Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 2)

Well Mum, last time I wrote, I had about 7 Simoleons to my name but I had paid the bills and had a chair.

The next day, I worked pretty hard on another painting. My art is slowly improving.

And I spent some time writing until the publisher sent me another advance. By the end of the day I had 33 Simeleons.

I grabbed a shower and a quick meal over at the gym. I was going to work out but it was too late by the time I was finished so I headed home.

The next day, I thought I'd try my very first home cooked meal. I made waffles.

Told you I had a chair now. Awfully expensive given it's outdoor furniture and not something nice though.

Then I realised that the meal was the best I'd had since moving in, but it was a mistake. It cost me 11 Simoleons and I had a new bill for 42. I was going to have to earn more soon.

I finished another small painting.

And went back to the library. It's a good thing that no one is on the computer when I arrive, I don't know how I'd cope without my daily advance.

Before I really got into the session, I stopped to talk to Erin. She and I didn't hit it off too well but I am getting to know people.

By the end of the day, I had 55 Simoleons but 42 of them went to pay the bills. So I could pay my bills.

The next day was more of the same. Too busy for a shower, but at least no one is going to casually interrupt me when I smell this much.

I got home and indulged in a bath.

The bathtub broke, which was so very annoying. I was clean and not stressed but not happy about the broken tub.

Today was a great day. I finished my second book. My royalty check was for 138 Simeleons so my account has 181 total now.

Finally Sunday rolled around. I went to the park to meet a few more people. This is just some random guy roaming the park.

Then I met River McIrish. She's recently graduated from high school and doesn't know many adults yet herself.

At noon, I got the royalties from both books so my account jumped up to 348 Simoleons.
River seems to like my advances quite a lot.

I celebrated the end of the week with another home cooked meal.

Yeah, I know. The sink is grotty and you do not want to peek in the toilet ever.

I spent some of my money on a small cheap table and a bookcase. Now I have a place to put my works.


  1. Poor Sammy, working so hard just to survive. I knew you would though. I'm glad that tub could be repaired and didn't completely fall apart.

    Oh my, I'll do my best not to look in the toilet.

  2. Sam is making it. Barely but he's making it. That sink is...shudder-worthy. Good thing he's a slob and doesn't mind.

    What type of books is he writing?

  3. Yep, Sammy works very hard just to keep that roof over his head and the repo man away from his few possessions.

    And yes, a slob makes this life much less disturbing for him. He can leave dirty dishes for days, he doesn't care about puddles and waits for them to evaporate.

    Chrysame first book was just fiction. Second book was science fiction. He's at level 4 writing so his choices are opening up.


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