Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hi Mum, It's Sammy (clone 69 - part 5)

Mum, why did this suddenly appear at my house?

There are some interesting things you can learn to brew, Sammy

Like what? Something that will help me make more friends?

That is a possibility. Or maybe put you in touch with your warm furry side.

Say what? Did you just say furry?

Never mind, just learn some potions. That's my Sammy.

So Sam, what's up?

Berjes wanted to explore this place. I'm hoping that I might just have convinced someone to come and chat with me.

Why look so glum then?

I'm beginning to think that she stood me up.

"Lovely Kalee, you came. I was beginning to get worried that you were still upset."

"Well, it did take me a few hours at home to get over the shock. You suddenly telling me you have a kid in school, that kind of put me off."

"So you good now?"

"I am, Sam. It must be tough being a single Dad."

"Yes, it's not been easy. And I'm self employed as a mime, which isn't exactly the best paying career in town."

"Then why stick with it? Get a different job."

"It was the only paying career I could find. I have to earn some money or we are going to have to sell our furniture to keep the roof over our heads."

"Poor Sam."

"Hi Sam. Thanks for bringing me, that was cool. Oh, ummm, hi?"

"Berjes, this is Kalee. Kalee, this is my son Berjes."

"Hi, Berjes, what was cool?"

"I kept hearing fairies in there. I couldn't find any but I heard them."

"Sam tells me that you do ballet? Isn't that a bit unusual?"

"Don't tell the other guys. The two of us guys doing ballet pretty much get our pick of parts. And we get to hang out with nearly all the girls in class."

"Hey, guys, it might be time to head toward the town centre. I'll need to set up the stage for today's performance soon."

Sammy! That doesn't look like setting up a stage.

I said soon, not immediately. I need to relax for a little.

Hey Sammy, look. You got a new paparazzi today.

Yet another idiot with a camera?

Is it just me or do they only send women to follow you around?

Doesn't matter. They are all idiots. Nearly time, I better check the stage and start the show.

"Well, now there's an interesting view. Isn't that a bit rude, Mr Grant?"

"What? Who said that?"

You are being paparazzi'd on stage again, Sammy. And that costume doesn't conceal much at close range, does it?

"Excuse me, but could you get off the stage? I'm trying to do a show here."

"Excellent. I could use some more pictures for my story. Could you do that pose again?"


"Acrobat has hysterics on stage. Excellent headline, don't you think?"


"Acrobat shouts at reporter. Another good headline."

"Do you want to be onstage while I juggle knifes? Torches?"

"Acrobat threatens reporter with violence."


Another tiny audience, Sammy.

It's more than I've had some nights. Kalee even stayed.

Damn, not off to the best start.

I'll do the fire act. That's always impressive.

Be careful Sammy.

I got this, Mum. Seriously.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Arse on fire. Arse on fire. Not good.

I thought you had this?

Must have been wrong.

"All part of the show folks. Wasn't that spectacular?"

"I do not know that guy on the stage. Never seen him before in my life."

I don't think you've fooled anyone, Sammy. Berjes can't even watch.

I was hoping that I might get a permanent gig this time.

You'll have to work harder and do it right, Sammy.

More fire? Sammy, are you mad?

Fire impresses people. I want to impress them.

I gotta admit, Sammy. You have some nice moves with the torches.

I have been practising. It's just those damned paparazzi on stage that keep putting me off my performance for awhile.

And the audience does seem to be warming up to you finally.

About time. I'm doing my very best out here.

Those are knives? They look more like swords.

All for show, Mum. They are actually plastic and have no edge. Very safe to juggle but they look good.

They do look good. And scary.

Sammy, good news and bad news.

What's the good news?

Your audience is enjoying the show.

The bad?

Down to two people. You'll never get famous at this rate.

I always feel that I should throw in some mime bits, but I'm not sure the audience appreciates how difficult they are.

Doesn't look hard.

You should try it sometime.

What's the matter, Sammy?

Cornelius still won't give me a permanent gig. I have to audition, again.

Poor Sammy.


Sam is not entirely hopeless as a dad. He got me this cool jelly bean bush as a pre-birthday present.

He is the most disgusting person to live with though. I don't think he knows what a mop or sponge is!

Poor Berjes.

I think I'll try a jelly bean.

This feels a bit odd.

You're blue, Sammy.

Blue? Like that dude, Jericho?

Pretty much. I don't know how long you will stay that colour either.

"Merlot, is that you? What the hell happened to you?"

"Dude, I have no idea. I went to sleep last night and everything was normal. Woke up this morning and I'm purple with wings. Why are you suddenly blue?"

"Interesting side effect of eating a jelly bean from this plant over here. I think I'll go back to normal soon."

"I don't think I'm ever going back. Wings? And I can't fly."

"Give that one time, maybe you will in another day or two. At any rate, thanks for coming over. I appreciate a bit of company."

"I wish, I wish, I wish - I had a real family."

Not happy with Sam?

"Well, he's not that bad but I can hope for better."

And so it was that our evil fountain spawn managed to grow to teen. Go Berjes.

Bonus pics
Stray dog and bird interacting.

Lily Darkshore from Avanis

Jericho and Cami's simself jumped into marriage quickly.

But they do seem to be doing very nicely as a couple. Randomly flirting it up.

So I gave them an instant baby which they are both totally ignoring.

I have no idea why she was glowing while playing with Berjes dollhouse. Given I had recently installed Supernatural, I wasn't sure if I wanted to know.


  1. Jericho! And Lily!
    Interesting fact, Lily is Jericho's daughter... as his female self Jenna, who actually came first!
    Poor Sammy, I hope he makes a big break soon and gets a permanent gig!

    1. I didn't know that about Lily.
      Poor Sammy just has no luck.

  2. Cami gets a baby minus the need for pregnancy? Awesome! lol

    I think Sam needs some more practice with the fire lol.

    1. I wasn't very patient so yes, Cami got an instant baby. Lucky Sim.
      Sammy needs practice at all the routines. Fire is one though.

  3. Don't listen to her, Sam. ALL the fire and knives!!1!!!

    I love looking at bad Sim magicians, it never fails to entertain me. And Berjes is such an adorable jerk, I love it!

    1. Sammy will continue to do what he must to entertain the audience. All the fire indeed.

      Bad acrobats and bad magicians are both entertaining.

      And Berjes has actually been a good son. In spite of his evilness.


    But now why pray tell, is he not been a doting daddy like he was last time??

    LOL, poor Sammy, but his tight outfits do make for some fine viewing...It's cute that he and Burjes are developing a relationship in the background.

    Another enjoyable read.


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