is slightly ahead last time I looked but only by a whisker. And in that house, anything could happen yet.

  16. Me too Pib, me too. I didn't like using unsecured.

    I have to say that I like both of them. I'll be happy for whoever wins.

    Now AJ, you get your butt to work and win this thing. :)

  17. I can't wait to find out who won Sam's hand. And I'm not rooting for either lady. Okay, I am. But, I'm not saying in case I jinx her.

  18. Yeah, don't say. No jinx's allowed.

  19. Besides, I'm afraid of Dee. She'd kick my butt. She's tough! Josh told me all about it.

  20. LOL at you two. I have no clue, my game is only a few minutes beyond what you've read.

    Now, let's see Dee is for AJ so Chrysame needs to balance that with a vote for Rachel. :) Someone needs to back our sneaky geek.

  21. LOL, and Josh should know. :)

  22. I have a feeling Chrysame is pulling for the sneaky geek. *nods head*

  23. Oh, I am, PiB. *whispers* But, don't tell Dee.

  24. Us geeks have to stick together.

  25. Oh, crap. *hides*

  26. Ok, I fess up. I *hope* Rachel wins only because of AJ and her need for therapy about sprinklers. And geeks are good. :)

    But I'll be good and let them work it out themselves.

  27. Time out for you young lady and no more jelly donuts.

  28. Geeks rule! *hugs her comic books*

  29. No more jelly donuts for you either PiB.

  30. Oh man, now I want a jelly donut. Just for that you have to make me a cute, female sim, Dee. And your chica for Rory does NOT count.

  31. I'll put AJ's sprinkler back and not let Sammy near her if she's playing... :)

  32. Why not? Don't you think she's.....just adorable? Upyurs is gonna love her.

    Don't you dare PiB.

  33. Sammy would never be able to go near her again because she would never stop playing.

  34. Ya just don't threaten a girl's jelly donut, Dee.

  35. LOL - yep, see what happens when you threaten the donut supply!

    Your chica should be an excellent match for Rory. Just his type. Who's going to be first to dump the pair of them in a house and see what happens.

  36. Hmmm, I'll take that challenge, PiB. I'll download her and put them in a house.

  37. Ok, I take it back. *hangs head*. You two just get timeout.

    I may just put them in a house together in a new game this weekend. Maybe I'll do a short story on them. They both have the same traits. I'm curious to see what will happen with them.

  38. And new cute sim chica? Maybe a blonde? *winks*

  39. A new cute Sim with no store content? Or a version like that just for me?

  40. Just the one version. I can change clothes and hair when I download her cuteness. Woot! Dee's making us a sim.

  41. Glad you are both thinking about matching Rory and his new girl. I think I may have a project in hand already...and you wouldn't want me to delay it would you? LOL

  42. Nah, tease is when I let you know that I know what's about to happen and you don't. Like Sammy getting a phone call from work just before he tells mum about his new lover. :) (I loved the comments I got about that episode!)

    Delaying this story for Rory would be downright cruelty. :)

  43. It would be, indeed.

  44. LMAO, so it's already decided. I seem to be planning a new sim that I didn't know I was planning. Punishing you two is something else.

    Not tonight of course but I will make a new sim. A blonde, maybe hair streaked like Josh's was before he became old and not handsome anymore.
    What traits do you two, ganger uppers, want?
    Each give me 5 traits and I'll choose from them.

    No pib, don't delay your project. I like your projects.

  45. We have a Rory story coming!!

  46. Yay for our punishment!

    Hopeless Romantic

  47. Some punishment. :)

    Wrote yours down Chrysame. Waiting for PiB.
    If I go sleep before she post her choices, I'll find them tomorrow.

  48. I won't post traits for hours yet. Don't wait up. :)

  49. OK PiB, I'll go sleep now. Maybe.

    I'll also be hoping for the next update on this one tomorrow. My curiousity is killing me.

  50. :) you can hope for an update tomorrow but I don't like your odds.

    Game must be played and pics taken
    Pics cropped
    Pics loaded to blogger + dialogue written

    And I have one dog to take to the vet - one husband to take to physio.

  51. Poor PiB. I can wait. You have your hands full.

  52. Oh, Who is the girl? The one that will leave? I think it's going to be A.J. But, I am not sure yet. Kacyn seemed really getting along so well with him.

  53. It's a great idea PiB and very fun to read. Don't know about those girls though ;) with all the knife on their head.

  54. Well, tried to play last night and made a vital discovery.

    In Sims 2, woohoo anywhere on the lot would be noticed by another Sim in love with your Sim but they had to be in the same room to notice flirting/hugging/kissing.

    In Sims 3, a romantic interest can detect a flirt while asleep. Major bummer, I'm going to have to do one of two things for the final day.
    a) send the girls to different lots and have Sam join them each to romance there or
    b) cheat a bit so Sam can get the "No jealousy" lifetime reward and hopefully be able to get both AJ and Rachel to the Makeout option.

  55. Hey MJ, glad you were having fun reading it!

  56. Whatever it takes. I am so looking forward to the next update, no matter who wins.

  57. Hey, PiB. You can do it with the Awesome jealousy from Awesome mod. At least they should not be in the same room when doing woohoo. I am not turning the option on, but I read that Romantic interest will not be jealous of it.

  58. Pescado has update his mod and your town will be safe if you delete the mod from the game, as long as you did not turn on the supreme commander.

  59. Thanks for the info MJ. I've given Sammy "No jealousy" and that seems to be doing the trick. He kissed Rachel then she needed to eat so he turned his attention to AJ. His first flirt with AJ did not bring Rachel storming up the stairs.


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