Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (clone 69 - part 6)

Sammy, what on earth is that thing?

I've had a visit from a University mascot. They are desperate for students. Everyone in town is getting one of these introduction packs.

It's doing a Stride of Pride, Sam. Why?

Must be a mascot thing. Cause I have no idea.

Oh, the pack the mascot left has got goodies. New t-shirt, little pennant banner.

And your local paparazzi stopped by for a visit.

She is telling me not to go to University. I'm the biggest scoop that she's found.

So, I bet you want to go.

You bet. You have been telling me that I need to work harder and stop expecting that Lady Luck will smile on me. So I took the aptitude test.

How did you do?

Not bad for business or physical. Got scholarship money to study either of those. Not good enough for anything else.


I'm going to spend a term to get some physical education. I think it could be good for me. The scholarship covers the cost entirely.

Good choice, given your profession. Acrobats do get pretty physical. So, the first decision is where to stay. What did you decide?

Plain old dorm. Gives me a chance to meet a few new people, it's closer to my classes. I don't want to live in a frat house. I don't want to spend my scholarship money on a rental. So here are the other people assigned to this dorm.

Well, the roommates are different. A fairy and a vampire?

Couple of girls, a couple of guys. It should be fine, Mum.

You can see the outside is pretty plain. But the interior isn't nearly as bleak as what I thought a dorm would be.

Sammy, studying? Isn't this move in day?

I will work hard at this. No point in going to University if you won't study.

Some people think the whole point of University is partying and hanging out.

No, I don't think so. Besides, check out my study partner. Her name is Ashley.

She's one of your dormies?

She's one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen and she is one of the dormies.

Not bad, Sammy. Not bad at all.

Perhaps my luck is changing at long last.

Sam Grant, are you forcing yourself on that poor girl? She doesn't look happy about that kiss.

I swear Mum, it wasn't like that. She just needed a moment to recover. Next thing I know, she's pulling me in for another big smooch.

True, she does look happier about it now.

Still hanging out with that Ashley girl?

Not only is she very attractive, Mum, but she's one of the top jocks at University. I think I'll fit in well with the jocks, so getting to know her should be a real bonus.

In fact, I feel a real connection with Ashley. Our first day on campus and not only are we friends but we had a fantastic first date.

Weren't you supposed to go to a Meet and Greet? Like talk to your professor and stuff?

Ummm, well, I kind of got distracted.

I hope the Meet and Greet wasn't too important.

At this point, I don't care. Ashley is gorgeous and that's very important. Especially when she likes me too.

You've asked her to sleep with you?

Huh, what? I was sleeping. What are you talking about?

Ashley is in your bed, Sam.

I gave her the room key last night but I went to bed alone, Mum. If Ashley is here, she chose to sleep here.

I thought you were studying physical education, not medicine.

Anatomy is an important part of both. I was given this and a text book for study purposes.

Sammy, I'm proud of you. You really are taking this course seriously.

I want something I can be proud of. Making it through University would be good.

Study break, Sammy?

Ashley said she wanted to have some fun. I was curious as to what she wanted.

What did she want?

Oh, I see. Never mind. Her idea really?

Yes, and it was the best study break ever.

Just in case you were wondering, I have been to all my classes and done all the work. It's not all about Ashley.

You're even awake, unlike most of your classmates.

I did finally give up and attend a kegger. I've been invited to a party every night. This place is party crazy.

I stayed away from the keg, just got better acquainted with the hostess. I liked her but it didn't seem like a very exciting party.

So I decided to throw a kegger of my own and half the people who turned up decided it would be funny to come as zombies. Seriously? Zombies?

Is that Ashley holding you up for the keg stand? She must be a strong girl.

I swear, Mum, she's perfect. Everything I could ever want, all in the one cute package.

How did the party go?

The keg went dry. The guests all complained. I don't throw parties, I didn't know.

My last few days as a student were a bit rough. I came down with a bug two days before finals. It was hard to drag myself to class.

Especially when your professor ignores your existence. Dude, we have questions back here. Listen to us.

The worst part was that Ashley was staying her distance since she didn't want my germs. That was tough. No hugs, no kisses, no cuddles. And who wants to do hard work when you are sick?

I had two finals. The first one, I tanked. My head still hadn't cleared from the cold and I'd had a bad night of it.

The second one, I passed with flying colours. Got a C average for my first term. I wish I'd done better but maybe next term I will.

Ashley and I went out one last time, to go bowling.

You going to miss her?

I will, but not for long if I can help it.

So we finally reached the end of term and everyone said good bye. I haven't enough credits to get my degree so I will have to come back next term. But it will be good to go home.

The very first thing I did after getting home was invite Ashley to stay for a visit.

She managed to catch a red-eye flight and arrived at about 9 the next morning. I was very happy that she made it.

And I lost very little time telling her how much I wanted her to stay in my life. Preferably as Mrs Grant.

She said yes I assume?

Yes, she did. No hesitation at all.

While I was gone, summer festival had started. I took Ashley over to see what that was like.

I found they tore down Cornelius's stage to make way for the new stuff. Now I'll have to find a new place to work in town.

Ashley tried a few things at the summer fest. She won the eating contest and learnt to skate.

I actually tried to earn some cash but no one was paying attention to the acrobat.

Finally, the light was fading and I knew Berjes would be home from school.

"Berjes? I would like a word with you."

"Man, these pancakes were in the fridge too long. Yuck. What do you want, Sam?"

"I'd like you to meet Ashley. She's agreed to marry me. She's going to be your new Mum."

"I'm going to have a Mum? Like, we'll be a whole family?"

"Yes, Berjes. We will be. You might even have some younger siblings soon."

"That's great news. I've always wanted a proper family."

"I knew you were a bit disappointed that you only had me."

"Well, it has been better than being stuck forever in a fountain. But this is better yet. Thanks Sam."

Sammy, isn't that house a bit small for a baby?

What do you mean?

Trust me, Sammy. You need to spend your cash on expanding that place a bit.

Another day, another failed attempt at earning tips. I can't compete with the summer fest attractions. I'm going to have to find a new place to earn tips, not having any audience is ridiculous.

At least I have a gig tomorrow at a coffee shop. I hope that goes well.

Berjes used a friendship potion on Ashley. It worked well, they are best friends now.

Later that evening, Ashley and I exchanged wedding vows. Not a big fancy wedding but the poor girl has been sick the last few days.

Sammy, did I mention babies yet?

Surely women get sick from things other than babies?

At the rate you two head for bed, you will be seeing some soon.

Then I put a ring on Ashley's hand and sealed the deal.

Welcome home to the family, Mrs Grant.

It's not much but it's all ours.

Sammy, did I tell you?

All right Mum. We had better prepare for a baby.

Or two.


Just saying, Sam. You never know.

I hope you're wrong. One I think we can cope with. Two? I don't think so.
Bonus pics

Sam, sweetheart, are you studying or looking for dirty pictures?

Sammy's dorm room was not picked for the nice double bed.

Or the lovely fireplace either.

It was the closest room to the gym equipment. Though Sam was too distracted by Ashley to work out much.

The animators do well with things like poses with pool cues.

Sammy was a bit angry from time to time. His dormies take a hit from that.

Poor Sammy - his new wife is evil, just like his wishing well child.

Ashley is feeling ill and in the background - a sleeping stray cat.
Berjes does get some of the stuff he wants. He was the one that wanted bees, now he can tend them.


  1. Woo! finally love for this Sammy clone!

    My bee hives are broken and I don't know why... can't harvest honey. Just resets my sims.

    1. Basically, it was time for this Sammy to have something happen. University and finding love was one of the better possibilities. :)

      Hmm, Berjes didn't try to harvest the honey, he was tending the hive needs. Next time I booted, I was going to try the harvest.

  2. I definitely wonder about the mascots and the Stride of Pride thing. XD Wonder how they're recruiting people??

    I also thought the dorms weren't bad looking, especially for EA houses. I tended to dislike the dorms in general, though (like I told you) - too many Sims for my antisocial self. I do love how many people you can meet though! And it looks like Sammy's met a cutie ;)

    Loooove the Heat of the Moment kiss, lmao. Actually, I loved a lot of the new interactions/social stuff.

    Good to see him taking his classes so seriously! Proud of you, Sammy! Though his "study breaks" seem a little more fun than the usual kind, hehe.

    Still love Berges, lol. Adorable evil teenager <3 And more babies! Wow, Sammy's getting himself a nice little family! Lovely post, PiB!

    1. I think it's school pride that causes the stride. :D

      The dorms are way better than the Sims 2 ones. Though frankly, the Sims 2 ones were way more like the dorms I spent time in. And since we mostly ignored the other dormies, it was fine.

      Heat of the Moment is very cute.

      Sammy did put in the time. He's sick of too little money in the acrobat career.

      I like Berjes too. He's actually been quite a good kid. And one trait is family oriented so he'll love little half sibs.

  3. Sam, sweetheart, are you studying or looking for dirty pictures? ~ relate to this as a mom of an 18 yr old lol

    Sammy has really been sent on the adventure of adventures in this one, having not been around for awhile, and coming back now, it is refreshing, witty, different, and just addictive.


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