Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hi Mum, it's Sammy (Clone 59 - Part 8)

Charlie was good to his little sister in the morning. He noticed that Donna was feeling a bit alone and wandered into her room.

Sunny is a night owl because of her work. I've been sleeping late because there's always an emergency last thing in the day. So I'm late getting home, late getting everything done for the evening and late to bed.

So when Charlie noticed that little Donna was getting very hungry, he brought her a bottle.

Now we recently decided to buy a water slide for the kids. It's been rather warm, this should be a great way for them to cool off.

Of course, you really should test anything like this in case there's something wrong with it. A bit of quality control before one of the children uses it and gets hurt.

It seems to work pretty well. I tried it several times, and no problems.

Well, up until my last try. I seemed to have strained a muscle jumping in.

Still, it seems safe enough. If the kids want to play, it will cool them off quite nicely. I'll just warn Charlie to watch how he jumps into the slide.

Still putting in what time I can to teaching Donna to talk. She's finally starting to get the hang of it a little. But she's still not talking and it's time for me to head off.

Officially, now that I'm assistant fire chief, I only work 5 hours a day.

That's a really great theory. In practice, I know that something will pop up and keep me from going home at quitting time. It hasn't failed to happen once since I started this job.

Today, some machine in the hospital shorted. The short somehow caused a lightning strike on the building.

That resulted in every machine in the building arcing out. It's very dangerous, they are having to evacuate the hospital and some patients won't last long away from the machines.

Wait, isn't that Moe Pesce again? Are these disasters following him around or what?

"My lab! It all started in my lab. Someone has to stop this before it ruins all the equipment!"

"I'll do my best, Doctor Pesce."

I had to wear a special version of the uniform. Fire retardants are not going to be terribly useful here. 

The entire building was having problems by the time I got there. It took me some time to work out what I could do to solve the arcing.

After a couple of hours, I found how to ground some of the major electricity outlets, which stopped the lightning strikes, which stopped the arcing. Once the crisis was over, someone else could take over the cleanup and safely getting the power back online.

I was going to go home after another long day.

Poor Charlie had a little accident with the chemistry set. He didn't seem to be too hurt by it but I think I might encourage him to try using that toy oven and selling baked goods. It seems safer.

I had a side trip on the way home. I went to city hall. They wanted to give me a medal for stopping that hospital disaster before anyone died.

Even Pesce's equipment should be fine. For all the electricity, the hospital equipment came out remarkable well.

Fortunately, Charlie really wasn't hurt too badly. A quick shower and he's off playing again.

What is it with that boy? Any time he gets really clean, it's straight to the sand box and instantly dirty again.

I noticed our little princess was getting tired. So I put her in the crib.

Then I started to read her some nursery rhymes. It was going well and Donna had nearly decided to sleep. Which was a good thing in my books, I was pretty exhausted myself and tomorrow is not likely to be any better.

Then my blasted phone started to ring and she was wide awake and screaming again.

Ok, I love my job and I love that people appreciate us. But why do a lot of them insist on ringing at midnight to tell me about it? Look what they've done to Donna.

So I was stuck with a screaming toddler. I ended up picking her back up, cuddling her and walking around some. Then finally put her back in the crib.

Thank god, the second time she dropped straight off. I don't think I could have stayed awake much longer.

Poor Sunny had a restless time as well.

But hers was for a much happier reason. Baby three is on the way.

Amelia gave Donna some more encouragement with walking and finally our little girl has the hang of standing on two feet to get around.

Still, one of the best reasons to be a fireman. Go to the top of the building just so you can slide down these puppies.

Almost enough to make you build a second story just so you can have one. Though with 2 little ones and another on the way, it would probably not be the best decision that I ever made.

I suggested to Sunny that maybe it was time to hire a maid since she is pregnant, and we both have jobs we love.  I didn't have to offer that twice.

I wish our future maid luck, Sunny is such a perfectionist that she'll probably either pester them to clean again or go back and do it according to her standards. I anticipate a high turnover rate of domestics.

I've had another call out. This one is a very big house fire.

First obstacle for this fire, tell idiot to remove himself from the scene.

"You have to help her! Agnes is trapped somewhere in the house."

"Bart Inkbeard, right? You have to get further from the house."

"But Agnes is trapped."

"You told me and I'll do my best to get her out safely. You have to move further back, the sparks are flying everywhere and it's no help to Agnes if you to get hurt."


I bellowed, "Run, damn it! Get away from here." Fortunately, he finally took notice of who I was and ran off a safer distance.

Then I had to battle the blaze shooting from the windows of the house. Instinct told me not to open the door until there was no longer any flames coming from the windows.

It took what felt like hours to subdue the fire enough that I could enter the house.

The heat from the fire had sealed the door. I had to use an axe to gain entry to the house.

It took a few blows before the door finally swung open.

Once I was in, I started the hunt for Agnes, making sure I knew a safe route for her to leave the house.

She was panicking upstairs. It took a few tries before she finally realised that rescue had arrived.


"Agnes! Come on!" Finally I grabbed her and started to lead her out of the house. Once she was moving, it wasn't hard to convince her to run outside and stay well away until I gave the all clear.

The rest of the time was spent battling the blaze. It took me quite a while to find and extinguish all the larger and smaller flames in the house.

Finally, at nearly midnight, I could give the all clear and go home to my warm and comfy bed. I was hungry and dirty but those could wait until I had some sweet sweet sleep.


  1. Oh Sam of course you had to test the water slide for safety, i'm sure it had nothing to do with wanting a go yourself ;)

  2. Sammy, our dear grumpy Sammy wanting to have fun? Of course not, it was strictly a safety check. And of course, it had to be thorough with 4 or 5 tries because 1 could never do. :)

    And if you believe that, I have a spare bridge going cheap.

  3. Phew, those days were quite harsh for him indeed. He looks great in his uniform. And awwww Charlie is so nice... ^^

    :D Amelia is so perfectionist indeed. I hope she will get the best maid. Three child would really be exhausting, furthermore when Sam is also quite busy with his work.

    Great pictures and lovely update.

  4. Haha...That dinosaur water slide is killing me. Great picture of him doing a quality test on that water slide.

  5. Yes, his last few jobs have been big and rather exhausting. But he still takes as much time as he can with the kids every day.

    Maid one - wasn't doing much. I think we might have to fire him and try again.

    Thanks for the comment MJ

  6. That water slide is great fun for everyone. Amelia was feeling a bit down and that made her happy quite quickly. They even slide down in several different positions.

  7. I love the water slides lol, It's fun to watch them contort themselves into new positions or smash their face into the ground...granted it looks painful! :P

    And sims in fire are so dumb! I hated having to "rescue" sims from the garden when the fire was inside the house. They're freaking out in the backyard and could have run to the front on their own but NOOOO they have to be dummies :P

  8. Hey Cami!

    Yes the water slide is fun, nothing like seeing a preggy Sim use one. :)

    That 'rescue' was indeed a "oi, stop being an idiot and get away from obvious danger." LOL Silly Sims.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Donna must love purple! Wise choice. She looks like the spitting image of Mia! And Charlieeeee so responsible and cute already! He's gonna be a ladykiller.

    Also, that slip and slide looks really odd from that angle.

    You may be right about Moe. What IS he up to?

    Poor Donna, getting woken up by all those phone calls! I've noticed that they call at really inappropriate times as well. Yet, if MY sim called THEM at midnight, it's an earful about how rude they are.

    Love the high heels with Mia's maternity outfit, lol! How fitting.

    Man, being a firefighter seems like a tough job! I'm waiting for some hot shirtless scenes of Sammy toweling off after a job... *cough*

  10. No idea if Donna even likes purple. I put something purple in the room then started recolouring everything else to match. Donna is a daddy's girl in face structure. Charlie is gonna to look like Mia.

    I don't know about Moe. He has been in the centre of the last two disasters though.

    Poor Donna and poor Sam. He was barely still able to stand, he was so tired. And then Donna was awake and screaming again.

    :) Mia loves them heels, what can I say.

    Oh, you want the shirtless Sammy scenes...that can be arranged. ;)

  11. OMG!!!! I love it. More! More! More... Okay so I'm taking my immaturity to new levels. I think I love Sammy a bit more then I did yesterday.

  12. Sammy seems to do that to people. They start off liking him and it turns to love and keeps getting worse.

    Fortunately, there is more Sammy to tell.

  13. It's true, you were just a side project I read in the beginning, but now I'm like yay Sammy. i even read an old clone and couldn't stop. Speaking of which why are ther missing clones? It goes something like clone 27 and then clone 31. what happened to 28-30

  14. There is a page About Sam that explains that.

    Basically Sam clones are officially writing when they are put in games on other computers. Since I expect the average downloaded Sim stays stuck in the bin, those clones get numbers but never have a life. That's why the numbers skip so.

  15. Hey PiB!

    Sam on the water slide was funny. His poor back. It must be too much hauling around that axe for work.

    He's destined to handling upset toddlers. I have a nice screenshot of him dealing with my newest sim's upset toddler during a birthday party. He looks very stoic during the ordeal as if he's used to it. :D

  16. Hi Chrysame (Kermit Flail!!!)

    Yeah, Sam was having a blast on that slide. The back was just a temporary thing but made a great picture.

    Sammy has probably handled more toddlers than any Sim existing outside of a successful 100 baby challenge. Between his own, his grandchildren, a toddler challenge and Landgraab triplets - does he have experience or what?

    So, can I convince you to sure the screenshot? Cause I still love Sammy + any toddler. :)

  17. Oooh, new uniform! :D

    Charlie and Donna are adorable. I'm gonna miss them when they grow up.

    That slip n slide looked pretty dangerous to me, so it's perfectly understandable that Sam would want to try it out first.

    Ahh, I love all these Sammys and there families. They give me fuzzies. <3

  18. Hey Cheezy,

    It's unlikely you'll miss them because they grow up. It's more likely that this Sammy will stop posting and Charlie will just be on the verge of growing up.

    Sammy was so brave, safety testing the water slide. [snicker] He loved it.

    I'm glad Sammy + family == fuzzies.

  19. Oh, that's right. This clone's story is approaching its end. :( Either way, I'll still miss the little buggers. <3

  20. :) Before I stop, I'll upload the family or at least the kids. Someone said they wanted Grant/Kane genetics.

    But it won't be till Charlie is nearly done with teen and given he is just a child, that's going to be a few more episodes yet.

  21. D'aawwww, another baby on the way! Charlie and Donna are gettin' so big, I guess it's about time, isn't it? ;) And poor Charlie, having the chemistry set blow up in his face... lol! Sam is so cute with Donna, though--loved those first couple shots with her. C:

    Oh, Amelia. Only you would wear heels when you're pregnant. Girl will make no sacrifices for fashion. At least they hired a maid--about time, too. Sam's a slob and Mia takes so long to clean anything it's painful to watch. XD

    Sam as a firefighter-hot hot hot. Those shades, that hose... He's looking manlier than ever. Too bad he has to deal with idiots standing around their home freaking out, haha!

    So cute--Sam always knows how to bring on the family fuzzies.

  22. Well Kaleeko, blame Mia for baby 3. She actually wanted one with Sam this time. Sam is always a good dad, he adores his kids.

    Sunny didn't think to change to more comfortable shoes with her pregnancy clothes. And her controller forgot. :) But they finally have a maid.

    Firefighter Sam is so hot he causes almost as many fires as he puts out.

    Thanks for stopping by. I see you been catching up. :)


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