Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 59 - part 6)

"Sammy, this is the best spaghetti ever."

"Thanks Sunny.  How was your day?"

"Kept an eye on Donna. Tried to teach Charlie to talk but he's too fond of that blasted toy of his. He doesn't concentrate. How was your day, dear?"

"Same old. Maintenance around the station. A workout. Small kitchen fire."

"Another fire? People are so careless."

"Hey, they might have had a reason. Like the birth of a baby." I grinned at Sunny. "Those babies are mighty distracting. We were lucky that sitter took care of the fire so fast. By the way, Sunny, can I ask you," I paused for a breath.

"The answer is no, Sam."


"No more babies. I want to get back to the theatre before they forget me."

"No one ever forgets you, Sunshine."

"No Sam. No more babies." Hmm, I'll have to work on this.

"And then the terrible claw rose out of the pit."

"It came to do one thing."

"It came to...It came to...tickle Charlie." Charlie loves the claw story. Well, he loves the end of the claw story.

Since Amelia was trying to teach Charlie to walk, I decided to do something unexpected.

Take care of the dishes and a bit of tidying up before bed.

It's Friday night, the weekend is finally upon us and I have the whole weekend off.

For my weekend, there's nothing I wanted more than to spend some time with the kids. To make sure that Donna has sufficient cuddles and love from me.

And keep up our efforts to get Charlie on his own two feet. He's nearly got the hang of it.

"Sunny, I have the kids. Would you like to go out for the day?"

"Sammy, that's a great idea."

I know it's not been easy for Sunny to stay cooped up with only a toddler and a baby for company. She has to be careful about playing her guitar, Donna gets very fussy with any extra noise.

Mind you, she's not so careful about her husband. She woke me out of a sound sleep with that blasted instrument.

So Amelia headed for Founders Park. She had a new song she wanted to learn.

Charlie has been quite enjoying his new books.

I know, he is spoilt. Sorry you aren't here to help but we are doing the best that we can. Toys, books, attention, he gets it all if we can afford it.

Charlie was reading because Donna needed me. She needed attention; a dirty diaper, a bit lonely. Nothing some daddy time couldn't fix.

"Who's a gorgeous baby? Who's a gorgeous baby? Why it's Donna! Donna is a gorgeous baby."

Amelia had finished learning the song and decided to see if people in the park were feeling generous. She was wowing them too. Coins and notes were flying into her case.

Charlie finally did get the hang of walking not crawling. Next is talking but I think he's ready for that one.

"Sunny! A new dress and a new hairdo?"

"Yes, I wanted to celebrate my success at the park today."

"You are looking splendid. That hair really suits you. By the way,"

"No Sam. No more babies."

"Suuunnnnny, just one. Just one more baby."

"Do you want to be the one pregnant, Mister?"

"I don't think it works that way."

"Then no. N O, no!"

My Sunshine decided to take Donna out for a little ramble through the neighborhood. It's a bright sunny day, good for the girls to be out and about.

I had a bit of sleep to catch up on. Toddler wrangling takes a lot out of you. That plus losing sleep when someone practices guitar at 2 am.

Charlie still loves his toy. Sometimes it's sweet. He hugs it and sings to it.

Then he munches on its ear. It is going from small ears to no ears at all. I guess that's to be expected for a much loved toy.

I've been introduced, the toy is Patch or Patches or Patsy. Not quite sure really.

"Sunny, I brought you some roses."

"Sam! You shouldn't have."

"For you, my Sunshine. The loveliest of flowers for the loveliest of ladies."

"Oh Sammy, so beautiful."

"I want you to be happy, Sunny. We might not be able to afford a really fancy place and all that, but we can afford happiness in abundance."

She took a big sniff of the flowers. "Maybe, Sam. Maybe."

"That's my girl. Just one more. You are so amazing, Sunshine."

"You better believe it honey. Treat me wrong and I'm so out of here."

Ha, like I'd do such a thing as treat my Sunshine wrong.

Sunday morning and a big birthday party. Both Donna and Charlie were celebrating. So we invited almost everyone we know over to help celebrate.

Both Thomas and Marta Tomasi came to the party. We didn't expect that Marta would do the honours for Donna.

It's not every toddler who has a celebrity to bring them to birthday cake. I was actually slightly worried. Suppose they decide to take Donna with them when they leave? How do you report to the police that celebs stole your baby? Fortunately, they just wanted to help the baby, it's been awhile since their youngest was that small.

Then it was Charlie's turn. I got to take my boy to his cake.

So this is our princess. Our little Donna.

I sat down to teach her to talk. She was definitely not keen on the concept. She was looking at everything around but me.

Charlie wasn't that enthused about his big day. I don't think he's noticed the new tree house in the back.

BTW Mum, did you ever hear of an Aunt Jessie? Cause the other day, I got an inheritance check from her estate, 32,000 simoleons no less. We can afford get some serious renovations done to this place. Good thing, there's no space for Donna until we do.

Don't tell Sunny, I'm going to make sure that there is space for a 3rd baby. Just in case I can talk her into it.

I thought that Charlie might give up that toy, now he's a bit older. But not yet.

Oh, and it's Patches.

Is that why Charlie is spending forever in the bath? Playing at submarines instead of scrubbing.

A second bath is also on the renovations list. Four people and one bath is asking for trouble.

Our darling daughter. Isn't she something?

Poor Donna. Mom's hair but Daddy's face. Which means, she'll never be a winner in a Sim pageant.

Bonus pics

Not the way to use the stroller Mia

Cross-eyed sparkles. Poor Charlie

This is their current house. It's actually a decent sized lot so we should be able to expand it significantly. And now that Donna is a toddler, we will need to. Or move, if I could find a good location to move them to. So, the next time, I'll have to spend some time rebuilding before I can play.


  1. I think I just fainted.


    Hell surely has frozen over. ;)

    "You are looking splendid. That hair really suits you. By the way,"
    "No Sam. No more babies."

    Man... I have to say--even from an unbiased standpoint--the chemistry between Sam and Mia leaves me in giggles. XD They are so opposite in so many ways, and the way they nag on each other is just freaking adorable. Maybe I have too much booze in me but I was in giggles a lot, reading their convos.

    Also: they are so darned cute with their kids.

    I can definitely see Donna is her daddy's girl already, but... we'll see. I'm not discounting the possibility of her being a looker, yet! Besides--that just means you won't have any guilt giving her a winning personality, eh? ^-^

    Also: that hair does look really cute on Mia! She's not dressing very mom-ly, but... It suits her. Kaleeko stamp of approval, cha-ching!

    Super cute post, PiBalicious <3

  2. Gotta love that tickling part and playing submarine as well. There are so much in Generations we love. Charlie is so adorable...Oh, I said that twice?

    "Do you want to be the one pregnant, Mister?" That one made me giggle.

    Mia is so pretty in her new hair, but oops about the last pic...I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose :D So many wonderful things in this post. Love it.

  3. Just remember, that Sam is after something and he's working hard to get Mia to agree. Even if it means *cleaning*. LOL poor Sam.

    Aww, I'm glad you like the chemistry between them. Mia is definitely not the sort of girl Sam is used to. And yet, it works for them.

    They are cute with the kids. Sam is always reliable if there are little ones around, they will always come first. Mia has been known to try to get food for herself *before* feeding the baby.

    Donna is a daddy's girl, which means the odds are against her being a looker. But she'll be a Grant/Kane and personality by the bucket load.

    Given that Mia and Sam are still pretty young - not that near adult yet - I think she's not ready for matronly clothes. I did think that hair and outfit looked really cute on her. :) Glad it has the Kaleeko approval too.

  4. Hey MJ

    The Claw and the Submarine Adventure are both very cute. I'm having a lot of fun diving into the depths of generations.

    Little do Mia and Sam know that he *could* be the one pregnant. LOL that would startle him.

    Mia's new hair and outfit are really nice. Glad you loved the post!

  5. Loved the update. Sadly my Sammy is done for the time being. He made a great assistant except he had this annoying need to go sit down and ponder or read a book while I needed him to stand around and wait.

  6. Hey Rae,

    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Sims do have an annoying habit of doing stuff other than what you want. I add them to the current household if I have to have them do something in particular. :)

  7. Aww, the claw. I love the claw. :)

    Mia's new hairstyle is awesome, as well as her dress.

    Patch/Patches/Patsy will prove to be a good friend to Charlie as he grows up, I'm sure. :) And I just noticed the little heart on the imaginary friend. Too cute!

    Donna's a cutie! She definitely looks like she's favoring her dad in genes. Maybe that will turn out to be a good thing...? Probably not, but who knows? At least she won't look like a typical EA townie! :) For some reason, a lot of sims in legacies that I've read lose their genetic diversity and start looking like defaults at around the third or fourth generation. I wonder if that's because of a flawed genetic system.

    Ahh, the cross-eyed, I-just-peed-myself look; a sure sign that someone's having a birthday. :)

    Good luck rebuilding! It can be a major pain sometimes.

  8. Hi Cheezy, the claw is very cute. And I caught Mia with a particularly good expression. Charlie is too big now but Donna is ready for The Claw. :)

    I think I can officially count Mia's new look as a major success.

    Patches is the IF name. It was just a little hard for Sam hear correctly when Charlie was a toddler.

    I'm pretty sure I know how Donna will turn out. Definitely not a townie look but remember, this Sam is gen 1 (again) and Kaleeko's Kanes have some definite and strong genetics (in spite of being past gen 4). :)

    Yeah, poor Charlie definitely had an interesting time with growing up. He also spent about a minute as a stick figure instead of a boy - but he got better.

    I don't tend to stress about rebuilding. I don't spend *nearly* as long at any building as some people. It should be fine.

  9. Great updates Pib. Sammy is still awesome, especially when in his undies. :D He looks great in that firefighter uniform and the way he is dressed now. .
    He and Mia are so great together.
    Mia is gorgeous and I agree with Kaleeko. "Hell surely has frozen over."
    Charlie and Donna are so cute.

  10. Hi Dee, I'm glad you still think Sammy is awesome. Cause we've known Sam for a long time now. He does look good as a firefighter.

    He and Mia have an interesting dynamic. She is a bundle of nerves, he has to approach things a bit more cautiously. :) As I told Kaleeko, he wants that third baby and if cleaning helps...he'll clean.

    Thanks for the comments and big hugs for you.

  11. Hugs to you too PiB.
    I also noticed when kai commented to remove her blogs in the group blog. You can remove mine too. I don't know how I missed the original post. They are all gone away now. Deleted. Kaput.

  12. Oh man- call the newspaper, Sammy's doing... dishes! ;)

    I think it's hilarious he already wants another baby. I freak when my Sims want more than two, hehe. But you've got a big family planned for them so I imagine Amelia's not gonna get her way.

    Daddy!Sims teaching their kids to walk is so cute.

    Loving the new clothes/'do! I loved that set.

    That IF is going to have a serious axe to grind with Charlie when he/she ages up! ;) Poor thing, so abused.

    HAHA, I loveeee him buttering her up to get a baby. His neurotic "babynapping" suspicions were also hilarious.

  13. LOL - Well, while he lives alone, he never does such things but right now, he is trying to convince Mia that a baby is just the thing.

    I'm not sure a big family is what I want but 3 kids seems like a minimum to make sure I see much of what generations has to offer.

    I love having Sam do the toddler taming. It's so cute and he usually rolls want to teach them.

    I'm sure the IF will forgive Charlie if we can make it real. So far, way less than Pinocchio went through to be real.

    Yep, Sammy is doing what it takes to get that baby. Flattery, dishes, a day out...

    Well, it was very odd at the birthday. Thomas Tomasi was actually a friend but Marta was accompanying Thomas to the party. The family didn't know her. I do know both of them and seeing Thomas and Marta with Sam's baby is *definitely* a worry. They adore kids. Marta is now a family friend as well as Thomas.

  14. I love Sunny's make over she's so pretty and Donna's a little cutie wholever she looks like :)

  15. Sunny is a pretty gal. Let's all thank Kaleeko!

    Donna is a Grant girl, I've seen enough of them now. But with the right hair and makeup, she'll be ok.


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