Friday, September 24, 2010

Hi Mum, it's Sammy clone 36 (part 10)

Drove off to my latest case, Sinbad wanted a chat.

Sinbad thinks that his pink ornamental flamingo has met with foul play. I've seen those flamingos, they are foul. He's willing to pay and so I'm willing to look.


Well Mum, I decided that I should talk to at least one person about what I've discovered in town about the guys, their disappearances and what can be done..

I went to have a chat to the mayor Holly Greenwood-Bustmante. While I have great confidence in the local police for minor things, I really had think that this is something out of their league. The local crooks, minor infringements like curfew breaking or an arsonist, those I would trust with our police.

However, I don't like that not one of these guys has been seen or heard from after the initial disappearance, and a phone call to break off a relationship if they had one.

It took a lot of talking to convince the mayor. She made a few phone calls to the ex-boyfriends/husbands and the places of work. I left around the time that she was ringing some other people to see if our missing men moved to another town or if other towns seemed to have the same problem.


The first step in the case was to interview some people.

So I chatted to a few locals, and found that.

They were all very perplexed about why anyone would care. Lawn ornament flamingos are simply gauche and garish. Not worth noticing.

Carolina gives me bad vibes. Don't know why but she does.

And I thought Amy's day clothes were wild and colourful. The exercise gear is even worse.

That was my last interview, no one knows a thing about Sinbad's flamingo.

Got a call from the mayor. She didn't get any joy from any of her enquires.

She did want me to come and meet someone.

His name is Geralt of Riva. He's a witcher, someone who specialises in monster hunting. Someone who hunts monsters, that's probably overkill but who knows what's going on in this town.

I gave him my list of suspects, the notes I had about them.

He is, without a doubt, the scariest guy I've ever met. He's not loud, he's not obvious but it's like watching a caged beast. He's really fast, knows every fighting skill you can think of. Apparently he usually carries swords, both silver and steel. However he's put them to the side, he's confident that we have no monster here he'll need those for.

I ended up snooping around the local gallery for Sinbad's flamingo. And found a flamingo tucked into a dark and unnoticeable corner.

Then I went back to Sinbad and telling him that the plastic flamingo had been at the art gallery. He thought it was really appropriate. I thought it was a good time to back away slowly.

He was happy and I was relieved to be burning these notes. I fear for Sinbad's sanity.


  1. Goodness, who know that would work so badly. I decided to post then walk dogs, and it rained while we were out. If I had walked dogs first, we would have been home and still dry.

  2. This is really cool and so is Geralt. I love the clothes.

    Still no clue about who/what/where/when regarding the disappearing guys. I wonder now if evil Carolina did something to them.

    Sammy looks really awesome on that bike.

  3. Geralt is my attempt at taking the main character from a game "The Witcher" over to Sims. He needs CC to be a bit more like he should be, Geralt should have pupils like a cat plus a large scar on one side of his face. He is a damned cool and very sexy guy.

    I haven't given out much in the way of hints of who done it cause I'm afraid that I'll say too much too quickly. Not long now till you know though.

  4. I'm loving playing the guessing game. :)
    I agree, Geralt is sexy.

  5. Great first shot. Sammy has never looked better.

    Where did Geralt get his clothes?

    A big bad boy like Sinbad Rotter is missing his pretty pink flamingo... I have no words.

    Yay for an update!

  6. I love watching Sam zip around town on his badass bike. :)

    Geralt's outfit... First step control-shift c unlockoutfits true
    Then we could use one of the time travel outfits - given who Geralt is, that was way more appropriate then any normal suit. Even the fancy ones.

    I know, it was to die laughing that Sinbad Rotter has a missing flamingo!

  7. When I read that about the Flamingo's all I could think of was when I passed Sammy's house in one of my games and all his Flamingo's had been kicked over.

  8. Hey Dee, I remember you posted a pic of the deceased flamingo row in one of your blogs. Maybe Sam was scared of being outnumbered, there were a lot of birds outside the house.

  9. Probably the reason. I always liked to think maybe he went home in a bad mood and took it out on the birds. :)

  10. First, lol at the Flamingo case -- that one is so bizarre. Even more bizarre that you got it from *Sinbad*, of all people. That made me laugh my butt off. ;D Yeah, dude... I respect your view of your flamingo as art. Really. *inches away behind Sammy*

    Oooh, a monster hunter... Hm! I wonder how useful he'd be... Interesting that the Mayor thought to call him. At least she's trying to be helpful.

    He got a suspicious vibe from Carolina! I don't blame him, she can be creepy! ;) Hmmmmm.... I wonder what she's up to, hmm?!

  11. Yeah, Sinbad worried about a 'valuable' missing flamingo, that one is a hoot.

    Geralt needed out of the Sim bin for something. Poor guy has been stuck forever.

    Yes, Carolina can be very creepy. We'll have to see.

  12. I mean to read this again but I keep getting stuck at suited Sammy on the bike giving the camera what I can only describe as a smoldering look. Dayum.

  13. Chrysame, that comment just made my afternoon!

  14. Don't change that hair, ever! Plus, the fact that's he dressed up in a nice suit? Yeah, I like that. I like that, alot.

  15. I am speechless. I found interesting sims here and interesting cases too: the disappearing men, flamingo case. And then the witch really added more to the storytelling. Great work, PiB!

  16. The Gnome is trying to make a man body and the witcher is going to help him along with the RHs. Can my theories get an wilder?

  17. Poor gnome. He's just wanting a life.


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