Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 5)

I managed to take advantage of someone's unguarded picnic basket to get a free and filling meal. Every penny I don't have to spend counts.

Suddenly, it was my birthday. I invited everyone I know plus a few people showed up that I didn't know. But it was such a great party that they were *all* my friends by the end.

Since I'd really love 20 friends, this was a great discovery for me. Good party + gate crasher == new friend.

Good thing I'm a legendary party host. Otherwise the guests might have complained about the dishes or me.

River can't seem to help herself. She's always cleaning when she visits. It seems to make her happy so if that's what she wants to do.

We both had fun doing this.

I finally managed to afford a double bed and so River could spend the night. My first fantasy book is worth 818 each week for 6 weeks. My bank account with the Sunday royalties went up to 2,900 Simoleons.

I still paint from time to time. It's far more fun then writing.

The guests are queuing up for the next party. I don't know Cyclone or Christopher but I will before they leave.

It's odd how parties can go.  This one was another epic, even though the guests spent forever just standing around.  When this party was done, I had acquired enough friends to make my life goal. 

To celebrate, I proposed to River.

And she accepted.

It's so great to have River around.

Mum, I know you wanted me to wait until I had enough money to properly care for a family.  But I failed.  I asked River to move in with me.  She brought in 5000 Simoleons and she has a job as a journalist so she earns regular money.  That wasn't a lot of money and

we've spent most of it on a computer and desk so I can work here instead of the library.  Plus River took a class so she'll be better at her job now.  Oh, and we got a nicer bed.  Much better.


  1. So much happening. I just love that legendary party host. It really helps.

    I'm glad you have a good bed now. That old bed sure does give one a backache.

    I'm so happy for you. River is a good girl. She'll take good care of you.

    Now you don't have to commute to write your books and we get to see a lot of you in your undies. ;)

  2. Yes, for a charismatic Sim that wants friends, legendary party host is basically the first skill they need.

    River is a good girl. She is neat and a perfectionist. Plus a snob. But she does love her Sammy, and he is very very happy.

    You are quite correct. Now that he doesn't need to leave home, he doesn't need to dress for the day. You can see he works out. :)

  3. Yes, the working out shows. :)

    Sammy has his desk, chair, computer, girl and music. He's all set.

  4. He is set. And he loves it. It may not be a grand place but there is room for him, his soon to be wife and his profession.

    Pity I just couldn't take the pressure any more. He's half way to elder and I want my Sammy to have a family.

  5. LOL, I know what you mean. I had planned for Alicia to stay single. Alas, I was tempted to have her get with Jon, once again.

    I do plan to go with a single soon. Don't know which one. Watching Sammy has made me want to play another sim who starts with nothing.

    I'll be watching for those babies because I know their coming. :D

  6. How many children you are going to have Sam? You must work very hard to earn money for them ;) and I think River will not wait for too long.

  7. Sam works so hard. It's good to see him getting some rewards. A new bed, a computer, River...

    And, as she works, it will take some of the pressure off him financially.


  8. I just noticed that in one of the party pictures, his sink is broken, again.

  9. Babies indeed. He is working on that.

    He has repaired the plumbing enough that it will now stay fixed. So he has one more repair to the sinks and bath and they won't break again.

  10. I'm happy to see Cyclone. I love that skinny little computer geek.

  11. Ripley and Cyclone were dating. But I think they broke it off again. Ah well.

    Poor Sammy, they had a wedding party but I have to remember to keep them tiny if off the home lot. Several guests got stuck in watch wedding mode and the party was only ok.

  12. I didn't know you could repair stuff enough to make it stop breaking.

  13. It's in the handy skill list. If you repair 10 broken plumbing objects, then anything you fix stays fixed. Since Sammy's plumbing was always breaking and he didn't have money to get someone in to repair it, he has done the 10 fixes.

    He hasn't repaired any electrical stuff. He didn't own any that could be repaired until lately.

  14. I really need to read those list more. I just never had a sim that went very far in the handy catagory. There is just so much left to learn about this game.


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