Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 4)

It's still very difficult for me to make ends meet.  My plumbing is ancient and keeps breaking.  I'm getting quicker at fixing it but that's not what I really want to do with my time.

I've started to chat and play games along with the writing.  I have to find ways to relieve stress.

Working at the gym helps too.  Though I need more work at working out, it's dangerous to slip on a treadmill.

I keep improving my writing skills.  I'm hoping that better skills will make my books more popular.

Time to unwind with some friends.

And meet new people.

As I say, the plumbing is old and keeps breaking.  I'd love to replace it but I still don't have much in the bank.

Did anyone see that major goof?  Good thing I live alone, it shouldn't effect the worth of this painting too much.

I've decided to use library time to work on other skills too.  Right now, I'm mainly interested in charisma.  I want more friends in town and the better I am at chatting, the faster this will go.

I'm also improving at cooking but you may not love the condition of my kitchen.

This is me finishing my latest creation.  I've finished 4 books in total, one fiction and three science fiction.

Celebrate with a workout.

My table seems to be getting a bit full.

Now this is something you don't see every day.  I'm cleaning my kitchen plus washing the dishes.  This is because...

I've invited River for a visit.  You see, this is Sunday and I got my weekly royalties.  My bank account temporarily had 693 Simeleons in it.  Then I spent some of that.

On a comfy sofa that two can sit on.  We practiced our kissing skills a bit then I cooked a meal for River.

I've started having one proper home cooked meal a day.  I can't afford to eat out.  And quick meals get really tiring, they aren't nearly as satisfying as a real meal.

While I was cooking, River went upstairs and started cleaning.  She made the bed and cleaned everything in the bath.

After dinner, she washed the dishes and that triple dratted sink broke again.

I'm taking a gamble Mum.  I've started my first fantasy novel.  It's going to be far longer then anything I've written yet.  And so I'll have to work longer and harder just to reach the 20% required for each advance.  But if it sells well, it will make buckets more money then anything I've done.

It may not be much, but it's home.


  1. I have decided what constitutes success in this particular story. If Sam can accumulate 10,000 Simeleons cash before he turns elder, he's proven that he can make a living this way and River will move in. If he turns elder and doesn't have the money, he failed. He's only two days from adult so he can't slack too much.

  2. That kitchen. I'm speechless. River took pity on the bachelor and cleaned for him. His plumbing does seem to break constantly.

    You can do it, Sam. A nice couch, a nice girl and lots of hard work. I'm rooting for you, Sammy!

  3. I think River must be neat. She just went straight for cleaning up once Sam started cooking.

    Yeah, that kitchen was horrifying wasn't it? And the table with days of dirty dishes.

  4. I think that kitchen totally stunned Dee and made her run away! LOL

  5. I didn't know a kitchen could get that dirty! I'm still stunned by it.

  6. And Sam simply doesn't care in the least. It may be filthy beyond believe for a Sim kitchen, he doesn't even notice.

  7. Could it ever get bad enough that a slob would notice it? I wonder...

  8. Great update, PiB. Luckily Sam is a slob, so it won't be a problem for him, but beware of the flies :) It will be hard work to renovate the house. I tried once and it looked more like a forest camp, but unique one. Things got worse because sims who live in it got five children, so I made third floor. But, the lot is beautiful once you take care the yard. Too bad there is a criminal warehouse behind the lot. It was surely not a good environment for the children. But, the children like to go there to pick some rocks and there is also nice vegetables you can harvest.

  9. OMG, That's terrible. :0 Oh, thank you River, thank you.

    I am pulling for you Sammy. You really need to make that $10,000 so River can move in and clean for you.

    I was out of state all yesterday. We didn't get home until about 10:30 last night.

  10. I must say, you picked the right Sim for this Challenge. He doesn't have to waste any time cleaning.

  11. Yep, an artist has to learn to let things go. Personal hygiene and cleaning a house are easy, they don't have too much effect on the general rhythm of the day. :)


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