Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 17 (part 3)

Well Mum, I had the most glorious and really odd day.
It all started at the Old Pier. I met up with River. My heart beats faster when she's around, there is no question about that.

And we had our first kiss. It's official, we are in love.

I decided to press my luck and ask her to go steady. She must be feeling the same way because she said yes.

This feels right. I could hold River forever.

Now Pauline had been sitting right there when I asked River to go steady. Why on earth does she think I'd be interested in her flirting? So I've hurt her feeling by refusing but what was I to do?

Then out of the blue, I was attacked! Nick Alto, one of the richest men in town just decided to beat me up.

I insulted him for attacking me but it's not clear what triggered the assault. He can't have an interest in River, he's married. To one of the dirtiest politicians in town I might add. I'll have to watch out for Nick.

Between Pauline randomly flirting with me and Nick attacking me, I decided I had best leave the Pier. I want to remember the day for becoming River's boyfriend.

I find writing a bit stressful, but I do prefer it to painting. I really want to increase my writing skills and produce some really great books.

Well, I spent a fair amount of my cash on this table and the bookcase along the wall. I still have 120 Simoleons, which should cover my next bill. I painted the chair later so it matches the table. I'll have to keep working hard though. 120 isn't going to last long at all.

First it was the tub, then the sink broke. I tried to fix it once but I failed.

The next morning, I tried again and finally fixed the sink. Mum, I wish I could afford help and a decent place for River to visit. Love may be blind but I only own one chair. I really can't ask River to visit here until I can afford some decent stuff.


  1. Oh Sammy, poor Sammy. Such a great day gone bad. That Nick is a mean fellow and I never did understand Pauline. She already has someone.
    I'm glad you found someone to love. She's a pretty girl. I can see why she is attracted to you. Such a handsome man and snazzy dresser.
    I have faith in you. One of these days you will have nice stuff.

  2. Nick's attack truly was out of the blue. Sammy had just refused Pauline when Nick decided to beat him up.

    I think that in this game and the free will game, Pauline and Hank have broken up. Still doesn't give her a good reason for flirting with Sammy seconds after he got a girlfriend.

    Poor Sammy, it's the first time I've ever really made him work this hard just to stay on top of the bills.

  3. Nick was probably jealous of all the attention Sam was getting.

    It may be the first time he worked hard to pay his bills, but he knows how to work hard, that's for sure. I remember when he was a nanny, and all those kids he had not long ago.

  4. Who knows with Nick. He seems to hate everyone in town but his wife.

    Sam is no stranger to hard work. Nor does he complain much, no matter what he's asked to do. He has a long way to go to be able to ask River to move in. Double beds are expensive.

  5. Wow, it is really hard to do a legacy challenge especially with those temptations to make it easier. It is a great update. Nick is very unique, he is like a mafia. Evil sim but family oriented one. However, I still remember one of Dee's post, and it completely changed the way I see him :D. Nice pic of them having a first kiss. Did he really have to fix the sink with only an underwear? I didn't mind at all and I think River will not mind too if she sees it,lol :D. Can't blame us, both of us are woman but one is real and the other is not. But it's cool of him having those glasses when he writes or fixes stuffs.

  6. I've never seen Pauline without Hank in a game. Wow. Yeah, Nick is a pistol. He always makes things interesting. A good story needs a villain and he's more than happy to fill that role.

    It looks like River was more than happy to be Sam's girlfriend. Who can blame her!

  7. Hey MJ. A legacy is hard and I've made it even harder by restricting how Sammy is allowed to earn money. By now a regular job would have him earning more regularly. Collecting gems and rocks could get him more cash. But he will get there in the end...I hope.

    Nick Alto is a nasty man and I've had problems with him before.

    You are right about the underwear. He's had a lot of spouses over time and I think all of them rather liked his underwear. I would say wives but he did once have a husband...who was just as affectionate as any of the rest. I'm sure River will appreciate it too.

    I need to update him so that either a) he wears the glasses more or b) he loses them. It's odd how he wears them to bed and no where else.

  8. Yes Chrysame, Nick does make a good villain for any story. He's certainly off to a spectacular start in this one, poor Sammy had done nothing.

    Sam has swept River off her feet. In part, I didn't want story progression to push all the available young adults into relationships leaving Sammy with no one. Now he has a good reason to work harder and occasionally think about cleaning his house.

  9. Oh, and Sam in the Exchange is over 300 downloads now. Phillip is over 100

  10. OMG,over 300. I can't even imagine.

    Yes, Sammy does need to clean before inviting River over. Well, if she isn't a slobby sim.

  11. It isn't so much clean as have the money for a simple couch or a second chair. They can't sit near each other with the house as it is. No point inviting her over if he can't sit and chat to her.

    I'm holding this 100 he has in reserve for the next bills. He has to make more to get more stuff for his little place.

  12. Must have love seat. Must cuddle. Forget chairs. Can't cuddle in chairs. :)

    Goodnight all except PiB. Have a great day PiB.

  13. Good point. Sofa/couch/loveseat it is. He should be able to cuddle his sweetie.

  14. Sam Grant has been downloaded 404 times. Wow.

  15. I just put this in a comment. At least I think I did. Woohoo!!!!!

  16. I wish you could get store content, PiB! I wanna give you a present!

  17. :) Don't worry about the present, it's the thought, you know. You guys were early Sammy fans and that's what counts.

    I emptied my wish list just to keep people from using points needlessly. I can see the store content. I can download the silly stuff and it looks like it installed. But it simply doesn't show up in the game.

    BTW Darius Pendragon - Celia and Henry's son has done stunningly well for a Sim never featured. Phillip has only just caught up with 117 downloads that Darius has had.


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