Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 22 (The first eviction)

Hi Mum, it's

Welcome back to Desperate Bachelor. I'm your host Rory Upyurs.

Damn, I think Voice-over Dude is back.

Now let's catch up with the girls.
Rachel, chess?

There should be a logic way to approach this situation. Chess should help me focus.

Rrrright. Let's find someone else.
AJ, how's the water?

This pool is too small to do proper laps. But I have an excuse to wear my bathing suit, that might catch Sam's eye.

Celia, foosball with Sam?

Hey, we are having fun and I'm getting to know the guy. I thought that was the point of the challenge?

Dude, don't interrupt, I finally have the attention of one of the girls.

Celia, I'm sure you can do better.

I am going to find the producer and have a chat about you!

So the end of your first day together in the house. Any comments?

Why don't we have a proper kitchen?  No stove or fridge?

The producer feels that home cooking is overrated.  The buffet table lets you skip all that preparation and just eat.  Yes Kacyn?

I want to be a chef.  How can I get any practice in?

We'll discuss it with the producer if you stay in the house a few days.

Sam Grant gets the big lovely room and bed to himself.

Voice-over dude, some of us are trying to sleep here.

While the poor girls are stuck in small beds in a dorm.

Leave the girls alone!

Putting the firepits to good use?

It's a nice way for most of us to sit around and chat.  And the marshmallows were yummy.

Ripley, how are you finding our bachelor?

He provides some of our beautiful vista first thing in the morning.


Check out that bod. Worth getting up for. Mmmmm

Celia and Kacyn, what are you discussing.

Well, Rory, I wanted to talk about art but all that Kacyn was interested in was who's turn it is to wash the dishes.

I hope it was Sam's turn.

Oi, Dude, that was uncalled for. All of them know I'm a slob. It's the bachelor code.

We agreed to hire a maid with the house money.

AJ, how are you finding our bachelor?

Early days yet Rory, but we had a good time discussing the theatre. He seemed interested.

Sam, it's time for you to decide.  Who is leaving the house today?

I haven't really talked to Kathryn, Alicia or Rachel yet. So I don't know who to evict.

It's me, I'm going.

Why Kathryn?

Too many people, I hate sharing a house with 7. I can't find a room to myself for more than a couple of minutes. I know I'm not going to get a book deal when I'm the first out. But I can't take this place a minute longer.


  1. Oh, she must be a loner. Poor girl, it would be torture to be stuck in a house with so many people and one big bedroom for all the women.

    Of course, Ripley's into Sam's bod. She probably wants to paint him...with chocolate.

    The girls hang out in their pajamas a lot. Sam must love that, as well.

    Rory sure is a busybody. It is his job, though! I wonder who'll go next?! This is very exciting.

  2. Kathryn is a loner. Which is why it's a puzzle that she really regularly gets married and has kids with someone in the free will games. Including Sam in one of them.

    I realised that it was past time for one of the girls to comment on Sam. Ripley in her nighty chatting to Sam in undies...on a reality show that would have to be a win-win situation.

    Rory has to keep things moving. :)
    As for who goes next, that's for me to know and you guys to find out.

    This idea is cute but *way* more work than I'm used to.

  3. It sounds like it's progressing quickly, though. Are you mostly just letting it happen? See who he gets along with and who he fights with?

    This is a good concept, PiB.

  4. Stolen idea

    It's an old challenge from Sims 2. And yes, for the most part, you are supposed to let them do stuff on their own. I've had to force a little bit more than the instructions - they were just standing around a bit too much. Thus the fire pits and forcing them to go ahead and eat at the same time.

  5. I've already trying to suss out the last two standing. But, I'll wait and see. You never know with our sims. They're always surprising us!

  6. Well, I don't know the last two standing yet. But I have a feeling who the next eviction will be.

    BTW - here is my first run at this challenge - back in Sims 2. Damn, I really shouldn't look at this stuff - I miss some of those guys since changing computers.

  7. You didn't finish it? Who won?! Bill or Trevor. Bill is crafty. I like Humphrey but he was taken in by Bill's trickery!

  8. :) I forgot I left some out to make a part two and never quite finished it. But that's because it was a bit of a dud.

    Bill won, hands down. Humphrey came back every day, walking straight into the house and played piano for awhile (another thing outgoing Sims are famous for.) Trevor did get on well and might have caught up in another day or two but ran out of time.

    I did decide that Gvaudoin might work out fine in my main game - and I had a lot of Landgraabs who were going to need mates. Since she got on well with Trevor (Landgraab), I sent her to University. She married one of Trevor's nephews, one Malcolm Landgraab VI.

  9. Ah, she caught Malcolm's heart and was lonely no more.

    I'll be watching for more of this one. I'm writing down my guesses as to who goes next. I'll see how well I do.

  10. Seriously not lonely any more. She was last seen living in the Landgraab estate with her in-laws Malcolm V and Amelia plus she and Malcolm VI had three children. Malcolm VII, Marcus and...damn, I have to look the last one up, I can't remember the name of Marcus's twin brother. Ahh, Jonathon. I did have to look it up though.

    I thought you watched for all updates in this blog anyway. :) I suppose you just mean that this one is particularly exciting since you know that the girls will be evicted one by one.

  11. I do watch for all the blogs! But, yes it's fun trying to figure out who'll go next and who'll be the ONE!

    And now, it's waaay past my bedtime.


  12. :) Night now. And vote on the poll tomorrow.

  13. Still laughing. Oh, voice-over Mr. Upyurs dude, if Sammy could find you to get his hands on you.....

    Sorry, I couldn't wait up. Had to sleep.

    Well, Kathryn, you just don't know what you're leaving there. Guess you've forgotten your former life with Sammy or you would have dealt with the crowd. Oh well, there can be only one. Bye bye. :)

    Uh, Rachel, shouldn't you be focusing on Sam?

    It's a good thing there are no sprinklers there. We know where AJ would be.

    Mr. voice-over upyurs dude, how dumb. Then again you are a dude. I suppose you wouldn't notice the great bod and that's why Ripley had to explain. And how dare you suggest Sammy wash the dishes.

  14. Oh, I left out the foosball. I can't believe she would be reported for playing foosball. Upyurs, mister upyurs.

  15. Sleeping was fine, I knew you'd be back. How could you resist?

    Kathryn might know what she's leaving with Sammy but a) someone has to go and b) it will be days before the house is empty enough to suit her.

    LOL Hmm, I could sabotage AJ's chances...just one little sprinkler...

    Mr voice-over dude just likes the girls. He may be hoping for a date when the gig is done.

    Sam is trying to provide the girls with plenty of viewing. :)

  16. Speaking of sleeping, it's that time for me.

    You guys can just die of anticipation until I reveal the next Sim evicted from the house.

  17. Night Pib, sleep well.
    Now for when you wake up....
    Please don't tell the other girls about AJ's love of sprinklers. One of them would sneak one in for sure. :)

    Sam is succeeding with the viewing.

    Mr voice-over dude doesn't have a chance..... I don't think.

  18. Now let's see. A sprinkle for AJ. Guitars for Celia and Ripley. Hmmm, one of the other girls can certainly add new temptations that would help their chances.

    Voice-over dude wouldn't have a chance at all.

  19. Throw in an easel and he's toast.

  20. Hey, you're awake.
    Wait, an artist easel for Ripley. I haven't played Celia much. I don't know her well. I can't remember what Kacyn likes and I only know Rachel from your blogs. Maybe some travel brochures for her. Absolutely no guitar for Alicia.

  21. :) Yep, morning here. Dogs are walked, breakfast eaten and since I'm still on carers leave for my hubby - two more days off work. So I need to work on the next set of piccies.

    Either of you want to help advertise the story ?

  22. Oh, fine. Make me look bad, Dee! *laughs*

  23. LOL - not to worry. There will be more opportunities I'm sure. Thanks Dee for this bump up.

    I'm so glad that blogger saves drafts as you go. The first episode took me so long to write that I started it late one evening and didn't finish it until the next morning. Trying to make it lively with the women and voice-over dude takes time.

  24. *evil laugh* I was quick. Your turn next. :)

    I too like that it saves the drafts automatically. If it didn't, I would have lost a lot of work over time.

    Are you working on the next one yet?

  25. Whew. Thank goodness you asked that, Dee. I wanted to but I didn't want to be pushy. I was pushy yesterday. I'll be pushy again, tomorrow. Today, I rest!

    *slips Dee a five* Thanks, again.

    Good thing you bumped the post, Dee. I can't access the forums right now. *grumbles*

  26. Yep,It'll be your turn tomorrow Chrysame. :)
    Thanks, I needed that.

    If you can't get to the forums in a little while, let me know. It's working for me right now.

  27. :) All right. The images are cropped and formatted. Now to start on the post.

    Hmm, interesting poll results so far.

  28. Yeah, You have 4 votes and only two commenting.
    Chrysame, you been sneaking in more votes?

  29. a) you can vote on your own poll and
    b) this blog does have 8 followers - commenting is not an actual requirement. :)

  30. Oh, you were commenting about them all being for the same thing. I see. :)

  31. I only voted once! I pinky swear! I'm fighting with my game. I'm having one of those nights where I can't play longer than twenty minutes. I'm to the point where I either walk away from it for the evening and try again tomorrow.

    Or, I start all over with a new heir. I'm walking away with the heir as a back up if the game is still wonky tomorrow. In the meantime, Dee and I can speculate on the next eviction!

  32. So, who do you think will be the next out of the house? Just curious...halfway done writing it.

  33. Hate to hear you are having trouble again.

    But,but,but, I'm afraid to speculate.
    You go first.

  34. Oh, hi Pib, wasn't expecting you right now.

  35. Hmmm, I'll give you two possibilities based on nothing other than your last post. *laughs*

    Kacyn or Ripley.

    Kacyn because she hadn't interacted with Sam yet. And Ripley because she has a tiny temper and if someone pisses her off she'll throw a snit. That's not attractive when wooing a man.

  36. I agree about the Kacyn part. Sam won't like the compalints about dirty dishes.
    Him and Ripley just may have a grand old time with little spats.
    he seemed to have fun with Celia playing foosball.
    Who knows with Alicia. She's so unpredictable. If possible she would probably be sneaking off with Mr. Upyurs.
    AJ has probably been living in the pool.
    Rachels been playing chess.

    I'll say eithr Rachel or Kacyn. There.

  37. Compalints. :D He wouldn't care too much for the complaints either.

  38. Chrysame, I think I'd have to get the girls flirting with each other. As far as I know, they won't flirt in the active house until you start it and Sam gets to kick things off. :)


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