Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (clone 59 - part 7)

This post has an excessive amount of warm fuzziness attached to it. You have been warned.

"Night night, my little princess. You sleep well, it was a big day today."

I swear, that little munchkin has already grown more. Why don't they stay small and adorable?

Charlie discovered that we bought several new things for him. First that he decided to try was the new sand pit.

"Charlie, you have to come in. Your first day of school is tomorrow. You better start getting ready for bed."


"Charlie Grant, inside."

"Oh, all right."

"Sunny, now that Charlie is in, I have an idea."

"What's that?"

"Let's go explore the new treehouse."

I told Sunny that steps up to the tree house don't look very solid. So she climbed to the top while I watched and waited.

The view was very entertaining from this angle, let me tell you.

I seriously do not remember anything about a tree house which was this fun.

Though preparing to ride forth and slay dragons may have happened a time or two.

"Dad, could you read me a story?"

"What story would you like?"

"Pirates or spacemen. Or pirate spacemen."

"How about the Seven Voyages of Jimmy Sprocket the sailor?"

"Is he a pirate?"

"No he's a merchant on a sailing ship. He is trying to find markets to sell his goods at a profit. But he has many adventures on his voyages."
It was only half the first chapter and the boy was sound asleep.

One child going to sleep, the other needs to get up. Donna needed her bottle.

Of course, before she got her bottle, she had to brave the attack of The Claw. I think it's safe to say Donna survived the attack.

As you might notice, there is a new room for Donna. There's also a second bath and a room for my exercise equipment. We still even have some of the money left from my inheritance.

Sunny decorated Donna's room. There's so much colour, it's nearly blinding.

The next morning, Charlie was up early and having a blast before school. He found a spaceman costume in an old chest. He explored the galaxy for a little while.

Then he tried out hopscotch, and wasn't too good at it.

Next it was up in the tree house. I'm not sure what horizons he was surveying from the tree house. They would have been incredibly important though.

I had some time to kill before work, so I tried to teach Donna to talk again.

She's really reluctant to learn talking. She chatters a lot at her dolls but never people.

All too soon, it was time for work. I finally had a chance to finish upgrading my extinguisher.

Away from the adults and now she's a little chatterbox. She won't talk to her daddy but that toy? She never stops.

I warned Sunny that Donna was a tough customer when it came to talking. Mia decided to try teaching Donna to walk instead.

"Come on. You can do it. Come to Momma."

"Donna, what a clever clever baby."

"Now let's try just another few steps."

Donna seems a bit more eager to learn this then talking.

I did the usual round of maintenance. Both the fire alarms and the engine needed some work. I'm getting a lot of practice, maintaining the equipment takes far less time then it used to.

My shift is supposed to end at 5. So why do most fires break out at 4 and cause me to stay late? Almost exactly 4 and the alarm goes off.

This time, it wasn't a fire though. It was an emergency at the Science building.

"Thank god you've come. You have to do something. The air conditioning unit is taking the whole building sub arctic. I have samples in there that will be ruined if they freeze." Moe Pesce was in a state about his samples in the building.

It took a couple of hours to deal with the emergency, but nothing in the building froze.

I've been promoted to assistant fire chief.

Charlie signed up for Scouts after school. When he finally got home, he tried to discover a new potion using the chemistry table we also recently purchased.

I've heard about a few potions. I'm not looking forward to him making some of them.

As for me, well, it was bedtime for our little princess.

First the terrible monster claw tickled her.

Then it was time for her to sleep. Such a little darling. It would be so nice to have another baby.

"Dad? Can you help with the homework?"

"I don't understand this math problem. If I have ten apples, and give someone two, how many apples do I have?"

"What's complicated about that?"

"Dad, I might be hungry. I might have dropped an apple.  How can you answer that?"

"Charlie, you just have to keep it simple. You have ten apples and give away two. The other apples are still yours, so how many do you have?"

"Oh, it's not a trick?"


To celebrate finishing his homework, Charlie shared some juice with his toy.

Sunny picked up the story where I left off last night. Charlie seems to enjoy it.

Well, up to the moment he goes to sleep. But that never takes long. He spends so much time playing that he's almost asleep before we can read a word.


"Yes, Sunny?"

"About that baby."


"No silly, the baby you've been asking for."

"What about it?"

"I've been thinking about it. I want another baby with you, Sam."

"Sunny, are you sure?"

She half growled as she shoved me to the bed. "Positive. Are you going to make me take advantage of you Mister?"

"Yes please." We both laughed and fell into the bed. I think we ended up about even on the "Who was taking advantage of who" game.

There are just times when a man has gotta do what a man has gotten do. Since Amelia wants a baby, I'm certainly willing to do my part. As many times as necessary to get results.


  1. This post has an excessive amount of warm fuzziness attached to it. You have been warned.

    Thanks for this i needed to cheering up!

  2. I sort of looked at how many cute parent/child things were in it and decided it could do a warm fuzzy overload! LOL

    Glad it could brighten your day.

  3. Well things certainly seem to be going well for this Sammy. ;)

  4. Warm Fuzziness overload!

    I can see why Mia would want another child. Their babies are so cute and Sam is so sweet with them. How could you not want at least one more with the man? Plus, all the practicing. *waggles eyebrows*

    You're really exploring Generations. The potential and fun is amazing. I'm still learning new things. The other day, my daughter taught me something new you could do with teens. Really, so much stuff to do with this pack. I'm glad to see your sims taking advantage.

    I'm rooting for a baby girl. I love Sammy with his daughters. :D

  5. Update!!!

    But...I have to go to sleep now. I'm sick... so I will be back to comment properly.

  6. Awww, looks like someone is enjoying Generations! :D

    The fam is definitely up to all sorts of things! Even Sam and Sunny up in the treehouse, haha... I somehow don't believe I'd be surprised if something else came of that. XDD

    Loved the little math problem Sam tried to teach Charlie--so cute, haha.

    So Sunny finally gave in to the wish for another baby! Well, hopefully their wishes are answered quickly. Glad to see their romance hasn't died, either. C:

    Warm fuzzies, indeed! Cute post is cute. :D

  7. Hey J, Yes things are going nicely for Sammy this time.

  8. @Chrysame - Kermit flail -

    Yes, if this post got any warmer/fuzzier, it would be a blanket. LOL

    I was a bit surprised when Mia actually *wanted* a baby with Sam. But who am I to argue with the girl when I want her to have another one. Oh, and practice makes perfect - they is getting plenty of practice.

    Yes, indeed, there is a lot to do in Generations. And Sam will soon have a bigger brood to make sure I don't miss much.

    I didn't check but I heard the music. They are definitely having another.

  9. @MJ, whenever you can. Looks like you have an update out too.

  10. @kaleeko

    Yep Generations adds a lot of good stuff to the game. Piles of it.

    Nothing much came of the tree house but once Mia wanted a baby ... :)

    Simple math, Sam can help with. Not going to be so easy when Charlie hits teen. LOL

    Yep, plenty of warm fuzziness here.

  11. Warm fuzzies where? Oh everywhere. Loved it. Sunny/ Mia/ Amelia, depending on the day, in that outfit was like uh honey I want you come and get me. I loved the charlie bits and the claw and the IF and.... well everything. Great job.

  12. @Rae, Yep, warm fuzzies everywhere. So much parent and child sweetness in this post - it was almost too much.

    Sunny is usually known as Mia in her home blog - hmm, she might be willing to come get you. Never know with Mia.

    Charlie is a good boy, and we get to have a lot of fun with Donna. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  13. I love warm fuzzies. Warm fuzzies are awesome. Sammy never fails to be awesome in his undies too. Sammy and Mia sitting in a tree, well, make that ....never mind. :D
    I'm sure they had fun and hopefully no splinters.
    They are both just such great parents. This Mia is very different from another Mia I know.

    I am loving the converstaions between father and son there.

  14. That should have been converstions.
    You know me and my typo's.

  15. @Dee, you should feel very well supplied with warm fuzzies. Plenty here.

    [giggle] Sammy in nothing but undies - poor guy is lucky he has a job to go to.

    Sammy and Sunny certainly weren't just sitting in that tree. Nor stopping with just the kiss... :)

    Amelia does remember the baby on her own. Which makes me happy, I like Sims that tend babies.

    Dialogue between characters was a real weak spot for me when writing stories. I think I'm getting over that now. :)

    And Dee, never worry about typos. They happen to all of us sometimes.

  16. ILoveIt!ILoveIt!ILoveIT!!

    There are certainly so many warm fuzziness in here and they are good ones.
    I love when Sam tried to teach Charlie about Math, and when they finally decided to have another baby..

    Oh, Charlie is such a clever boy. I hope he wouldn't get burned, though! Please be careful there, Charlie.

    I still remember the picture of him when he was still a toddler with that toy... He looks so handsome in that suit.

    Always love the bedtime stories... :)
    Great pictures as well.

    HahaHa! I giggled when I saw Sam under the tree house.
    Lovely update, PiB!

    Wanting for more...

  17. MJ, it sounds like the post brightened your day.

    I don't often remember to have parents help with homework. But decided that Charlie should ask his dad.

    We'll see what happens as Charlie uses the chemistry set.

    Charlie is a handsome boy. Mostly Kane genetics. :)

    Sam watching Mia climb the tree ... I am sure he appreciated the view he had. LOL

    Thanks so much MJ. You feeling better?

  18. Laugh @ he appreciated the view he had.

    Yes, I'm feeling so much better, now .. Thank you.

    Can't wait to see how Charlie and the girls will grow up.. and oh another baby *wink-wink*

  19. Ahh, warm fuzzies. Best feeling ever. <3

    Charlie seems like a sweet lad. I'm sure I've said that before, but he does.

    LOL, so Amelia finally wants that baby!

    Generations adds so many cute interactions, I can't wait to explore them more. :)

  20. Cheezy! When I noticed the sheer volume of sweetness in this post, I had to add a warm fuzzy warning. :)

    Charlie is very sweet so far. Like every evening he wants to be reead to sleep.

    Amelia was actually the first to throw the baby want. But Sammy is always ready for kids.

    Generations really does add a lot to family life. I'm definitely loving it.

  21. Very warm and fuzzy indeed! I'm glad Amelia finally came around to the idea of another baby, because Sammy certainly wasn't going to give up! Hehe.

    I love seeing how much of Generations you're including in here! My exploration of it is going much slower and I keep seeing all this new stuff in your blogs that I want to try!

  22. Amelia! Yes, it was a good thing that Amelia came around to wanting a baby because they were going to get another at some point. By the time she realises she's preggy, she should have another promotion at work.

    Exploring Generations is the job of this Sam. So far, the one thing I'm failing at is reading the toddler to sleep. I think she's either too awake or too sleepy to read to sleep.

    Looking forward to your next update!

  23. So glad to have the time to catch up with Sam today. He never fails to charm me.

  24. Great to see you Seaweedy! Hope you had fun.

  25. Love the update. Were there chimes?


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